Spark plugs for a snowmobile Yamaha Viking 540

Beginners are wondering which candles to put on a Yamaha Viking 540 4 snowmobile – resistor or not? But opinions on this matter differ, most are inclined to the fact that resistor models are a marketing move of the company, because they fail faster.

It is important to look at the glowing number, the higher it is, the less the candle heats up. Yamaha manufacturer recommends 9-model Viking.

High-quality spark plugs are the key to stable engine operation.

This affects the following characteristics:

  • dynamics;
  • profitability;
  • high power
  • stable (stable) engine operation;
  • durability;
  • the duration of the mileage before the scheduled repair;
  • quick start, including in cold weather.

In case of a candle malfunction or its incorrect selection, the indicated indicators will not correspond to the passport information.

To make a decision about installing candles on a unit with or without a resistor, it is necessary to read the technical documentation of Yamaha. If the manufacturer indicated that these should be used, then use them.

It is necessary to select high-quality candles, taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturer, as well as the experience of consultants. Using the product with the wrong heat rating will result in engine damage. An excessively hot candle causes overheating, as well as premature ignition. If it is cold, then ignition malfunctions or detonation in the engine may have appeared earlier.

Which manufacturers of candles for a snowmobile Yamaha Viking 540 is better to choose

It is important to choose models that work in any weather and are insensitive to changes in humidity. The color of the insulator can also calculate the correct carburetor settings.

Beginners often ask themselves: “What are the best spark plugs for a Yamaha Viking 540 snowmobile?” – experts offer the top 10 best manufacturers:

  1. Bosch: the best value for money.
  2. NGK: The best manufacturer of spark plugs for two-stroke engines of the Yamaha Viking 540.
  3. Brisk: a great choice for cars and snowmobiles.
  4. Denso: proven technology base among all manufacturers.
  5. Champion: fair price for a range of quality products.
  6. Beru: balanced parameters of cost and period of operation.
  7. Engels Plant: a proven spark plug manufacturer
  8. SCT: the longest life of spare parts.
  9. Finwhale: a trusted overseas supplier.
  10. Valeo: A good supplier of medium quality parts.

Specialists and owners of snowmobiles with certain experience in choosing a manufacturer advise against buying native spark plugs for the Viking 540 3 Yamaha, as it immediately breaks through them. It is better to choose parts from the Japanese manufacturer NGK, which is the world’s leading supplier.

Description and characteristics of candles

All models shown in the table are suitable for Yamaha Viking 540 snowmobiles with a two-stroke engine.

Candlestick Chart

Names Arctic Cat / BRP / Ski-Doo / John Deere / Kawasaki / Polaris / Yamaha NGK BR8ES Артикул 5422 BRP / Ski-Doo / Yamaha / Polaris 414961100/3070163 / NGK BR9ES Article 5722 BRP / Ski-Doo / Yamaha / Polaris 414961100/3070163 / NGK Item BR9ES
Specifications Nickel electrode. SAE connection for screw type nickel electrode, flat seat.

  1. Key solution: 20.8 mm
  2. Thread diameter: 14 mm
  3. Thread length: 19 mm
  4. Electrode gap: 0.8 mm

Resistance: entstort, 5 kOhm.

Open pin, with resistor, standard type

Dimensions and resistance are the same as the model 5422.

The specifications are the same as the models 5422 and 5722.

Type resistor

  1. The diameter of the threaded element is 14.0 mm.
  2. Length -19.0 mm.
  3. Pitch -1.25 mm.
  4. The size of the hex key is 20.8 mm.
  5. The height of the insulating part is 26.0 mm.
  6. The height of the metal element (to the insulator) is 19.0 mm.

Design Features – Type with resistor.

Gilding number-9 Type of central electrode, etc.- copper electrode. Clearance -0.7 mm.

When driving in extreme cold it is recommended to buy several candles, because the risk of flooding the product at temperatures below -30 is high.

Where can I buy spark plugs for a snowmobile

Sooner or later, the ignition system element stops working, it has to be changed. When you need to do this, refer to the passport in which there is a recommended mileage, after which a replacement is necessary. But the component does not always work up to the specified dates.

There may be several reasons for this:

  • low-quality fuel;
  • inappropriate candles;
  • faulty voltage wires.

How to understand that you need to change or clean the spare part without the use of instruments and diagnostics:

  1. Intermittent engine operation.
  2. Loss of power and dynamics of the snowmobile.
  3. High fuel consumption.
  4. Deterioration in launch.

If you have problems, then it’s time to change the product. On the website of the online store you can easily find it by first entering the article of the candle in the search bar. Check out our range of parts by comparing the specifications of all models suitable for the Yamaha Viking 540/3 snowmobile.

Contact your authorized dealer. If there is a guarantee, then it can be used to repair for free. You need to choose a place of purchase according to customer reviews and ratings.

How to remove carbon deposits from candles

After the purchase, over time, you will have to perform diagnostics, check the spare part for carbon deposits. Also, if the engine is deteriorating, the following operations must be performed:

  1. To clear a deposit an ordinary sliver from a tree which is moistened with gasoline (or acetone). It is possible to heat parts of the thermal cone to 400 ° C.
  2. Using a directional flame, heat only the portion adjacent to the gap. But use the heating method carefully, because the parts are sealed with a material that is a dangerous glass sealant.
  3. It is undesirable to use metal brushes to remove carbon deposits because there are risks of “enveloping” metal elements on the ceramic surface, which contribute to the occurrence of electronic “breakdown” of the candle;
  4. Adjust the spark gap and center the outer electrode relative to the center by gradually bending the first one.

Now remove the soot and other contaminants from the outside of the insulator. Check the performance of the spare part: the spark should “slip through” on two cylinders.

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