Breeds of chickens: the best laying hens to the Church

Meet in the backyard cattle can rarely, but a variety of breeds of chickens live in modern, even owners of their own plots. Laying chickens today do not require much care, adapted to living in cages and on free range, while can easily provide a family with fresh eggs.

Recently received the popularity masaike direction of layers, allowing to obtain with poultry not only a regular income in the form of eggs, but to feed young stock for meat.

Purebred chickens are now everywhere thanks to the active work of breeders.

All breeds of chickens differ in appearance and productivity, but always show:

  • a good immune system;
  • easy maintenance;
  • the ability to get food on the pasture;
  • stable egg production.

Masaichi directions of chickens to that list, add a great the quality and taste of the meat. Of course, these crosses lower egg production than birds solely of an egg direction, but the difference is not too noticeable. Usually one bird is possible to obtain 3 kg of meat and 250 eggs per year. The benefit in comparison with the content of the chickens solely for meat is obvious, because meat chickens start laying eggs only after 8 months, and their productivity leaves much to be desired.

To select an optimal variant for poultry, you should see a list of breeds of laying hens with photos. This will allow you to choose the residents of the house not only in terms of productivity, but also in appearance, because chickens can be not only nurses, but also a real decoration of the site.

For lovers of white shell

Especially on the eve of Easter you can meet Housewives looking exclusively white eggs, because painted they look especially aesthetically pleasing. To get these eggs from their own hens, you need to pay attention to the breed of chickens that have names that have the word “white”.

The most popular are those layers:

  • the Leghorn white;
  • Russian white;
  • hajseks white.
The white Leghorn

This variety has an exceptionally hens egg direction. Her hens do not usually weigh more than 2.5 kg , but is able to produce up to 250 eggs weighing 60 grams. Roosting birds starting at the age of 4-5 months. The same productivity have the dwarf hens of this breed. They differ only in laying hens a maximum weight of 1.7 kg .

Even though the weight of adult individuals is small, it is possible to obtain from them great quality meat, vyboriv young special foods.

Russian white

The progenitors of this breed of chickens are the above-described Leghorn. Russian chicken was obtained by selection in the middle of the last century with the local varieties. This course gave the opportunity to breed resistant to climate and local food. Laying hens begin approximately 5 months, giving the owner more than 200 eggs per year. Hens do not lose productivity, even if the deterioration of conditions of detention.

Hajseks white

Hens of this cross were bred in the Netherlands, but have spread around the world. They belong exclusively to the egg direction, so keep them for meat is pointless, the adults have a very low weight. But the performance of the breed up to 300 eggs per year, bring chicken begin full big eggs already from the age of four months. One of the most important advantages is the fact that their performance does not drop for 2-3 years, what can be said about most breeds of chickens.

Similar indicators has a variation called Hajseks brown, but in connection with the change of the plumage colour, the colour of the eggs of these chickens will be too dark.

Special productivity

The maximum rate of egg production among the common breeds of domestic hens have laying hens Lohmann brown. Starting from the age of 5.5 months they are able to give per year to 320 eggs, which weigh 60-65 grams. A huge advantage of these chickens is the fact that at these rates of productivity, they consume very little feed. In nature, hens are very peaceful, they are not too shy, very hardy and keep small flocks. According to the name of the breed, the plumage of these chickens has a brown color and the eggs are a light brown color.

This breed was thanks to a selection of German scientists, arms crossed cross of Rhode island and Plimutrok.

Chickens breed Rhode island knowingly used to obtain many new varieties. They were also bred through a long and difficult selection of American scientists, which as a result was introduced to all the excellent hens mosaicing direction. The adult weight of a carcass of a rooster can reach 4 kg , hens 3 kg . Males of the breed have a beautiful dark color with black and green feathers in the tail. The productivity of hens of this breed is that they are aimed at the production of eggs. Laying hens to start with only 7 months and get them up to 200 eggs per year.

Local selection

Best chicken breeds for keeping in the backyard are considered those that are not only common in the area, and another, and it was withdrawn. This allows the hens to have a certain adaptation to local feeds and climate and hence the productivity will always correspond to the declared performance.

Silver Adler chickens

The bird’s name speaks for itself. They were obtained thanks to the work of breeders of the Krasnodar region. Are chickens to masojidek direction and can provide the owner is not only fresh eggs, and quality meats. A nice bonus to the obvious benefit will be an attractive colouring of birds like no other.

In the year 1 hen can produce up to 200 eggs, and, with proper feeding, its carcass after slaughter will weigh about 3 kg . Males of the breed are much larger and can reach a weight of 4 kg . The breed has an enviable stamina and a docile nature.

Kotlyarevskii layers also belong to the masojidek direction and is able to produce annually up to 240 eggs. the productivity of hens is not falling for several years, enabling the owner of large brown eggs. The breed is derived in the Caucasus and is characterized by earliness, a great zeal and instinct of the hen for females.

Interestingly, the name of the breed of salmon Zagorski was not for the color of the plumage of birds, and attractive color and delicate flavor of its meat. Chicken treat masojidek direction and capable of sufficient weight to give a year to 260 large eggs. On the breed tried the suburban breeders, and important feature of layers is that you can determine their gender in the daily age.

Pushkin breed

Hens Pushkin striped-motley breed is able to produce per year to 270 eggs. The direction of the exceptionally chickens egg, so get a lot of meat to fail. Carcasses of females weigh on average 2 kg and males up to 2.5 kg . An interesting feature is that this breed of chickens can’t fly and does not require high fences. Chickens from an early age are capable to look for food and are more endurance from the rest. The plumage of the specimens is also special. On white background there are scattered brown and black spots.

Kuchinsky anniversary

The breed is equally popular due to the nearly 100% survival of the young. These figures show not many varieties. The productivity of laying up to 180 eggs per year, despite the fact that to produce them they start six months of age.

The coloring of the birds are rather attractive:

  • black blotches in the neck;
  • variegated plumage of the body;
  • dark tails.

With all the positive qualities of the breed they can get and excellent quality meat. Carcasses of roosters weigh 3.5 kg , females usually 1 kg less.

The name of the breed of Dominant immediately speaks to the high indicators of productivity of chickens. They were obtained through selection of the best breeds of laying hens, which as a result has spawned chickens mosaicing direction. Excellent performance egg production and high quality of poultry meat is reinforced by their docile nature and easy adaptability to the conditions of detention.

Despite the fact that chicken breeds are already bred a large number of breeders all the time trying to create a more perfect bird. Regularly our attention are a new breed with improved performance and its own unique features, but at the same time-tested hens do not hand over their positions and confidently continue to provide their owners with valuable products.

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