Baubles tube pike perch with their hands

We will tell and show you how, just 15 minutes to make a very efficient tube trolling for walleye. This spinner can be used, as when fishing on spinning in the summer, and when vertical fishing in the winter. That is, the spinner tube is absolutely universal.

Baubles tube pike perch with their hands made from ordinary tube, the tube can take any brand, any size any material: stainless steel,copper, brass, etc. Color can be left as it is, but can be painted. It all depends on your imagination. In this example, conventional steel chrome tube.

The spinner is very simple. Taken up and both sides is cut at a certain angle. The angle can be selected freely, the front and back to make it in different angles, that is, again, it all depends on your imagination and then to the reservoir to directly test how they play with different cuts.

So, we’ve got – here’s a blank.

We made the slices parallel to each other, as you say one slice to do in one way and the other in the other direction, it is possible to make one straight cut,and the second angle.Depending on what kind of cut bait is going to play differently, that is, fantasize, experiment and you will always catch.

Now we need to drill two holes: one at the Threesome and the other is a swivel to attach the lure to the main line.

Now just in case will need to handle sharp edges with a file with needle files, sandpaper, and will equip.

With equipment it’s simple – we need:

  • tee of appropriate size;
  • a pair of winding rings;
  • the swivel.

First, put on a tee, then on the other hand, another crown and the ring Vetluga.

Can be used instead of the rings clockwork some closure to quickly change the bait, then have you decide for yourself how you prefer.

But the swivel should be set is mandatory, because the bait is actively playing. Well, in General, the spinner tube is ready and it was no more than 15 minutes.

Bait was very efficient and virtually free. This spinner can be used for both spinning and winter fishing rods and believe me without a catch.

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