Who is stronger: a tiger, a bear or a lion?

Children’s questions sometimes baffled even the most educated adults, and one of these is: who is stronger, tiger or bear?

Answer it uniquely difficult, because in the wild these animals rarely seen in combat, besides the outcome of the match depends on many secondary factors such as age fighters experience in battle and the condition. To say who is stronger a lion or a bear, even more difficult, because these animals never meet in the wild and live in different habitats. To get a little closer to figuring it out, you must consider every species of animal and compare their abilities.

Today the planet has 6 subspecies of tigers total number of 5000-6500 individuals. The easiest way to meet a Bengal tiger, since he alone occupies almost half the entire population.

Historical habitat living large striped cats, Asia

  • Iran;
  • The Far East;
  • China;
  • India;
  • Afghanistan.

All tigers are territorial predators, leading a solitary lifestyle and fiercely protect their hunting grounds from the encroachments of other mammals. The weight of an adult can reach 250 kg , the tiger is very agile and quick, but it is not enough for long battle or hunting. The fatigue of a predator and fear of injury lead to that animal not to act against an opponent, if he is given the opportunity.


Mostly these predators live in Africa and India and are the only feline that lives in prides. Lions are also not as tough as the tigers, so after each attack needs a long vacation. Weight of males is 20% higher than the females and reaches the same 250 kg . Cat’s main weapons are sharp claws and teeth that can be compressed to 160 atmospheres. If the lion or the tiger grabbed the victim, then escape would be almost impossible.


The main strength of the bear in his endurance and stubbornness. If he has charted for himself a sacrifice, it will haunt her a few kilometers at speeds up to 50 km/h. owners of a taiga skillful swimmers and some of the largest predators on the planet. Weight brown males can reach 200 – 250 kg despite the fact that his thick skin is very difficult to break.

Today brown bears are common:

  • in Siberia;
  • a bit in China;
  • North America.

Solitary animals and are omnivorous, which allows them not to waste time and energy on the hunt, and easy to eat vegetarian. This gives brown the advantage in the factthat, if necessary, to treat the wounds after the fight, you can safely eat the berries.

Who is stronger: a tiger and a bear

Bear and tiger will meet in nature are more likely, as the striped cats are widely distributed where and clubfoot (meaning Amur tigers), so consider them a possible fight should be first.

The main prey of striped taiga hunter are wild boars and deer, but successfully pick up a size small toed tiger was able to attack the bear. Smaller females or the cubs may be part of the diet of cats, which is not true of the larger members of the species.

Himself bear rarely attacks others, but is capable with one blow to break the spine of a cow, or moose, so consider him a bad fighter is impossible. Besides, his claws are not retractable and so much more than tigers. Striped can’t keep their claws to penetrate the thick hide and hairy bet to win will be only at the expense of his agility and sharp teeth.

If we take into account the other, larger bears, for example, white, the outcome would be obvious. The polar bear is the biggest of predators. It might weigh a ton, and the impact force exceeds the strength of any brown bear twice. The cat just will not significantly hurt the white through the thick hide, and he, in turn, with one blow can send the tiger to the light. If we consider the fight against the common tiger brown, out of 10 fights cat will win in 6, but much depends on minor circumstances.

Who is stronger: the lion and the bear

Leo physique its not much different from tiger, but when you consider that they hunt in prides, the numerical superiority of cats is clearly not on the side of the bear. If the king of beasts against the brown one, the decisive battle will be the circumstances of the meeting. Clearly, if we take into account only force, win a bear, but when you consider the skill and cunning of cats while hunting, the lion has all the chances to emerge victorious.

Because the skin of a bear impenetrable to the claws of a predatory cat, the lion will have to hit the same place several times, and that it became very tiring and may be forced to take positions.


To say exactly who will win in an unequal battle of two completely different opponents, it is impossible. Bears are very strong and hardy, and cats are nimble and smart. These qualities give them their superiority over the enemy and do the real masters of their habitats. Practical examples of such games simply do not, and people have just to speculate about the outcomes.

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