Pike-perch fishing

The pike perch likes to have a rest in the afternoon at depth, and at night swims up to the surface of the river or lake. To catch fish, use the balance on the pike perch. This is an artificial bait with a hook at the bottom, which is used not only by amateurs, but also by professionals.

The bait is put on fishing line on zander for successful fishing. The same balancer is suitable for catching pike. Different balancers are intended for different types of fish: small ones – from 5 – and cm and weighing from 9 – grams, up to 8 – and cm and weighing up to 20 grams.

You can also use domestic spinners on fishing, even more successfully than with a balance weight. Spools for different types of fish, there are different.

There are several types of these gears such as:

  • Pinwheel, which is small in size and designed for small prey.
  • The spoon, which oscillates on the sides, is called oscillating.
  • Empty inside, put on through a scaffold and having wings for turns, is called the Devon.
  • Winter “dragon” and amateur with feathers.
  • Baubles for winter fishing are used hooks bases barbs, so as not to catch mittens when removing the catch.
  • There is a poacher spoon for catching fish, hooking it to the body with a hook (this type of spoon is forbidden).
  • For winter fishing is best to use the balance of Finnish production in the form of fry. From light weight up to 20 grams.
Fishing in Naberezhnye Chelny and in the Moscow region

On the Kama River are located Naberezhnye Chelny, which are famous for their fishing on the river. Most of the fishermen on the Nizhnekamsk reservoir, where competitions are held between athletes – fishermen. In Naberezhnye Chelny, lovers can fish in certain places, according to seasons and a certain weight. During spawning permission can be obtained on the paid water bodies. On the lakes in the area of ​​the ski base you can go fishing at night. Fishing is possible in selected places in Naberezhnye Chelny all year round, with well-chosen gear.

Most suitable for fishing on perch Oka River in the suburbs. There are more than 20 kinds of fish in the river, and you can choose a place and a way that is convenient. Many small rivers flow into the river, in the mouths of which you can do what you love. Near bridges and dams, you can also settle. If there are many islands in the suburbs, you can choose a place at will.

Good fishing on the Don in the Volgograd region in the Kalach-on-Don region, there you can get more than 5 kg pikeperch, as well as along the river below Volgograd.

Winter fishing on the Volga and frozen zander The Volga River has always been noted by fishermen for a good catch, both in summer and in winter. During such a long time everyone has his own fruitful place and praises him from all sides, just does not indicate the exact address. Even if you are fishing for the first time on the Volga, do not leave without a catch. For fishing on a pike perch, you need to take a few tackles because they bite very well there and do not catch a double catch.

Real winter fishing for zander on this river. It is in such quantities that it is almost impossible to catch it, and winter fishing on the Volga brings unimaginable pleasure. There are a lot of places where you can go on winter perch, but you need to have your own one. The fishing line for winter fishing should be strong, because on the place where the school cannot live, there can be a depth of up to 10 meters and the bottom is not smooth, but with snags.

The Ob River is famous for its length and fish reserves. When fishing for zander on the Ob River from the shore, you need to choose a place where zander lives. For every 50 meters, there is one cant. But fishing from the shore is beautiful only after spawning in spring and autumn, and in summer it is better to swim closer to the middle of the river. In summer, when fishing for perch on the Ob, you need to change the place until you find a suitable one with a numerous cant. Then get trophy fishing.

Sudak in Crimea

The Crimea differs in pikeperch fishing because the fish likes cool habitats, and in the Crimea it can be in early spring or autumn. The pike perch likes to eat both in the morning and in the evening, it always has a wonderful appetite, especially after spawning. This season begins in late April, after spawning it does not matter what it is, everything is eaten and in large quantities. In the summer, when the heat all goes to the bottom, in the coolness and perch comes rest. Now he will actively peck at the onset of autumn, and it will be possible to enjoy fishing for about a month.

Winter perch in a forest lake

It is very good to fish in the winter on a forest lake, where it is deep enough. On the lake you can fish for perch and pikeperch. But do not forget that snags from tree roots can spoil more than one tackle, with inept behavior.

On what to catch a large individual, everyone decides in his own way, but you need to use a large mormyshka. Mormyshka on zander for winter fishing is of two types – Uralochka and jigs – little devils of large sizes, with extremely pointed hooks.

Sea fishing

In the Black Sea, zander fishing is known to the whole world. In the Crimea, in the Sudak region, they are fishing on zander in the fall or early spring. It is necessary to be especially attentive on sea fishing, standing in the water: there are many types of aggressive fish in the sea such as: sea dragon, ruff, sea dog, bites, which hurt for a very long time and do not heal well. If you catch this type of fish, with extreme caution you need to remove from the hook, so as not to injure your hands. It is necessary to take into account the fact that many zones are protected.

Night fishing for zander in the fall

Beautiful night fishing for zander on the sea in the fall. With such fishing, catching a fagot is recognized (without floats), but given the greater depth, the reel should be quite powerful.

Paid fishing

Every year fish for amateur fishermen becomes less and less, the environment of living and dwelling by man is polluted, without thinking about the consequences. In places such limited access. There are many places where we had to launch fry and prohibit fishing for several years to restore the number of fish. Access was also limited to the method of paid fishing places. In such places there was a place to relax for the whole family, as well as organized trips for families. Equipped places where you could rent a boat and tackle, products for feeding and bait.

Ice fishing on a pikeperch Excellent fishing on a pikeperch on the first ice, when thin ice closes the air access to the water and the fish is looking for an outlet. Now begins spinning fishing. A leash is attached to the pike perch. Since the fish lies at the bottom, and the bottom is not smooth, an additional weight is attached to the line, which will lie at the bottom, and the baited hook is higher up the line.

Even at the bottom of the Koryak, only a small weight will come off. For fishing under the ice using underwater cameras. For pike perch, a double camera is used, which removes the place and the presence of a joint. One drawback of the chamber, it does not see in muddy water, and if the fish lift the silt with their tails, you must wait until the silt settles.

Jig fishing

A jig – a head for fishing is a hook with a small weight of a certain shape. The weight can be heavy of lead and made of silicone. Fishing on a pike perch on a jig – a head requires a lead weight, so that it pulls out the bottom, but does not lie on it, but it was possible to play the jig. Fishing from the shore has its own conditions: you need to choose the right place, where the current is not too fast and the presence of bottom drifts. Also pay attention to the choice of rods – it should be long, strong and sensitive. You can equip the bait with a nod from a clock spring, made by hand. Fishing line from the shore, you should take a braided line, it is safer when you catch a large specimen and will not be spoiled, clinging to a snag.

If you have your own water transport and echo sounder, then fishing from a boat will be very appropriate. With the help of the echo sounder, the dwelling of the jamb and the capture of the perch on a jig from a boat is determined – it is a pleasure, especially for the fall. You can make a gum for catching zander from a boat. But with all the good rigging, the right balancer plays a significant role. He must have such wings and a tail in order to interest the pike perch. Pike perch is well caught in the winter on a balance weight.

Handmade fishermen

Fishermen very often use homemade products when fishing. How and what to make homemade craftsmen know themselves. Homemade spinners on pikeperch, made from a simple spoon, are not inferior in quality bought in a store.

Winter gear

Tackles for winter fishing on zander consist of the right choice of spinning, fishing line, cargo, as well as spinners and balance weights. Properly prepared place and experience will serve a successful fisherman. In the hole the game of spinners is carried out by moving up and down and it is very important to choose the right balance because with its weight and small movement it has to do its job. The slower the bait sinks, the more interesting it is for fish.

The capture of a perch in the winter on the balancer with a properly selected location promises a big catch. There are still ratlin for winter fishing on zander. It is a plastic lure and has a sound signal that zander likes. The presence of such bait can make fishing trophy. Silicone rattlines are also produced for winter fishing on pikeperch.

Pike perch fishing has its tricks: this is the selection of the fishing line because it is not clear how much weight the pike perch bites on the hook. It also matters the reel, which should be big because when you catch a large specimen you need to quickly raise it to the top.

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