The opening of the season. 0,45 g taxis

On the first day of opening, I decided to remember the good old micropig and fishing on the pond. A place for fishing has chosen the most interesting: the bridge plate in water, shell, stones.

My kit for ultralight fishing:
Spinning Maximus Egoist-X 602L (1-5g)
Reel – Daiwa Gekkabijin MX 2004

Spinning was chosen as pleasant as possible to die even from a small perch. Flur tied, put the rifle and begin fishing with a jig-Riga weighing 2 grams, as bait, chose the 2-inch vibrohvost. First, exploit the coastal plates. This place is usually a lot of bull, and sometimes perch slips. On the first posting, to get some powerful voles, but no soap. Get the bait, and the tail she has gone, and God is with him. Now I have lures turned out to slug. Throw and start posting, the lure approaches the plates and there is a powerful bite to the hand. Bait and realize it is bull, and slapped as an adult perch.

Continue to catch “slug”, with each transaction getting close to the shore, confident bite and occasionally catch bulls. At some point I was fed up with it and I decide to replace the bait, and with it the jig rig. Put heavier, weighing 4 grams and produces the casting about the center of the bridge, then demolish the bait under the middle piles, where bass usually hangs out. 5-6 shots and finally I see the tip of Blanca tingling bait, bait – is. This is not bull, and something bigger, probably a perch.

So, we caught a small perch.

Another cast to the same point brings another perch. How beautiful this light tackle when you can enjoy fishing while catching such a small fish. After this capture there comes some calm. For an hour I am ignorant of voles, try different weights, put microjy, jigs, vobleri, bait. The sun begins to set slowly set behind the horizon. Starts evening out, the fish becomes more active, starts, bursts on the water, in some places, fry runs away from the evil, striped bass, and somewhere on the horizon jump out of an impressive size carp.

Take this opportunity to put gram head, throw in a mini pot and try to lure in thickness, the benefit of spinning parabolic action and allows you to do this very effectively. The first cast I hooked a good perch, weighing 150-170 grams. Left some time gram and decided to decrease to 0.45. Voles became significantly more, and the spinning was fine with the weight and catching it was very comfortable.


The first jig I’ve caught a decent perch, they pecked on the 2-inch slug, a pelagic wiring, without interruption with very sweeping game. Perch pecking like mad, he was getting almost every casting and to draw out their pleasure.

After some time on the lake was a stunning picture – a beautiful sunset. I had to capture it and came out quite good, now this landscape is emblazoned on my desktop, if anyone should – write in a personal and even more beautiful photos in my Instagram – @avfish, waiting for the subscriptions! Under such a sunset had to be something magical and we can say that a miracle happened.

I held the bait in the water and it attacked a small perch, apparently he got up to eat the fry, and at the same time decided to grab my bait. It was an excellent evening, I’ve closed three species of fish, enjoyed playing on easy Egoist-x, to enjoy fishing, nature and beautiful sunset. Thank you for your attention, I hope I’m even slightly conveyed the atmosphere of the evening!

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