Bait for bream

Important ingredients in the process of bream burning are high-quality bait. Home cooking options and ready-made from the store are used.

In the same pond with a difference of a couple of days, baits with completely different tastes and smells can work. In this case, it is not worthwhile to give preference only to purchased versions or home-made ones.

What is the best bait for bream is difficult to say, the preferences of fish depend on many factors:

  • Choosing complementary foods should take into account weather conditions, the same option can work at different times of the year absolutely the opposite .
  • An important indicator will be the food supply of the selected reservoir, with a lack of food, residents will throw everything. But a surplus will adversely affect the luring of fish feed.
  • The view of the reservoir is also important, the substance for catching bream on the stream in still water may not have any effect at all.
The composition of prikormki on bream

Make a bait on bream at home is not at all difficult, it is enough to know just a few secrets. Experienced anglers know that the best bait for bream is prepared immediately before leaving and personally.

There are many options, they are united by certain compositional requirements:

  • An important element will be a sweet taste, because it has been verified more than once that bream is a sweet tooth. In the bait on bream must be present honey or sugar.
  • All ingredients should be finely milled and well mixed, uniformity is important in bait.
  • The composition for the feeder in the trough should smell, while it is important that the smell was strong, but not cloying.
  • Viscosity is also important, the bait should be gradually washed out of the feeder already at the bottom, and not crumble when in contact with water.
  • To capture a bream, dregs are necessary, it is in such conditions that large individuals can search for food for a long time.
  • Bait for bream with their own hands or from the store should be similar in color to the bottom ground. From the strong difference in color fish will only be afraid.
  • Tandem bait and nozzles is the key to successful fishing. The bait must contain particles of bait used, whether it is of animal or vegetable origin.

Summer prikormka on bream in composition will differ very little from spring or autumn, but first things first.

Main ingredients

The bait for bream and roach has several important components, knowing that you can easily cook it yourself at home.

The foundation

Preparation of bait in the feeder for bream with his hands goes directly before leaving for the place of fishing. Whatever time of the year is not outside the window, the basis is always the same.

To catch a large bream use such products as a basis:

  • peas;
  • barley;
  • millet;
  • breadcrumbs;
  • sunflower cake;
  • flaxseed meal;
  • cake pumpkin seeds.

You can cook bait as from each ingredient separately, and combining them.

Budget bait for bream is obtained from the feed and bread crumbs. Most often, this composition is used to catch bream on the ring.


Any recipe for cooking food contains flavor. Most often for this purpose use natural oils or spices, less often resort to use artificial.

The most effective recognized:

  • roasted flax seeds, which are ground in a coffee grinder;
  • coriander, it is ground independently and immediately before fishing it is added to feed;
  • cumin seeds can also attract the attention of large individuals;
  • Cinnamon, anise, caramel are often used in self-made bait, as well as on an industrial level;
  • natural oils of sunflower, sea buckthorn, hemp;
  • fennel and garlic in the feed, too, will add him catchability.

The bait for the bream in the winter should smell a little differently, in cold water the “animal” smells of the worm, bloodworm, and moldy worm work better. A “summer” are sweet.


Homemade bait for bream should contain such products 30% -40% of the total. They will help keep the fish in the right place without pereraziv it.

These components include:

  • cereals;
  • peas;
  • corn;
  • pasta;
  • peeled sunflower seeds;
  • feed

They are used in steamed or boiled form.

Binding Components

The bait for catching bream in the current or in standing water will be incomplete without a binding component.

These properties have:

  • clay;
  • flour;
  • chopped oatmeal;
  • ground peas

From the above list, use only one option, it will be quite enough.

Bait on the bream with their own hands should necessarily include breadcrumbs, the use of rye or wheat depends on the topography of the bottom on the pond.


You can feed the bream with different compositions, each fisherman with experience has his own recipe according to which the most catchy bait is prepared. Porridge for feeders can be prepared in different ways, as long as it is effective.

How to cook the bait is not known to everyone, the process is not complicated, and it can be mastered by a novice fisherman. The main thing in advance is to stock up on the necessary amount of products and correctly calculate the time.

Bait of peas

Many fishermen with experience are well aware that the best bait for bream are made from peas. It is important how to boil the peas for bait, this is the main secret.

Pea bait prepared as follows:

  • in a container in a sufficient amount of water soaked overnight 3 tbsp. dry shelled peas;
  • in the morning the product is boiled over low heat without a lid, constantly stirring the contents;
  • Finely chopped dill and garlic passed through a press are added to the finished product.

Willingness is determined so that the capsule taken out of the water should be soft, but not boiled soft. To enhance the efficiency of the finished product, you can skip through a meat grinder, add a small amount of hemp or anise oil.

The binding ingredient for this variant of the feed is clay from the coastal zone of the reservoir, boiled porridge, cake.

Universal option

It is possible to make a universal base for catching bream on a ring on a stream from a boat or on a feeder in a lake, and the name Salapinskaya porridge.

At home it is prepared from the following components:

  • 2 tbsp. barley;
  • 1 tbsp. millet;
  • 2 tbsp. barley grits;
  • 2 tbsp. corn grits;
  • 1 tbsp. semolina;
  • 2 tbsp. l unrefined vegetable oil
  • bag of vanillin.

From barley and three glasses of water, boil porridge until the seeds swell, add millet, oil and vanilla. As soon as holes appear on the surface, in which it will be seen how boiling water boils, the fire is removed, and the container is covered with a lid and left for half an hour. Then add the remaining ingredients and mix well.

Bait on bream in winter

The recipe for winter fishing will be little different from the spring or summer. Based on a certain amount of peas, corn, barley and millet. A distinctive ingredient will be flavor, for fishing in cold water on the river as an additive using artificial flavor “bloodworm” or “worm”. You can buy it at any fishing tackle store.

The important point is the correct preparation of each individual ingredient and strict adherence to all proportions.

Bait do-it-yourself for bream: the subtleties of cooking

A simple bait for catching bream on a lake or river can consist of a pair of components, the main thing is to properly cook the ingredients and mix in the right proportion. It is important to properly prepare the base, so that it is crumbly, but at the same time it is well molded.

How to cook millet for zakorm

Homemade bait is often prepared from all known ingredients, bream takes great summer millet. But not everyone knows how to cook millet for bait, the usual proportions here can play a cruel joke. It is best to steam the grits or cook in a large amount of water, which, if necessary, can then be drained.

How to cook peas for bait

Before you cook the peas for bait, it is advisable to soak it for at least 3-4 hours, and preferably at night. Cook in plenty of water, periodically checking readiness, as described earlier.

This is an effective type of bait on bream in July, from the boat and in still water. Only the flavors used will differ.

Bait on the basis of barley for

Feeder bait differs from the feed in the feeder on the bream by the content of a larger amount of coarse fraction. What prikormku loves bream already figured out, the recipe for the feeder is identical. But so that the driving did not quickly become blurred, and in order to attract larger specimens, whole pieces of vegetable or animal bait are added to the already prepared mixture. Especially effective is the combination of barley with worms, maggots, bloodworms. As a binder, they use pea stick or actually cooked pea flour.

Bait for fishing on the ring on the boat

Food for bream feeder do-it-yourself is similar to a clod for ringing. The content of large elements in the base is also important here. They spend the whole June, July and the first half of August, then the efficiency of this type of fishing decreases. How to make a bait? Usually breadcrumbs are taken as a basis, it is possible to use barley and millet on bream in July.

How to cook the bait on the bream correctly and what ingredients are better to use found out. The recipe for the feeder and the ring is very similar, and other methods of fishing will require slightly different feed characteristics.

Purchased bait

The modern market of products for fishing is just full of a variety of bait. There are a lot of manufacturers of this type of products, each striving to produce their own effective and inexpensive option, while the recipe can include a wide variety of ingredients.

Prikormki Dunaev in many regions are among the three leaders of choice as amateur fishermen, and experts in this business.

Bream premium is considered one of the best feed feeding options for bream. In order not to fool yourself, you can buy a ready-made dry mix of the Dunaev bait and mix it directly with the soil from the reservoir or with any porridge cooked beforehand on the shore.

Bream premium effective bait on bream, which has a black color. It works in cold and warm water, but is not suitable for ice fishing. On the river it is used not only for catching bream, other species of fish will try it with pleasure.

Bait Dunaev bream premium is made only from natural ingredients, its composition is as follows:

  • linen;
  • corn;
  • peanut;
  • hemp;
  • breadcrumbs;
  • biscuit pieces;
  • coconut.

The same bait on bream contains natural and artificial flavors, without which fishing will not succeed.

The recipe of bait for bream from other manufacturers will be different, most produce food based on confectionery waste with the addition of natural dyes and spices. Especially popular products with chocolate, cinnamon, caramel, peas. The bait on the bream during the autumn period should have a sharper smell, garlic and even krill are perfect.

The best bait for bream, made by hand at home. As it turned out, it is not difficult to prepare bait for bream, and the products for this are not expensive. After spending quite a bit of time and effort, the angler will eventually get a great option for driving to the feeder, which always works in all weather conditions. What to add to the bait also learned, so that neither the tail nor the scales!

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