Running fishing line

In the pond with a small population of Lin difficult to find the fish, fattening on the shore. Running fishing when moving on the shore, you can find more fish can improve results.

Reed band. Line often arrange intensive feeding near the reeds, also among the less densely spaced stems. It is possible to notice the presence of fish due to the movement of the stems that hurt the dart line. For fishing in this place suggest a float rod with a length of 4-6 m rings, such as Bologna rod, standard float, long casts, power and system which is suitable for difficult places. The main and potocna fishing line, hook, bait should be durable enough to withstand contact with hard stalks of cane. We recommend you to use bait in the form of balls with a small density, intended for Lin.

The leaves of the capsule. Line the entire year most often laid among the roots and stems of pods. Pods grow near the shore or where you can go wading. For fishing line you can use a powerful rod with a dull snap with a length of 5-7 m, with strong elements of gear like carp. Angler with little experience need to install the shock absorber to limit the number of gatherings of fish. Need to catch in the space between sheets of egg capsules. For feeding you can use the grain, glued with glue or dispersing clay.

Bay. Fishing in this fishing place is not connected with technical difficulties. Availability of fish depends not on the size: must be small depth, soft bottom, and plants in the neighborhood. The task of the angler is careful to take a position, throw a handful of bait (preferably granular) and throw the bait. Most effective fishing rod – float rings with a length of about 4.5 m. Especially effective is tackle with with a significantly changed by the depth of the descent and the smallest float.

The area of inflow. The inflow brings fresh water, rich in oxygen and food, which attracts fish. Need to take a position on the shore of the tributary, at a distance of several meters from the lake. After the choice of throwing of equipment, use of bulk coarse-grained fragrant bait, it can work as a post. You can select the fishing rod with a blank snap-in length 6-8 m, or a fishing-rod with rings length of 6-7 m. For use of a fishing rod with a blank snap-in you need to free space on the shore.

Bald spots in the thickets of Elodie or water pepper. Underwater meadows are often located near the shore, and a long rod can get to many holes and passages. If the lake is sandy and shallow bottom can Wade to come to the meadow and rod length 6-8 m to get to the chosen places. You can use the boat, an inflatable raft or rubber boat. To fishing was successful, need windless weather, the exact podsekanie and slow motion. After playing the fish a place to leave for a few hours for the next fishing.

Overgrown roller coaster. They are usually located away from the coast, so seldom visited by fishermen and tourists, which gives a chance for a good catch throughout the day without having a long (sometimes two days) of bait. Primarily exploit the shallow, gentle slope, and then the top and steep slope. If on the hill there is abundant vegetation, is to use the rod for long casts – it will stand away from the fish and thus precise control of the tackle. Is to throw the bait in several places on the hill and systematically to sh in their tackle for the far casting.

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