What feeder rod to buy

Feeder fishing is one of the most common methods of fishing. And very often to get a decent trophy fishermen only able to achieve thanks to her.

And tackle quite simple in structure, and requires the fisherman only minimal knowledge of fishing conditions, namely the depth and speed of the current.

With this background, you can easily find the right feeder fishing rod. They are the key to the structure of the gear, so today we’ll talk about them.

What feeder rod to buy?

During the selection of feeder rod you need to know some basic requirements for their models and materials. And adhering to the recommendations on the choice of model Blanca feeder fishing rods you can find the suitable for yourself. And the optimal choice of model, its benefits and the final answer to the question as to what the feeder rod to buy may indicate a practical application.

For example, if you want to fish with long casts, you’d rather have a long rod blank with a large test. If you are planning to catch a small fish in a small pond, it is better to choose the rod easier type. Yes, and if you catch this way you will feel when the moment comes you pointing to the urgent need of buying a professional feeder. The characteristics of the rod impact tests, long and stuff.

Today, the most common are feeder rods long from 2.7 to 4.8 metres. Most often the step between the long is 30 centimeters, but there are English feeders, which have their own scale length. I use a rod of great length, about 3.8-4 meters. This long attractive for fishing at long distances, as it allows you to deliver tooling to the required distance.

Apart from the possibility of long casting, feeder rods give the angler full control of the snap. This is especially significant when fishing on large streams, only here the length of the rod you will have to choose the order of 4.5 to 4.8 meters. Before you buy a feeder rod for fishing in such conditions it is necessary to know that it must stand on the shore in a vertical position. This is done in order to reduce the length of fishing line in the water.

In expensive designer rods, there is one feature that is very helpful to anglers is an additional knee, through which you can quickly increase the length Blanca directly into fishing. Based on this we can assume that it is buying the rod you will immediately guarantee yourself the form under different conditions of fishing. To call it universal is difficult, but something like that is.

A very important point that you must note while purchase is the test feeder rod a little below we take a closer look at this question. Briefly about what the text is the maximum weight of the equipment, which will not harm during the cast feeder rod. It is often applied to the rod and indicate the two values, i.e. the minimum and maximum value. But very rare forms and one number is the maximum test.

After reviewing all these options you will be able to buy a good and inexpensive feeder rod. On cheap feeders can be seen test low, then you can safely put the gear on a couple dozen grams heavier. expensive models rods are calibrated more thoroughly and test it contains exactly. My advice to you is to use the gear for long casting slightly less than test trials, approximately 10-25 grams. At small distances it is possible and harder to deliver.

Feeder rods Zemex Pro

Great rods that appeared on the domestic fishing market recently. And immediately began to win the hearts of anglers with their price and quality. Are Feeder rods Zemex Pro from 50 to 200 dollars, which allows the angler depending on his wealth to pick up the rod for yourself. I recently bought the rod ZEMEX Pro Feeder 12ft 150g fast and very happy with them.

Feeder rods Mikado

Great rods, which the manufacturers gave a pretty good ratio of price and quality. Reviews of anglers in the network speak for themselves, the vast majority just praises Feeder rods Mikado, qualifies this by adding that not expected for such a low price to get great quality. The most popular model is the rod Mikado Ultraviolet Light Feeder.

Feeder fishing-rod Salmo

Feeder fishing rods from the manufacturer Salmo is famous for its reliability, as with all products of the manufacturer. Yes, and they are relatively inexpensive, the price of rods varies from 50 to 200 dollars.

Of reviews about these rods in the network a huge amount, and after reviewing them I realized that the negative reviews written by the anglers who can’t catch or store the fishing rod. Basically the impact is that they break. Well, all the same clear that if you carry the form in the trunk and wave it in the branches, he will not stand. So, I think you understand that ecig just can’t sacrifice their reputation by releasing bad products.

Feeder rods Shimano

Feeder rod Shimano are renowned among anglers for its huge price and high quality. Of course the higher cost can be attributed to shortcomings, but the quality of the advantages. I have for many years enjoyed fishing-rod Shimano Joy Feeder 360, which costs about $ 50 and thrives on fishing. So you advise.

Best inexpensive feeder rods

Today, manufacturers of feeder rods a lot, but in the fishing market leaders to name a few. The key to this is reliability, and it is achieved only by using quality materials and applying modern manufacturing technologies.

Are considered the best feeder rods from the following manufacturers:

  • First on our list is the form from the manufacturer of the Mikado. A wide range of anglers prefer these rods due to their low price and high quality. Anglers highlight the best fishing rods with a length of 3.5 meters. Long fishing rod manufacturers are somewhat worse. They are too heavy and not very sensitive, which dramatically reduces the success of fishing;
  • The following is a legendary Japanese fishing rods from Shimano. A wide range of the Japanese manufacturer just makes one dazzled. But in order to buy this rod you should at least belong to the middle class residents. The basic material for the production of rods is carbon fiber. Recently they decided to conduct a series of experiments, manufacturing of rods from an unusual material – geopolicy. Rods from geopolicy have excellent qualities such as high sensitivity, strength and flexibility. And the low weight they are conveniently located in the hand of the fisherman;
  • Our friends from the Baltic States, which lead the company Salmo has decided to please anglers with a low budget, inexpensive feeder rods are of good quality. But its own capacities for the production of the firm no and they just buy components from other manufacturers, and then collect everything together and the output is pretty good sticks;
  • Feeder fishing rod Banax Piccolo, which according to the manufacturers was developed specifically for fishing in our conditions. The peculiarity of these rods is that every model comes with an additional tip which you can easily increase its length by half a meter. The list of materials used in the production of such graphite rod appears, which is very light and robust;
  • And concluding with our inexpensive feeder rods become feeders from the Japanese manufacturer Daiwa. Manufacturers encouraging fishermen a wide range of light and heavy professional rods. Feeders Daiwa are renowned among fishermen for their durability and reliability.

Now, after we have identified the best inexpensive feeder rods not forget about the supports under them. After all, to keep them in hand first uncomfortable, and they must be in good condition, and under certain conditions of fishing is in a vertical position. For fishing with one rod you will only need a simple stand in the shape of a slingshot. But if you catch a few tackles at the same time, it is better to buy a special multi-section stand.

Fishing on the feeder makes anglers joyful and allows them to experience all the delights of fishing. But this is only possible with the right choice of feeder fishing rods, because if it is chosen incorrectly the fishing will deteriorate. Therefore it is necessary to know in advance about the fishing conditions, and to follow some tips which we will discuss below.

How to choose a feeder rod

Before going to the store, you need to know how to choose a feeder rod. And in order to deal with this you must answer to yourself a few very important but at the same time simple questions:

  1. Have you ever you catch a feeder rod? If you have no experience in this kind of fishing, it is special need for careful selection of gear there. Up to a certain point differences of a rod, as it advantages you to see fail. Get valuable experience better with the most versatile rod. Otherwise you will constantly break the tackle and positive emotions to fail. You will notice that the time has come when you must select a feeder by itself and what are the requirements to do so.
  2. The next question you need to ask immediately after the first, and the question is: if you’re going to throw in the tackle?
  3. And still need to deal with velocities in the pond, answer immediately whether it’s there?
  4. What size of fish you prefer to catch? Through questions 2-4 you will be able to finalize the choice test and a long rod. Which is much easier to hit the best gear.
  5. How often do you go fishing? If you plan to go fishing a couple of times a year, then buy an expensive rod too pointless. If you are going to go fishing quite often, then you should pay attention to more expensive and high-quality model professional feeder rods.

Characteristics of fishing rods for feeder depends on three main parameters. The first and most important parameter is a test that shows the range of weight equipment. No less important characteristic is the long, which depends on the casting distance. And a third characteristic is the material from which made the rod it affects the weight and durability of your equipment.

The rod with different value of these parameters depends on fishing circumstances and based on the answers to the above questions. Always consider everything your rod clearly fit different fishing conditions. The better it fits, the better will be fishing.

Test feeder rod

Test feeder rod is its main feature, with its help, the angler can know what weight lures to count. Each rod is designed for fishing in specific conditions. And to use the full potential of the rod you need to select the test in accordance with the applicable tooling. Sure, each rod is specified as a range or one specific value (the maximum) allowed weight used equipment.

Depending on the test rods are classified as follows:

  • Light, also known as “light” (L), permitted for fishing tackle no heavier than 30 grams;
  • Sredneivkino, the so-called “medium-light” (ML), to catch them with the gear weighing up to 60 grams;
  • Medium feeder fishing rod, or “medium” (M), allow to fish for tackle up to 80 grams;
  • Feeders of moderate severity or “medium-heavy” (MH), designed for fishing tackle with a mass less than 100 grams;
  • Heavy rods, or “heavy” (H), allow to fish on tackle weight feeders up to 120 grams;
  • Heavy feeders, or “extra-heavy” (EH), the upper limit of the mass of the snap-in is not present, the bottom is 120 grams.

Moreover, the need to respect the test is very large. If you take gear less weight than specified on the rod, then its sensitivity will decrease significantly. Well, if you take a heavier tackle the above mentioned test, you can just break the rod during the cast.

Which system feeder fishing rod better?

Stroy feeder fishing rod is a characteristic that is responsible for the rigidity of the whip (the tip). If you speak in plain language, the structure is the parameter which determines the shape of the curve of your rod during the cast.

Build fishing rods are divided into:

  • Fast, or “fast”;
  • Slow, or “slow”;
  • Average, or medium, is very rare, but is found another name – “moderate”.

Extremely rare fishing rods with a “medium-Fast” system, if you translate it you get something like a medium-fast action. System can be determined by looking at the form of a bend, well you need to have some skills. Many anglers, and I personally, have repeatedly seen that the stronger current at the pond the more flexibility should have the rod. Well for fishing in ponds are good fishing rods slow and medium action.

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