Suit and boots for winter fishing

Suit and boots – perhaps the key point. I am not a seller of clothes, and therefore was not able to “feel” a hundred different products, however, picking up at the time, his suit and boots, a lot of time and effort spent on the study of this issue (err did not want).

Actually, now follow the subject, occasionally being interested in “live” reviews and impressions of friends on a particular model.

With respect to winter time (as when fishing from the ice, and shore-based) is especially important.

In principle, with a dozen modern winter suits (expensive and not) and I know somehow represent (I think) of what to expect from buying clothes and shoes for winter fishing. I hope that this material a little bit, but will help the angler to choose and buy a good and worthwhile product. Alas, proper winter wear is in serious financial costs, but they can be made rational and justified.

Suit for winter fishing

Leave behind the scenes parashyutistka pants, coat lamb fur, boots and booties from the set of chemical protection. These are the things that I for many years wore, and I must say, was still alive. I wanted to write “alive and well”, but I just remembered a few prinepriyatneyshy Angin, apparently, due to the fact that after an intense sweaty walk sat over the hole. Now the coat – the perfect haven to pray, as neither I nor insects do not regret. That’s the first (almost a key) requirement for a modern suit for winter fishing. It needs to remove moisture as quickly as possible.

The human body releases moisture almost constantly, but if it’s normal (lack of exercise), then we don’t notice. When it’s distant (and even not at all) transition with a backpack on their shoulders, sweating significantly more intense. No need to be a Professor of aerospace heat engineering, and I am in the “fishing life” to understand – evaporating moisture away from our body a huge amount of heat, with the result that we just freeze. Hardly anyone like to fish wet and cold.

Of course, the conditions of fishing, some anglers do not assume the far transitions, and sometimes even no any significant movement during fishing. In this case, the key requirement for a winter suit for fishing to conserve body heat and minimize heat leakage to the outside. Where, if not in winter, warm and important vernerova clothing. No matter how trite, but here they are “included” and another requirement – ease. After wearing three down jacket, we somehow itself will provide warmth, but if it will work with that attire though to raise a hand for cuttings? Besides breaking a sweat, all the clothes will dramatically lose their effectiveness, leaving only the weight and lack. Modern winter suit is so good that at the same time lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable and warm.

Incredibly important feature of protection from rain. In winter, this precipitation is not excluded, and in contrast to snow (even wet), the rain can quickly ruin everything, even the fish activity. I could not believe that the suit is so elegant looking, even amid the urban bustle, yet warm, breathable and waterproof. But it’s true. A lot of times already fell under freezing rain (a couple of times in the rain) and stayed dry. In fact, through the sleeve, the water is sometimes a little saturated inside up to the elbow (a miracle can not be here), and the body remained completely dry.

The requirement for winter fishing clothes, of course, there are all sorts of. Personally, I put their clothes for fishing is quite a serious challenge, therefore, expect maximum returns. To be honest, my current winter suit is not the most expensive on the market (cheap it does not turn the language to call too), and there are clothes more advanced and correct, however my requirements the product meets. What are they?

Don’t like getting in the crowd, so ready to overcome miles on any ice. Not sitting in a tent, and between the holes intensely moved. Many storm. The weather just gives me food for thought, but not scary and does not prevent fishing – my gear should protect from everything. Winter is often practiced spinning in which there is intensive walking is alternated with the long-term presence in one place. Again, wind, rain, frost I don’t have to worry. In addition, doing winter sports, I absolutely don’t have to worry about the cold or about how to not so much move between holes and not drill with a maximum speed of holes.

The membrane winter suit

Key point the modern winter suits is a membrane. This is a unique high-tech material designed to take moisture away from the inside in the form of vapor, but to prevent drops of water from the outside. Isolated membrane hydroporinae and hydrophilic. Hydroporinae represent a material with a large number of micropores, which are markedly smaller water droplets, so they do not miss, but these micropores available for steam and moisture from the body is easily removed to the outside. The same hydrophilic membrane – fabric, coated with a special coating which does not allow water inside, but it works differently.

Hydroporinae membrane is better “breathe”, so through them the moisture is given up very quickly. However, should you get dirt or even washing powder in the pores of such a membrane is dramatically losing properties, becoming almost a sweatshirt (albeit beautiful with a lot of expensive bells and whistles). By the way, the winter suit is incredibly easy to “ditch”, even if times to wash in the washing machine with regular soap. Clogged pores and breathable properties abruptly tend to zero. Practical advice: either buy a special product for the care of the membranes (usually very expensive) or you can wash your favorite costume very carefully and manually. Personally, I (and only I) traces of dirt from the suit removed with warm water and ordinary liquid soap. So my external and internal side of the garment.

Hydrophilic “breathe” less intense, but the water vapor permeability of impurities practically does not suffer. Therefore, caring for these fabrics is much easier.

With regard to membrane technology, in principle, the palm is by far holds the Gore-Tex. This unique, patented system consisting of three layers external fabric, directly membrane and inner lining. Came up with this thing Bob Gore in 1969, but to this day gorchakovskii technologies are used by many of the leading clothing manufacturers. According to experts (who, however, sellers of winter clothing), fabric Gore-Tex – the only really “breathable”. Probably so, however the cost of these winter costumes are appropriate, and, unfortunately, many not. In General, not just Gore-Tex, you can live and fish there are more budget of the membrane, ideal for a fishing garment.

Selection of winter clothing for fishing

After reading descriptions of the various costumes on the websites of online stores, it seems that the fisherman who buys the clothes, is destined for warmth and comfort, though that didn’t happen. The characteristics of breathing ability and water resistance (in “mm” measured) at times such that, in fact, under the July sun, you will not be hot, and if you, God forbid, in the water, and there will not get wet. As for keeping warm, this costume almost in space you can be – the cold is not terrible. In reality everything is different. There are characteristics of the relative, and there are those who and did not check. These marketers are great. In short, look at the numbers suggest is very critical.

Normal winter suit does not get wet in the rain. It’s true. However, if kneeling, for example, on wet ice, the membrane is pressed quietly, and feet will be wet within a minute. Straps from a backpack, most likely, will lead to the fact that in their snug suit, possible seepage of moisture. Generally, if a lot of walking with a backpack or other things dressed over the shoulder, in these places, the membrane will quickly fail.

As practice shows, the moisture instantly removes even the most expensive suit, though whatever know-how in its manufacture is not used. 5-10 minutes (and sometimes longer) probably will have to wait to come back to a comfortable dry condition, but it is certainly better than hours to remain sweaty in the jacket or sweater.

Putting your hand on your heart, even inexpensive winter fishing suit able to be warm, however, its weight may exceed any reasonable limits, approaching the same sweatshirt. There are costumes to in the rain turned into heavy armor. At the same time, there are just gorgeous and weight of the product, but they are intended for less demanding fishing conditions. In appearance, fishing suits for “small minus” (such fishing is rarely used) is not difficult to define. They are more elegant, not so voluminous in appearance, in characteristics it is written, for what air temperature they are designed. In principle, this is a good criterion for selection. The advice is simple: choose those suits that have the -20… -30 C.

In fact, it is also important to realize that the suit for fishing – only outer shell gear angler. Key, the most precious and important, but not the only one. Comfort provides the same underwear, but rather the number of layers. By the way, the effectiveness of your winter costume drastically reduced if wearing under jeans, sweater, shirt and other things very poorly absorb moisture. The latter will inevitably accumulate between the body and an unsuitable matter to membrane suit almost short.

Care of the membrane already mentioned, but add that for the quality fishing clothing and must be done accordingly. Usually care instructions to go along with the costume, but the General rules are simple. If, however, wash in machine, delicate cycle, no hot water and no spin. Ideally suit to the shower, and the flow of warm water from the faucet wash off the dirt. A special place, wipe with a sponge. But it is better in the dirt costume not to dip. As detergent use only specialized or liquid soap (but never detergents). Not twist, not squeeze. The costume hangs more or less evenly, dried at room temperature (not the battery). “Smart membrane” itself will get rid of moisture in a short time, will be surprised.

Specific firms and models fishing clothing is not specifically named, because they are replaced on the market pretty quickly, besides not in all regions and even countries represented. The best are winter suits, made in Japan and the United States. Corny, but the more expensive the suit, so it is mostly better and more reliable. Starting at$ 200, it is possible to expect that the winter fishing clothes (pants+jacket) will be correct and will delight the angler’s comfort. If, suddenly, budget purchase the unlimited (God bless everyone), it is better to choose from the most expensive – can hardly be mistaken. It is not the rod with a hundred criteria, requirements and characteristics. The pants, by the way, should be almost on the chest and suspenders. Try suit to take one size larger below and freer to move, and, if necessary, to pry another layer of thermal underwear.

Boots for winter fishing

Selection of shoes for winter fishing much easier in comparison with choosing a winter suit. Just requirements for shoes of the fisherman is not as hard and diverse. What should be the boots for winter fishing? As for me – warm, light, comfortable and waterproof. Yes, we all still want and the purchase price was the maximum affordable. Let us consider in more detail.

Boots Shoe covers and any other compound sets we consider. It is not reliable, also always want to wear comfortable, warm, beautiful, and not think that somewhere something inside slipped or the rope is untied… “Breathable” winter boots, like, exist, but in practice I such did not meet. In General, after the n-th day of fishing is better inner liner to wash – even if you have a chronic runny nose, people will notice that smell when you after fishing off my shoes in the hallway, stronger and stronger. Removable liner modern fishing boot is easy to pull out for drying or washing. Since unavoidably during fishing have to lean, Crouch, and, in General, to actively move, the shoes should be lightweight and comfortable. The comfort we have in the case of using the shoes, of course, is not to achieve, but at least possible likely.

Though no matter how dry the weather, and the ice looked, winter boots for fishing must not pass water. And this applies not only to the height of 3 cm, and much more. The best option is knee length. The height of the Shoe to move and not interfere, and protects you from any double ice formed after thaw. In addition, sometimes you need to pribresti on the ice, slightly departed from the shore (especially in the spring) or go a little into the water to perform a desired casting spinning reel. And boots should allow, if necessary, sit on your knees (with a special knee pads, of course), without wetting his feet.

Needless to say that in addition to dryness, the feet must be warm in any season, and especially in the winter. You know: if it’s cold feet, no fishing in the joy will be gone. By the way, to combine the quality of absolute protection against water and high thermal insulation is not so simple. Ordinary rubber even with a bunch of socks in the freezing cold of the little “warm”. Description of the ideal fishing boots will add a studded sole (ice, road, downhill, sometimes very slippery), the fortress of the material (do not want to cut boots on the ice in the middle of fishing) frost and resource service (some of the material in the cold krupchitsy, losing properties).

All the above (or almost all) responsible fishing boots from EVA foam. Call can be different, but in his hands they are easy to recognize – they are quite voluminous, “air”, have a relatively friendly price tag (20-40$). Modifications and manufacturers of such fishing boots weight. The bottom line is, for me, all about the same. This fisherman’s shoes both lightweight, waterproof, comfortable and very warm. No wonder almost all athletes-winter roads (world Champions and beginners) use these boots. For 5 years I used. To be honest, I see no alternative.

Boots from EVA foam material, or consist of two parts – a warm liner and directly boot. In addition to the liner in frosty weather wise to wear a warm sock. Ideally you need a helmet, but I’m perfectly okay knitted wool. Of course, choosing the size, it is worth considering the possibility of additional apparel to his feet. My fishing boots and more as much as 2 sizes.

One of the main disadvantages of boots, made of foam, is their lack of strength. Alas, the shoes can even pierce with a sharp branch, if mindlessly wander through the forest, not looking at his feet. There are cases of cuts with knives of ice screws or a successfully. Boots, of course, do not fall apart or explode, but already leaky. To seal the cut is quite problematic, though really.

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