The fastest animals

Among the representatives of the rich natural fauna of the world, some are moving slowly (immediately comes to mind tortoise, but, for example, a leathery aquatic turtle capable of reaching a speed of 35 km/h), the second extremely fast as a Jaguar or a Cheetah (can compete with the car). Each habitat is self-leaders: a flying insect – dragonfly (55 km/h), in the underwater world – swordfish (130 km/h when attacking), in birds, the peregrine Falcon (300 km/h).

Fifth place: the lion and the Wildebeest

Favorite treat of the king of beasts is the Wildebeest, is able to escape from the pursuit at speeds up to 80 km/h (some sources say about 90 km/h).

For the lions, the characteristic speed average 80 km/h. Most often, the attack sent female predators, as the males are quite lazy.

Wildebeest for its weight (250 kg) agile enough. Before his enemy has the advantage of endurance. Cunning has not, therefore predators have to escape it by flight.

A lion among all fleet-footed animals – the heaviest representative. The average weight is calculated by scientists and is 181 and 126 kg for females and males respectively. Sizes can vary depending on habitat. The greatest number of animals now lives in Africa, southern and Eastern regions. The number is reduced, therefore, acknowledged as a vulnerable animal, despite the fact that capable enough to run fast.

Fourth place – fragile, but swift

The Thomson’s Gazelle – fragile, but swift. The animal is named after the scientist who first discovered this species. Her hunting cheetahs, so endowed by nature quick feet. Light weight (30 kg) and increased endurance allows you to reach the speed of 95 km/hour (average is 87 km/h).

The Thomson’s Gazelle can be found in a limited area. To do this is to go to Tanzania or Kenya. Still lives in South Sudan, but it is considered rare. Prefer to live in a herd, therefore, it is possible to see 100 or more individuals.

Third place

To avoid becoming the prey of fleet-footed predators,the pronghorn antelope is forced to run, therefore it is not surprising that the speed of this animal is appropriate. On average, the figure reaches 89 km/h. It is not marginal high, fixed and 105 km/h, and even 115.

A huge (in size) heart endurance, so the animal overcomes at speeds sufficiently large distance and easy running away from his pursuers. And I love to run just so, and even compete with cars. Superficially resembles a deer.
The territory of Canada and North America.

Second place – Jaguar

A large wild cat (Jaguar) is able to reach speeds of 93 km/h. the Weight of an adult male, 90-120 kg, females 20% less – 60-80 kg. body Length is from 112 to 185 cm, not including the tail which adds another 45-75 cm In height 70 see

Their habitats in North and South America. They love tropical rain forest mostly, but there are in the mountains, and in areas where the forests are xerophytic shrubs.

Do not eat carrion, so after a successfully completed attack eat fresh meat and go on his way without returning to this place. Habitat necessary to seek alternative sources of supply, so the diet of jaguars is quite diverse. Can even attack Pets.

The fastest animal in the world

The fastest animal in world is Cheetah. Up to 120 km for a couple of seconds, that is the speed develops the world’s fastest land animal – the Cheetah. Usually a Cheetah travels at a speed of 98 km/h, but if the need will increase for another two decades. And that will be enough, in just a few seconds to catch its prey.

Body structure: 1.5 m in length and weighing 45-60 kg not allow to maintain a high pace for a long time. On level ground the distance which overcomes the Cheetah at normal speed, is just 400 meters, takes a few minutes. If you have to increase the pace, to hold the animal may not last long. Therefore, the main goal of the victim is running away in the first minutes of the attack of a predator. Further investigation shall be terminated, as the physical strength of a Cheetah is not enough. So the Cheetah is the king of sprint in animals. Can be found in the middle East or Africa.

Thus, the fastest land animals among predators are Cheetah, Jaguar and lion. They love to hunt antelope and Gazelle, so among the fastest animals Thomson’s Gazelle, Wildebeest and pronghorn.

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