The names of the most popular breeds of cats and pictures of them

In this article we will talk about the different breeds of cats. In the world there are more than 200 species, and officially recognized – 70.

The story of cats begins more than 11 million years ago. Domesticated cats for about 9 thousand thousand years ago. The oldest archaeological evidence found in Cyprus, and before that it was believed that the first were the ancient Egyptians. The last revered and idolized her and considered a sacred animal. Figures of cats in the house were considered a sign of prosperity and prosperity.

In Ancient Egypt, the killing of the animal was punishable by death. After her death wore mourning shaved eyebrows. Cats were embalmed akin to the pharaohs.

The popularity of cats in Europe began about 2 thousand years ago. In Rome, this animal has become a symbol of freedom and independence. Stealing a cat was regarded as a serious offense and is punishable by a considerable fine.

In the Middle ages, black cats were considered the devil’s instrument. So declared the Inquisition. So they were caught and burned alive. People were afraid of these animals , and bypassed. Since then, and there was a superstition about black cats crossing the road and bad luck.

Classification of cat breeds

Felinology is the study of cats, their breeding, physiological and other peculiarities of these animals.

From different information sources there are more than 250 different breeds of cats. However, officially registered only 70 of them.

World cat Federation (the largest cat organization in the world) has divided the breed into four groups:

  1. The long-haired. These include the following breeds: Burmese, Persian, Kurilian Bobtail, Maine Coon, Neva masquerade, Norwegian forest, Siberian, Somali, Himalayan, Chinese Li How, Chinchilla longhair.
  2. Shorthair. For example: Abyssinian, British Shorthair, Bengal, Egyptian Mau, Russian blue, Oriental, American Shorthair, Bombay, Ocicat, Savannah, Korat, Siamese, Singaporean, Toyger, Thai, Scottish fold, the chausie, Ceylon, Chartreux, Exotic Shorthair.
  3. Semi-longhair. These include: American Bobtail longhair, American Curl longhair, Balinese, Seychellois, British longhair, Burmilla longhair, York, Karelian Bobtail, Munchkin longhair.Pixiebob longhair, Ragamuffin, Tiffany, Turkish Angora, Turkish van, highland Fold Japanese Bobtail longhair.
  4. Siamo-Oriental breed with short hair. Its representatives: Peterbald, Siamese, Tonkinese, Thai, Mekong Bobtail, Forensic.
The most popular breeds of cats with pictures and names

The following is a list by the Association of cat lovers.

Top 10 most popular in the world of cats with descriptions and photos

1 place Exotic

A breed of cat with short hair, which was established in the 60’s by crossing the Persian and American Shorthair breeds. Exotic breed is very popular, and therefore takes the first place of honor in our list.

In the picture you can see its distinctive features:

  • fur is soft and velvety to the touch similar to a soft toy;
  • fat legs and chunky body;
  • flattened muzzle;
  • large kind eyes.

Exotics are very kind and gentle, pay attention to this breed.

2 place the Persian

Of course, good old Persian will not remain without attention and takes the second place in our ranking. This is the most fluffy cat in the world

There was this rock in Persia (modern Iran) in the middle of the XVI century. For a long period of time, these fluffy beauties have taken a leadership position in the Association lovers.

This beauty is one of the oldest longhaired breeds. Can not exist without a comfortable home environment. Very lazy and relaxed, like lying on the couch. Calm them amazing, is not afraid of children, but require special attention.

Distinctive features:

  • Long soft coat, which needs daily combing.
  • large expressive eyes;
  • nose;
  • a strong and massive physique.

There are about 100 varieties of Persian cats. Some of them you can see in the pictures.

3rd place Maine Coon

This beauty looks very much like a raccoon. Hence the name – coon]. translated as a raccoon. She is very graceful and proportionate. The beauty of this breed makes the heart beat faster. Therefore, it occupies the third place in our Top.

This representative is the pride of North America, it is recognized as the biggest domestic cats in the world. There is an opinionthat it came from the love of a cat to the raccoon, therefore, have such external characteristics. However, in fact, the breed descended from the cats of the U.S. state of Maine.

For the first time was introduced not so long ago – in 1992.

Distinctive features:

  • big fluffy tail, often striped;
  • long hair;
  • the impressive dimensions (the weight of a cat can reach 12 kg!).
  • “lynx” ears with a brush.

The nature of Maine coons are very loving, loyal and neat.

4th place. Ragdoll

The representative refers to semilonghair. The translation from English. as “rag doll”. These animals are very pliable and undemanding, can endure any “bullying” children, respond well to training.

The breed was developed in USA in the 60 years of the Ann Baker (breeder of Persians).

Distinctive features:

  • the muzzle is well developed;
  • oval blue eyes with a perfect look;
  • a strong body;
  • broad nose.

The nature of the Ragdoll kind, they are very dependent people, and without human attention can become depressed. As well as purebred cats are very touchy, so you need to control yourself and not abuse them.

5th place. British Shorthair

Is very popular in the UK.

Distinctive features:

  • plush shearling;
  • massive cheeks;
  • expressive orange eyes rounded.

The Brits have a temper, active and devoted to their owner.

The 6th place. American cat with short hair

This is a hunting breed with an athletic build. Six of her tight and pretty thick.

Is characterized by:

  • eyes shaped almond green or orange;
  • powerful body with a broad chest.

7th place. Scottish fold

Second name Scottish Fold. Original unusual appearance appeared due to genetic reversion. Appeared in Scotland in 1961.

Is characterized by:

  • the ears are folded forward and down (hence the name of the breed);
  • snub nose;
  • large round eyes.

Kitten of this breed is loyal and affectionate. A calm and balanced character.

8th place. Abyssinian

This is one of the oldest breeds Shorthair. The homeland of origin – Ethiopia.

The breed is noted for:

  • iridescent coat without undercoat;
  • large deep ears, sometimes with a tassel at the ends;

Abyssinian representative is very active and has a playful nature. So if you like this feature of the breed, get a kitten and raise yourself up a variety of games with four-legged friend.

The 9th place. Sphynx

This “bald” a cat, whose Homeland is Canada, not everyone will have soul because of its specific appearance, however, has a fairly wide circle of admirers. Wool is missing from the result of natural mutation. The sphinxes for more than 50 years. Cat breeders around the world recognize this breed.

The sphinxes are characterized by:

  • sleek, with smooth transitions;
  • the body of the coat;
  • wrinkles on the forehead, neck, and legs.

Sphynx are very intelligent and loving.

10. Oriental

Thai Shorthair cat with an unusual appearance.


  • huge ears are triangular in shape and is rounded at the ends;
  • almond eyes;
  • flexible body.

At Orientala complicated nature, they are very Moody and jealous.

TOP 5 Shorthair breeds

  1. Exotic.
  2. British.
  3. Abyssinian.
  4. The American Shorthair.
  5. Oriental.

TOP 5 furry felines

  1. Pers.
  2. Maine Coon.
  3. The Norwegian forest.
  4. Ragdoll.
  5. Siberian.

TOP 10 interesting facts about cats

  1. Two-thirds of the days cats spend sleeping. That is a cat, which is 9 years old, was active all 3 years of his life.
  2. As stated in Jewish legend, the cat appeared when God made the lion sneeze.
  3. The cat can jump to a height exceeding its own growth five times.
  4. The Amur tiger is the largest cat in the world. Its weight reaches as much as 320 kg.
  5. One millionaire made a clone of my dead cats for 50 thousand dollars.
  6. The cat 53 vertebrae, so she’s very flexible (in humans only 34).
  7. Cat-survivor from Texas, is listed in the Guinness Book of records, lived for already 38 years.
  8. The surface of the cat’s nose is as unique as human fingerprints.
  9. One cat named dusty gave birth to 420 kittens as much as throughout his existence in this world.
  10. Cat had inherited from his master 15 million and became the richest animals in the world.

Top 10 best movies about cats

  1. Little Stuart.
  2. Garfield.
  3. Alice in Wonderland.
  4. Cat vs dog.
  5. Cat rental.
  6. Puss in boots.
  7. The road home: the Incredible journey.
  8. Nine lives.
  9. Catwoman.
  10. The adventures of Milo and Otis.

Definitely suggest you to watch these films whose protagonists are our favorites.

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  1. From different information sources there are more than 250 different breeds of cats. However, officially registered only 70 of them.

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