Bass Unboxing – July 2020

Mystery Tackle Boxes are available in bass, trout, panfish, walleye, and saltwater options. This month, we’re going to highlight an example of a Mystery Tackle Box Bass Box that was sent to thousands of subscribers.

Each month Mystery Tackle Box provides anglers with a newly curated selection of lures and hooks to learn new fishing techniques while catching more fish.

Each angler received new and exclusive products that straight-up crush catch fish, all while saving 30% off retail cost.

Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing July 2020

Watch Rmanz Fishing unbox is July Mystery Tackle Box. Each month Mystery Tackle Box sends out thousands of boxes to anglers across the country helping them save more money and catch more fish.

Here is all 5 items included in RManz Fishing Bass Mystery Tackle Box This Month:
Lifted Jigs SL Swim Jig

Lifted Jigs SLM Swim Jig is s built solid, starting with a premium 3/0 Mustad Ultra hook and a contoured head that’s coated with hard, chip-resistant paint. The head also features a 3D eye and has the lure’s weight value molded in. A 60-degree eye and sturdy weed guard improve fishability and hookups.

Googan Squad Filthy Frog

The Filthy Frog is weighted, so you can cast it far and cover plenty of water. The body is designed to keep water out and stay balanced during your retrieve. The rubber legs give this bait a lively action; they’re fastened to the bait from the inside to prevent them from falling out, even after the harsh treatment dished out by aggressive bass, pike, or other frog-loving species. When the water temps are warm, look for areas with shallow water vegetation and deploy the Filthy Frog. It will be disgusting.

Lake Fork Magic Fry

The Lake Fork Tackle Magic Fry is a finesse soft plastic bait with a ribbed body. The ribbed design allows water to push and displace each appendage, which creates a more natural look and slower fall. The Magic Fry resembles a crinkly cut french fry, which we all know are delicious.

When fish look at this bait, they won’t think it’s a french fry, but they will think it’s a quick and easy meal. Meaning they won’t hesitate to bite!

10,000 Fish Yoto Worm

The 10,000 Fish Yoto Worm is a versatile soft plastic worm – with a cutting edge profile. The body is molded with ribbed edges and a tapered tail, for mouthwatering action and realistic texture. The Yoto Worm is designed with four hook channels down the body, for several rigging options.

The Yoto Worm’s tickling tail end will help entice bites when rigged on multiple set-ups. Rig the Yoto Worm vertically when fishing a spinnerbait or bladed jig. Rig the Yoto Worm horizontally when fishing a Texas Rig, Shaky Head, or Drop Shot.

Daiichi Extra Wide Gap Hooks

Daiichi Extra Wide Gap Hooks are a workhorse on the water all year long. Most of us anglers couldn’t do what we do without high-quality wide gap hooks-they’re right for rigging so many types of soft plastics! Everything from flukes and stick worms to creature baits and swimbaits perform better when rigged on a hook with a “big bite.”

Optimal wire size, unparalleled strength, and dangerously sharp points make Daiichi Extra Wide Gap Hooks one of the best hooks on the market. They’re available in sizes that will match every soft plastic you own-Daiichi Extra Wide Gap Hooks can be your go-to terminal tackle from now on!

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