Fishing for catfish in August

What is good fishing for catfish in August, so the fact that the period witnessed the peak of activity of the largest freshwater predator. Simply put, in August in the intensive feeding catfish and even caught specimens weighing over 15 kg.

And that fishing for catfish in August had been successful, it is necessary first to prepare for this strong and high quality tackle. Generally, in summer season catfish caught using spinning, Kwok and bottom gear ( if from shore).

Tackle for catfish

Of course, choosing fishing tackle for big fish, first it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of each of its elements. It’s important not to sell too cheap because cheap parts snap-on catfish work, usually no more than one season.

The rod. It should be noted that fishing for catfish is usually accompanied by the use of the plug rod of length 3 meters for fishing from shore and 2.7 meters for fishing on open water. With regard to test, for the spinning rod it is in the range of 100-150 grams, and the case of fishing using natural tips test will be 100-600 C.

Coil. It can take as bezynertsionnymi and baitcasting. At the same time, I want to draw your attention to the fact that fishing line on the spool must be not less than 200 m. it is Desirable to take the line thickness of 0.5 mm. as well, it’s really not bad if all other parts of the reel are metal.

Fishing line. If you go back to talking about fishing line, for such a powerful fish like a catfish, I would recommend to take a braided cord that can withstand a weight of 40-60 kg, and thickness 0.35-0.6 mm. will fit a monoscaffold 0.5-0.7 mm.

Hook. When choosing a hook for catfish you should always focus on the fact that its size depends on the size of the lure. For example, for live bait with a weight of 50-100 g will need a hook №8-10. For lures like worms or meat shells will fit perfectly hook No. 6. Well, in the case of using large live bait I would recommend to use a snap of the pair of hooks. For this, usually takes a pair of Kevlar leashes with a test of the gap 40 to 150 kg. as an alternative, you can take the line thickness of 0.8-1 mm.

Bait. As for bait, for catching catfish in August is perfect frogs, roaches are medium in size and practically all small animals, pond, inhabited by a predator. When fishing for catfish on spinning well established sinking Wobbler. It is also possible to use an elongated spoon.

The fishing place

When searching for places, where there is som you need to remember that catfish is a nocturnal predator. Day, catfish comes out from hiding, constantly being ambushed near its anchorage. And at night, the predator moves to shallow water in search of prey. Parking soma it is necessary to look at places with snag bottom and pitfalls, deep holes or pools of water near the dam and where there is a steep cliff to the water.

Fishing in August will be productive if you find the so-called “somovu the ditch.” Is usually a deep underwater pit, where there is a weak current. And here, I would recommend to use a vertical jigging spoon with a narrow length of 10 cm, equipped with a single or treble hook. Often, to increase the weight of the spinner, it is soldered tin. Trolling for catfish should equally SIP as if moving it on the bottom and creating a faint haze.

Is fishing for catfish in August with the help of Kwok. Most often, this type of fishing is done by two fishermen. One controls a boat, the second controls the tackle. The surface water is dealt three blows with a break of a few seconds. Kwok creates gurgling sounds that attract catfish, forcing the predator to rise from the depths. If the bite is not happening, then the shocks left or right of the previous place.

Often, “somovu pit” discover purely by chance on breakage of the fishing line when fishing with live bait or torn in the night Donk. These are signs of the presence of big catfish in the fishing spot. You should know that “Somavia pit” is always downstream because som is always on the hunt against the current. The best time for catching catfish is at dusk and night. Especially for large soms of sizes, smaller catfish can be caught during the day.

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