Fishing for Chub in the spring

All anglers look forward to the beginning of March, because then you really fishing for Chub in the spring. Special attention should be paid to the rivers in which lamprey lot, she reaches for spawning and attracts a Chub.

Though water and is not sufficiently warmed up, the predator cannot resist the abundance of food and begins to show activity.

Many fishermen might think that the lamprey is somewhat similar in form body on a worm and it would be the best form of bait. But this is not true. Chub vehemently attacking any lure that will surely suit him for the type. Early spring is best to catch a predator on an active bait, crank perfect small size. Well, the choice of model and the exact size of the bait depends on the specific conditions of fishing.

Catching chubs in the spring for spinning lures

Catching chubs in the spring for spinning lures becomes much more interesting after the flood, it happens often in the middle of may. Though the water is still not transparent, but its temperature is quite high and causes the fish to be active. When you go fishing be sure to answer the three main questions: who will catch what and where?

The first question in this case should not cause doubts, the answer is clear – we will catch big Chub. I can say that he stands in the same places, where individuals of smaller size. But the trophy fish to start feeding in another time or stand a little to one side of the pack small.

Look for places where the flow begins to move to Plyos, this usually occurs in the middle of the stream. Fishing for Chub in the spring and in early may will be the most effective in these areas, so that they should pay special attention.

Now add a few words about the technique and tactics of catching. The main thing – perseverance and persistence, spring fishing without them will not be so good. After all, the place where fish stays closed and water flows, so that the fisherman will have a bit nervous. Okay if you know the place of fishing, but in new places the problems will be large.


As for the wiring of the crank, there is nothing unusual and new here – throw across the river and do the wiring for demolition or loop. By the way, I recommend to do both transactions in one place. And do not think that the place is hopeless if a few casts did not bring the result. Most likely, you just were not lucky with the time of the release of the Chub to feed. So worth going to another site, and after some time come back and repeat casts.

Fishing for Chub in the spring in small rivers in early spring

Spring fishing for Chub is very specific, there are subtleties and secrets of the selection, baits, locations, techniques and tactics of catching. Fishing for Chub in the early spring on small rivers starts when the snow melts, when the water temperature is getting a little more than 15 degrees. During this period, the predator searches for food and eats actively, choosing to hunt the shallow sites (up to 3 m) with low flow.

The best time for fishing is early morning and late evening, just before dusk. For the spring bite characteristic swiftness, that fundamentally distinguishes it from fishing in other times of the year. The predator grabs and swallows the bait with lightning speed. It is best to catch Chub on worm and insect larvae, but only until the arrival of the may beetle. The hardest part is to find the fish, because it can be located at any point of the reservoir.

If you have the opportunity to fish on a steep Bank of the river, you can try to catch on a float in the transaction. As for gear – it should be as lightweight and slim. No need to put on the rod more than one leash and use a thin fishing line (0.3 mm – 0.35 mm). It is best to pay attention to the perspective of the Parking lot, it could be rapids, whirlpools, and sudden changes in depths. Quite often, the fish collected in the area of the drain dams, there’s a lot of food.

Fishing for Chub in the spring

The video is about fishing for Chub in the spring on small river in the Volgograd region, which is called Chir. Leading the program were caught on spinning, bait was used lures crank. I suggest you watch the video to understand what happened.

Video about fishing for Chub on a small river in early may. Lead made a small report about fishing on spinning early spring. Turned out to be quite interesting and entertaining. So I advise you urgently to enable the video to see for yourself.

Quite an interesting video about fishing for Chub at the may beetle. Leading went to small river to try your luck in fishing in the wiring. Turned out to be quite interesting, I suggest you look to fully feel the atmosphere of fishing.

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