Colored broiler. Description of the breed and the features of the content

Buy colored broiler is considered to be a very reasonable action, because, in addition to excellent egg production, it is quick weight and delicious meat. According to statistics, in one day, the bird is gaining 50-60 grams of weight.

To describe all the advantages of a colored broiler is very difficult. This breed is considered the most valuable source of dietary meat in large volume while of interest to many breeders. By mixing the poultry with other breeds of hens are able to display unique types with the highest rates of egg production and good weight gain.

Description and features of the breed coloured broiler

Nowadays, it is possible to distinguish several species of colored broiler, which differ in their appearance, feeding and.

Among them:

  • red RedBro broilers;
  • Master Gris;
  • Hungarian giants;
  • Cornish game hens;
  • Foxy Chick.

Today we will deal with each variation separately.

Red RedBro broilers

Homeland of the breed is the Albion, and became the ancestors of the Malaysian chickens and members of the species Corniche. For retired individuals typical amazing muscles, strong legs and graceful appearance. This is largely due to the influence of ancestors, among whom were fighting chickens. In color there is a distinct red color, or shades of brown. In rare cases, RedBro chickens have white color.

Red broilers are perfectly adapted to the conditions of our area, so you can keep them on the farm can be anyone. It is important to note that chickens are not just quietly tolerate our harsh climate, but also specific food base. In addition, the bird does not show any high requirements in terms of feeding and maintenance, so it is grown as an ordinary pet chicken. A good advantage of the breed is the loose tolerance of climatic changes, so to ensure a strict temperature regime in the house is optional. Normal growth of chickens seen at a standard temperature.

From ordinary broilers, the representatives of the RedBro are amazing health and low intensity of diseases. They do not need to give antibiotics or other medications. The amount of feed consumed is relatively small, which provides undeniable savings to financial savings.

Red meat, broiler stands out with excellent taste. Even the most fastidious gourmet will appreciate it and be called a culinary masterpiece. In terms of egg production the breed is superior to many other canines. With proper feeding and keeping chicken can produce about 300 eggs per year. Weight six-month of chicken is equal to three pounds, and the cock is about 4.5 kg.

Master Gris

The French breed of chicken Master Gris was developed relatively recently. Today it is considered the most productive source of eggs and meat. Data for broilers characteristic excellent durability and unpretentiousness to the conditions of detention, whereby they place a high value on farming land.

Specimens have a bright white color and sometimes the color can be gray and white shades. Caring for a bird does not require any special effort, so she quietly grows in the cage, in a cage, and a kind of freedom. The survival rate of juveniles remains and the maximum is 98%.

The weights of adults depend on many conditions. The average weight of an adult cock up to seven pounds and hens – 4 lbs. Good advantage of the breed is an excellent egg production. The Chicks begin to lay eggs when they turn four months, and the average egg production often exceed 280-300 eggs per year.

Broiler meat has excellent flavor and low fat content, due to which it is considered a dietary delicacy.

Hungarian giants

Chickens Hungarian breeds are in high demand on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The main advantages of these birds are:

  1. Large body mass.
  2. High egg production.
  3. Simplicity to the features of the contents and feeding.
  4. Adaptation to any climatic conditions.
  5. The low cost of chickens.

Hungarian giants appeared after crossbreeding of indigenous breeds with orpingtons. As a result of such breeding work there is an amazing fast-growing individuals, which are gaining a lot of muscle mass in a few weeks. In addition, these birds quickly adapt to cold or any other weather changes.

Many experts breeders still cross breed with other chickens, relying on the possible breeding of more productive animals.

Externally, the Hungarian giants look graceful and massive. Athletic body and lush plumage adds to their appearance a special attraction. Specimens may have red-brown or red color, but the tail remains black cocks, and on the back and wings are darker shades.

The Hungarian giant is convenient to contain on the plot. It is perfectly resistant to the cold snap or high humidity. Even the smallest species quickly take root in the home farm, and adapt to adverse conditions. In this regard, selecting a breed coloured broiler, it would be wise to pay attention to these birds.

The contents of the Hungarian giants simplified well-developed maternal instinct in hens. Create the hen laying eggs and sit on them until recently. Birds responsibly watch over their offspring, and relieve the farmer from additional difficulties.

Hungarian chickens grow quickly, and though their rate of growth is slightly lower than that of conventional broilers, breed belongs to growing. In a very short period of time the breeder gets about three pounds of high-quality pure meat.

But the bird grew fast and effectively, it needs to be feed special foods. You can buy ready-made mixes, and you can try to create them using different grains or cereals. To the growth of chickens was systematic and stable, it is important to adhere to the established regime.

Originally a Hungarian giants used the home farms, so their content is enough to equip a small courtyard. It can be completely green or earthy. Also chickens can be kept in the garden or in an enclosed area so they can find insects and grain.

Cornish hens

This breed appeared as a result of crossing English and Malay fighting chicken breeds. And though members of the species stood out awesome meat qualities, they are rarely used in home farming. This was due to low egg production and low hatchability of the offspring.

Yet, by challenging the selection of works managed to improve the General descriptions of the breed, and in recent years, adult Cornish game hen gives from 110 to 130 eggs, ground 56-60 grams. Eggshell painted in a light brown color. The percentage of vyvodyaschy equal to 70 percent. Chicks are born white, calm and heavy. The adult rooster has a 4.2-4.8 kg live weight, hen – 3-3,6 kg. for 8-week chickens are gaining around 1.2 to 1.8 kilograms of mass.

A characteristic feature of Cornish hens is a small head with a broad, rounded head and comb from gorokhovskoi or velikovechnoe form. Because of the well developed brow, the eyes may seem sunken. Iris color varies from orange to red. Short beak stands out with superb musculature and the presence of dark deposits on the end.

A wide torso, you’ll be egg-shaped and special massiveness. Legs painted yellow, and the plumage brilliant.

The main advantage of Cornish chickens and their hybrids is a high quality dietary meat.

Foxy Chick

In English the Foxy Chick means “Lisy chicken”. The name of the breed was because of the peculiar color of the plumage, which is called the Fox. A bird relates to a highly productive meat-egg crosses, which are easy to breed in home gardens and domestic farms. The breed is famous for its excellent adaptation to any environmental conditions, ruggedness in terms of content and nutrition, and good hatchability. These colored broilers can adequately tolerate a sharp drop in air temperature and increasing humidity.

The percentage of intact chickens and of young cattle remains very high and reaches 100 percent. Due to the good rock properties, the hen can give up to three hundred eggs per year. The body weight of an adult chicken is 4 pounds, and the cock – up to 5.7 pounds. At the age of one month, the hen can weigh about 1 kilogram.

Does it make sense to buy a colored broiler and breed on the site

Recently colored broilers use very high demand. It is not strange, because this breed is characterized by many benefits, including earliness and productivity. The purchase of this bird can be a very cost-effective investment of financial savings that will bring your income. And when you consider key features of a chosen breed and to understand the principles of content, the success of the launch will be the maximum.

An important advantage of these chickens is a quick adaptation to the climatic conditions of our regions. Because of this need to create and equip a special poultry houses with complex and expensive climate systems virtually none. Of course, to keep the bird in winter from various diseases would be wise to provide a normal temperature mode, providing a heating system. But this requirement applies to other chicken breeds, including conventional laying hens.

If you compare the breed with the usual chickens, then it stands fast and effective weight gain. In this regard, breeders appreciate colored broilers and give them preference. However, members of the species are in demand among small farmers and ordinary cottages. There is no doubt that the acquisition of colored broiler is sure to bring a good income, it is enough to recall the indicators of egg production and rapid weight gain.

Basic tips for content

Experienced professionals recommend to pay attention to the following principles of colored broilers:

  • as a home for a bird can be used and cages and pens;
  • the optimum temperature should not fall below 5 degrees Celsius; the best temperature for the full development of the birds is 15-20 degrees Celsius;
  • you must close all cracks and openings in the house to avoid draughts;
  • as bedding on the floor you can use straw or sawdust.

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