How long does pregnancy in cats

Pregnancy in cats is the excitement and the waiting period. Favorite kitty, like any other expectant mother needs care and attention. The pet owner needs to know how long the pregnancy and to provide at this time, appropriate care.

Will tell you in detail how long does pregnancy in cats and what you will need Pets at this time.

Stages of pregnancy in cats

We’ll talk more about the how long does pregnancy in cats. Many people mistakenly count the pregnancy from mating and birth to directly. However, the right to count the period of pregnancy from the moment of fertilization. Usually from the moment of fertilization until the birth of a cat is 9 weeks. This duration may increase or decrease for a week, which is considered normal. The duration of gestation of the kittens will depend on the breed of pet, its age and physical condition.

Noticed that the period of pregnancy in cats short-haired breeds, which include Abyssinian, Bombay and Russian blue, may last for 58-65 days. But, in long-haired breeds, which include Norwegian and Siberian varieties, the term can be up to 72 days.

Important. If your kitty has not labored for 72 days, you must contact your veterinarian.

Signs of pregnant cats

As you already understood, to determine the date of conception and pregnancy difficult, but you may notice the apparent symptoms that are usually observed on the 20th day after conception. Based on this, you will be able to accurately determine the date of mating and calculate when your kitty Okolitsa.

If to speak about such signs, then note the following:

  • Nipples slightly increase in size and turn bright pink.
  • Kitty can stop brooding, melancholic and inactive. She sleeps a lot, eats little and does not want to play.
  • Animal because of changes in hormones may slightly nauseated.

Important. To conduct palpation of the abdomen, trying to determine the existence of pregnancy, is prohibited. So you can accidentally flatten the germ that will lead to the death of the kittens and health problems in the home pet.

How pregnancy occurs in cats

Tell about how is the period of gestation in cats. Knowing how much time and how pregnancy occurs, you will be able to ensure your household pet who wears kittens proper care.

  • About the sixth week of growing in the uterus the embryo becomes so large that even with light stroking of the abdomen can be felt inside kittens. Remember that pushing on the tummy pet should be carefully because sudden movements can break amniotic membrane, leading to miscarriage.
  • On the fifth week the belly noticeably rounded. If your pet is carrying three or more kitties, the abdomen is huge.
  • Usually by week six, the cat appears milk.
  • The seventh-ninth week, the uterus is filled with fluid. With a light stroking of the abdomen can determine the kittens head and torso. The cat in this period can be active and restless. She is looking for a secluded place where you will give birth to kittens.
  • On the tenth week, the animal becomes inactive, quiet and a little detached. Her increasing Breasts, and vulva may emit white or transparent mucus.
  • A few days before the birth cat becomes active, constantly goes for the owner, the body temperature can drop to 37 degrees.
How to properly care for a pregnant cat

Before pairing a pet should carry his vaccination and to treat the animal for worms. But, during pregnancy to give your pet any medication is prohibited. If your cat is sick, don’t self-medicate, and be sure to contact the vet.

If we talk about General care recommendations, it is necessary to provide Pets with quality food and give him peace. The right nutrition should be given due attention. If your cat is on a natural diet, cooked meat must be varied with different vegetables and fruits. Best diet to consult a specialist-a veterinarian or breeder, which will tell you how and how many times a day to feed your pet.

If you feed your pet dry food, you should give preference to the premium feed, which will provide your pet all the essential vitamins and minerals.

A week before the expected date of delivery should reduce the feeding cats. The kittens in this case will be slightly smaller and the birth will be easier for your pet. In the last months of pregnancy the cat because of the increased size of the abdomen is sometimes difficult to maintain personal hygiene. Therefore, you should regularly wipe with a damp cloth privates of the animal. Pregnant pet is best protected from increased activity. Run with it, throw it, or to actively squeeze a pet at this time should not be.

Important. In order to avoid any kind of trouble should find out the location of the nearest veterinary clinic, working around the clock. Quite possibly, the services of a specialist you will need during labor.

Possible complications during pregnancy

Due to various reasons, whether it be physical trauma, poor diet, hypothermia, overheating or uterine infection in cats can occur miscarriage. Most of these miscarriages are observed at 4-5 weeks of pregnancy. In the presence of suspected miscarriage should immediately take your pet to the vet. The dead fetus removed as soon as possible, before the beginning of putrefaction.


Pregnancy cats is always a joyful anticipation of the completion of the family have a pet. Different breeds of cats pregnancy length may vary, ranging from 55 to 72 days. In this article we tell you how long is a pregnancy how to determine the date of conception and how to properly care for a pet that is waiting for kittens. All this will allow you and your beloved kitty to bring healthy kittens, and the animal itself quickly recover from birth and again will delight you with their behavior.

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