Food for kittens. What food is better to choose?

The new owner of a kitten is always the question arises about the choice of food for pet. Each of us wants to give your pet the best of everything: toys, vitamins, and good food. Today in stores you can find a huge choice of food in different types.

So, whose judgment can be relied on when selecting food for your pet? Listen to the advice of friends and neighbors either believe advertised brands of expensive food? Now we will look at any concerns you have about choosing food for your kitten.

Natural food or industrial products?

Each owner raises the question: to stay at home meals or to buy ready feed? Natural homemade food is, of course, very useful for a small pet. But will you be able to provide him with a daily balanced diet, which will involve all the necessary vitamins and minerals? It is more likely that due to the fast pace of life you simply will not have time to do it. For most owners, the choice of food for kittens, it becomes much more simple task than the daily cooking the right food for your pet. If you think that good nutrition will hit your wallet, be sure that even the food premium will cost is not more expensive than natural food, cooked.

Usually breeders give Pets at the age of 3 months. At this age they should already be accustomed to the feed. Therefore, you should ask the breeder what kind of food fed pet. In this case, you will not waste time to select suitable food for kittens. The main thing to remember is that you cannot mix in the diet at the same time homemade food and industrial products. It can harm the body of your pet.

What vitamins are necessary for a pet?

  • Vitamin a – helps to improve vision and strengthen bones
  • B vitamins – contributes to normal functioning of muscles and bones, improve metabolism.
  • Vitamin C – improves the digestive tract, strengthens the immune system
  • Vitamin D – improves blood circulation
  • Vitamin E – contributes to the proper formation of organs

It is also important to remember about fats, fiber, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals.

To know exactly what food suits your pet, it is better to consult the vet. He will tell you what kind of food for the kitten of your breed will suit him, and most importantly, hurt.

Dry food for kittens

The owners raises the question: which cat food is better – dry or wet? So, let’s talk about dry food for kittens. Plus dry food is considered a long shelf life. It can be stored long enough and it will not spoil. This product can take a walk or a trip. There is a perception that dry bait is very harmful for the animal, but in fact it is not.

For healthy life your kitten you should follow some rules when eating dry food:

  1. In a bowl should always be clean water
  2. Do not mix in the diet of homemade food and industrial products. It can harm the health of the kitten
  3. You need to give food to the kitten strictly following his weight to prevent overfeeding

The structure of production must include the amino acid taurine. It is necessary for good vision, brain and heart.

If you decide to stay on dry food for kittens, then be sure to buy the premium products, since the normal can harm your pet.

Wet food for kittens

A feature of this product is that it rapidly deteriorate. It gives some difficulties for the owners. Wet food has almost no negative reviews, so you can select it without hesitation.

A delicious sauce that drenched wet cat food will satisfy your kitten. It is important to remember that this product must be fed as quickly as possible. But if you are going on a trip and leave the pet alone, in this case it will be more practical to use a dry food for kittens.

Classes of feeds

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of products from different classes.

The product economy:

  • PrоviPet
  • Whisкas
  • Dаrling
  • Diamоnd
  • Vaska
  • Dr. Zоо
  • Friesкies
  • Meal

Advantage is low price, but keep in mind that the composition does not include meat, no vitamins, is poorly absorbed.

A premium product:

  • Rоyal Canin
  • Dоctor Alders, Flatazоr
  • Narra Cаt
  • BiоMill
  • Nutrо nuggets
  • Pro Pac


  • average price
  • optimized
  • well absorbed

The feed contains a small amount of meat.

The superpremium product class:

  • Нills
  • PrоPlan
  • Eukanubа
  • Rоyal Canin (France)
  • Pеtreet
  • We
  • Nutrо Choice

The only drawback is the high cost.


  • the absence of dyes;
  • a lot of meat;
  • well absorbed;
  • balanced.
A rating of the best cat food

The leader of the ranking – 1st Choice cat food

This is the food of super premium class high-end. In the range there is only one kind of dry food for kittens. Allergic to this kind of food practically impossible. Such food can give pet already with 2 months of life. Probably, the only disadvantage is the difficulty in buying. Rare to find this product on the shelves of pet stores, so they often have to order this product via the Internet.

Hills Science Plan

It is a product of the super class. The range appears to be wet mousse for kittens up to 1 year, and two kinds of dry food for kittens. The disadvantage of the brand is the enthusiasm of manufacturer of plant proteins and carbohydrates.

Royal Canin

It’s a premium product. The assortment of canned food for kittens up to 4 months, one kind of dry food and milk replacer. The food composition is balanced enough. It can be bought at any pet store, so the deficit is not there. The more the price of this product slightly higher than economy class.

Purina ProPlan

It’s a premium product. It can be purchased at any pet store for a good price. The range is represented by one kind of dry food for kittens from 6 months to 1 year and two options pouches 1 year of age. The composition of this product includes a large amount of vegetable protein and carbohydrates that can harm your pet. Therefore, closely monitor its condition, to prevent allergies. Because of this shortage of professionals often include this food in the category of economy class.


Josera is a novelty on the Russian market. In its range and only one kind of dry food. Josera is a German luxury brand that speaks of high quality. This product contains all the essential vitamins and minerals. Probably the only drawback is the presence of flour of meat that is not sufficiently useful.

Of course, not all cats are willing to buy feed premium and super premium class. But if you are the owner of a pedigreed cat, it should receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Non-pedigreed cats, in contrast, are more adapted to the “wrong” food at the genetic level. Take care of your baby and it will always look healthy and groomed.

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