Hakko BED XT-6 collimator

Reflex view Hakko BED XT-6 mini (Weaver). Hakko BED HT-6 is meant to enhance the model variety series HT. The collimator has a larger situation dimension and also the size of the lens than the XT-4.

Due to the visibility of the integrated system of installation, the sight can be established almost on any type of weapon geared up with typical base WEAVER. A function of the layout is the absence of demand targeting sight after deinstallation and substitute of the battery. Features: Real Japanese quality the system of automated change of illumination


  • on ambient light +hand button Lifetime warranty when mounted on any quality of weapon. Complete dampness security The lens has an unique 27-layer finishing, wherein the target picture is not distorted under any type of illumination conditions. Power supply
  • : 1 lithium battery type CR2032(3V). To change the battery, no need
  • to dismantle the sight — enough to push the battery tray. Type of sight outside Holographic view no Mount range weaver The sort of a reticle point, 4 MOA Power supply 1 lithium battery, kind CR2032 (3V)Lens size/ lens size in mm 26 × 22 A zoom of 1x Reticle factor, 4 MOA Change illumination automatically Adjustment the
    • aiming mark no Change of viewing mark’s illumination automatic modification of illumination depending on ambient light +hand button Compatible with
    • evening vision no Dimensions, mm size 51 Weight
    • , g 40 Dampness Complete moisture security

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