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Modern automatic small caliber rifles offered by various producers, integrate the special indications of the high quality of firing and the maximum convenience, affordable adherence to uniformity sizes and shapes of the design.

And amongst one of the most effective both in its technical qualities set by the makers as well as proprietors, need unique interest in a small-caliber automatic carbine Аnschutz 525. Its inexpensive cost, the possibility to make certain adjustments in construction as well as eye-catching look are the reasons of high level of interest from customers.

Easy to utilize, eye-catching appearance, produced with the contemporary technology, the carbine model Аnschutz 525 is shown in area examinations. Resistance to ecological exposure via the use of materials with greater sustainability indicators regarding adjustments in temperature as well as high humidity, and additionally as a result of maximum equilibrium in situation of the rifle makes it possible to use it not just for specialist hunting, however likewise for training on precision in sporting activities.

Introduction of carbine Аnschutz 525

When evaluating any kind of sort of weapon is counted as the impression regarding the design as well as its efficiency in the field, and practical tests. The fashionable design draws in purchasers even at first glance on the carbine version Аnschutz 525. Even upon closer examination it continues to be the impact of good quality and the most better manufacturer of the weapon, the reliability of which is identified by the top quality of handiwork of each layout information and by using modern-day technologies.

Excellent performance shooting on indications such as the discovery and also accuracy, as well as variety for both amateur shooting with weapons, along with specialists. And also version Аnschutz 525, becoming one of the best options today self-loading rifles with exceptional qualities, can boast as an eye-catching «« great looks» » as well as opportunities for usage.

An evaluation of the benefits as well as drawbacks of permits you to assemble one of the most full photo of the design.

The rifle Anschutz 525 (image)

Advantages and also negative aspects The benefit of the model of the rifle ought to be attributed to its density, that makes it easy to transportation. Tiny sizes contribute to the reasonably tiny weight of the design, as well as this can be

considered a plus when using the carbine women. The ergonomic layout permits with the greatest comfort to place the weapon in the hand, and tiny recoil makes no discomfort throughout the procedure.

The advantages of the model need to consist of the following qualities:

  • the all-natural timber and also the exterior of the body of the carabiner, wherein the special processing makes sure lasting conservation of the eye-catching look of the tool;
  • used in design of straightforward systems that offer convenience of usage;
  • a quick disassembly and also the possibility of tuning;
  • defense from moisture penetration right into the essential elements that such a system provides for full use arms, even in especially hard problems, with a sharp and also considerable drop in temperature level as well as wetness qualities.

The disadvantages of the version Аnschutz 525 need to include only high expense, yet the combination of exceptional technological attributes, ease of usage and also contemporary design in the style of the rifle explain this indication value.


The use of this model hunting little fur-bearing pets and also fowl. Also it can be utilized for amusing, exercise area, and also participate in competitions in sport capturing.


The market today there are numerous varieties of carbine models Аnschutz 525, which differ in the possibility of using different types of ammo. The varieties consist of:

  1. Carbine Аnschutz 525 KL, which might be applicable ammo.22 LR.
  2. Design Аnschutz 525 KV quality.22 LR.

Both types are comparable in look as well as shooting rates.


In order to acquire one of the most thorough photo concerning the abilities of the design, you need to evaluate such variables as the initial rate of a bullet, the proportion of the length of the barrel and also butt, as well as the product making the barrel, the capability of the shop and the total weight of the gadget.

The adhering to table shows data saved by the manufacturer in the model.

Specifications Carbine Аnschutz 525
Country of origin Аnschutz
Visit Hunting, sport capturing
View Semi-automatic carbine
Ability cartridges 10, 20, 30
The complete size of the body 1 020 mm
The size of the barrel 406 mm
The height of the version 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Size 57 mm
Sight of the trunk Cold building, has an oxide finish

Strong wood, specifically dealt with, provides a much more polished appearance to the carbine, and also the visibility of devices such as damper and notch boosts the level of comfort when operating the weapon.


Simpleness of style versions Аnschutz 525 suggests an absence of complexity in the process of its operation. The primary architectural component of any modern — — the butt and the barrel. Their optimum ratio in the design Аnschutz 525 can be called the most thoughtful, due to the fact that it provides the chance to supply shooting array and also a high level of performance of each shot.

Because it can stay installed front view, it ought to be kept in mind that after mounting the optical view it is ideal not to reinstall. Adjustable sight as well as front sight with limiters enable a far better purpose as well as struck the chosen target. On the slide box is the base for mounting the optical sight, which dramatically increases the performance of shooting.

Picking as well as packing

Marketing this version is accomplished in a cardboard box that has the name of the product and of the manufacturer. The rifle covered in a polymer film that safeguards it from mechanical damages.

The principle of procedure

The activity of the rifle is easy sufficient that permits not to create troubles when shooting also for a newbie.

Committing shot is done by pressing the trigger when you leave the clutch to the gate, due to abrupt strike to the drummer is the extension-limiting springtimes and the cartridge goes into the barrel.


An easy device of this design — — the secret as simple disassembly of the weapon. The implementation of disassembly might be required when carrying out a regular assessment of the tool during its improvement as well as cleaning.

Greater convenience of disassembly assists in the separation of the stem of package right into two parts. One part is made from steel, the other of polymeric material, as well as a result of the highest possible strength and ease of disassembly of the connections can be performed also on their own.


For rifles Аnschutz 525 can be carried out adjusting. The improvement is carried out by setting up an optical sight, which boosts the effectiveness of fire.

Additionally to enhance the performance of firing can be bought separately much more voluminous removable magazine — — from 20 to 100 rounds.

Testimonials and also price of the rifle Аnschutz 525 are listed here.

The product cost

The value sign rifle Аnschutz 525 many individuals assume is fairly high. Due to the equilibrium of its technological capabilities as well as eye-catching that establish the final cost of an item, such an action can be called fairly sensible.

Today semi-automatic rifle Аnschutz 525 is marketed in specialty searching shops at a cost of 25 252 27 450 rubles.


With the help of opinion of both purchasers and also owners can get a full photo of both opportunities and also the primary benefits of a carbine. In the opinion of most of owners of this rifle, the possibility of a pleasurable surprise even experienced specialists having significant experience in working with weapons of various manufacturers. Ease of usage, ergonomic shape and density at a high price of fire, excellent sighting and it is feasible to enhance the designs supply a justified as well as consistent rate of interest from buyers.

Modern style and also convenience of procedure, possibility of personalization of the carabiner on the basic standards for a particular user, along with excellent aesthetic top qualities have actually made the version Аnschutz 525 one of one of the most prominent today.

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