How many years live hens and roosters?

Any resident of the village, there are poultry and any experienced farmer or just someone who loves to eat eggs, should know how many years there lives a hen and how much she can carry?

Well, if you are a farmer, don’t live in the countryside and indifferent to the eggs, then you just will be interested to read this article!

What is the life expectancy of a chicken

In order to properly answer this question, we first need to determine the breed of fowl. Since the chickens – this is a long-domesticated animals, they are very useful and do not cause much trouble. Birds lay eggs and give meat, not to mention the numerous offspring! And they were taken specially in the public interest, 5 to 12 species, and each breed has its cycle and life expectancy!

Mostly these animals are divided into three types:

  • meat chickens;
  • egg chickens;
  • meat-egg.

Let’s take a closer look at each type. Find out what they are and how long they live.

Because now even the most experienced farmer the exact time life will not tell you, as farmers use chickens for 2 years until they are able to multiply, are regular and a large number of eggs and are good meat, and then destroy them.

  1. Meat chickens – it is the most popular among farmers. It is designed mainly to bring home the meat, give the name for himself! Basically, these chickens are kept in factories and large plants, people wait until they gain some weight and then kill them. The duration of such chickens is approximately 60 days.
  2. Egg chickens – another very popular breed of chickens, they are kept mainly for eggs, they can be found among ordinary people or in factories. The life expectancy of this species reaches 1.5–1 year and 7 months.
  3. Meat-egg bird is a unique breed, hens of this breed are very useful; they carry large numbers of eggs, they have good meat and they are able to extend their family!

Basically the life of the bird and therefore how much it can carry depends on its power, space, food bowls, conditions! What determines the lifespan of a chicken and how to extend it?

As we already told you that if you want to have a healthy hen, and she brought a lot of benefit, you need to give it some conditions!

  1. A correct diet. If your chicken is good to eat, and eggs you will not get, and she won’t gain weight. Soy, pea culture. Wheat, in General, the actual grains all year round. The press cake from the processing of oats. Greens rich in vitamins. Succulent feed.
  2. Territory. Each bird must have its own space. It’s either a large paddock. Or, if you live in the village, they in General should not be locked, so it can longer be carried. As any chicken to walk and run. And also they’re able to these kind of food and vitamins, which even the owner may not give!
  3. Proper lighting and temperature. It is better to allow your birds to walk under natural light, under the sun, I think it is no need to explain. And the temperature should not exceed 20 degrees. This storage can be in the summer, in a very favorable year.
  4. Facilities. You need to guard your Pets, for example, to protect against enemies and to do them with the basic facilities that you can think of. For example, to build a special trough with their hands or buy, for food and water. Then put several of them and not too close. Here is how to understand the convenience of laying hens, which will help it longer rush!

And if you give your hens all that is described here, they will be longer and happier to live, thus the income will be much greater!

How many chickens hens at home

Very popular at this time, the question – how long does the hen lays at home. Duration of game birds at home again depends on conditions and other facts described above, if the landlord complied with them, the hen will live longer! BUT if you are not at home, she lives about 15 years, and we know this is very much a lot more than at home, but not many animals live up to all these years, because of the nature of many predators, there is no balanced diet other favorable factor!

At home chicken lives 3 years maximum. Because here they are kept only for eggs and meat, and the longer the bird lives the less she brings eggs and she is getting bad meat in General, so the hen house is not necessary, it will bring losses, and benefit from it no one! And so they are given only three years of life when they are still able to benefit. And even here in three years, the chicken will be almost not to rush, because every year they are less and less rush! Again, we must not forget that they live three years only if all of the conditions described just above.

What is the life expectancy of a rooster

This question is also a very popular and interesting. First we note that the roosters at home is intended to for procreation and yet they are revered for good meat. The average life expectancy of a rooster is 4 years. BUT if you want to see your cock lived for so many years, you need to observe some rules: NO need to restart male, as he might lose his gift and power would be to go sluggish and not react to the environment. Thus, you must ensure that your one the cock was 10 chickens.

How many can survive a chicken without a head

In this article you will be able to learn another interesting fact is how many can live chicken without a head? After the hen gave you correct 3 years, you decide to kill her. The most banal, popular and seems a sure way of killing is to deprive the head! But there are times when the chickens can live up to 8 months without a head. Some of this is nice to see, but in fact is a mockery of the chicken!

Well then our advice to those who don’t believe in it. I envy myself the chicken and wait, caring for her for 3 years, then cut off the head and see with your own eyes! Or just ask a question to Yandex and you will see many comments about this situation! If you decide to kill your bird, do so quickly and surely that the animal did not suffer long. Doubt that life without a head 8 months in her joy!

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