What bears eat: the diet of a predator in the forest in summer and winter

All we ever in your life met a forest predator, like a bear. Whether in the zoo or in the circus, touching we watched these wild animals performing amusing tricks. Mega is a children’s animated series “Masha and the Bear”.

In it the bear is shown as a very intelligent and educated animal that eats everything.

And what actually eat bears? Where they live how they live? Why hibernate? Then read our article and learn more details on the diet of the predator and a lot from the life of forest animals.


Brown bears live in almost all terrestrial parts:

  • In the Ukrainian Carpathians; in Central and Western Europe, too, it is possible to find traces of his residence; Asia, China, Japan – are home to this predator.
  • North America calls brown bear grizzly bear under such name there he resides.
  • In Russia the brown bear can be found in almost every forest of our country.
  • Finns are very honored these mammals, they have at Home bear is the national animal.

Brown bears United in one common view on the planet. Can only be different racial characteristics depending on the geographic distribution and are divided into several subspecies.

Diet brown predator and its way of life

All of us are well aware from childhood that bears love honey and raspberries and can’t imagine my life without these treats.

However, is it really?

Diet brown predator is very specific. He may for a month is “only weed”. And his usual thing is eating insect larvae. Likes to break the anthills in search of food.

Beloved food of this mammal include berries, wild nuts and acorns. However, you probably have the question “Why brown bear is called a predator, if he so indifferent to a vegetarian diet?” Yes, because a wild animal eats along with all sorts of herbs and berries, animal carcasses, not disdaining even too stinking carcass. If you get any case, bear will kill a pig and other forest animals.

So desirable and beloved to him is, of course, honey. In search of this delicacy, bear, not sparing himself, prowling around the forest hives, exposing his life to danger, as this delicacy is guarded by thousands of angry bees. They are not going to share a sweet dessert with the brown forest animal. So the bear will have a long time to move after such adventures in his den, after all, his hairy body covered with wounds insect bites and will not one day suffer from pain.

What eats brown bear, when berries and nuts are disappearing and coming cold season? Predators to be ingenious. For example, mammals of the Northern latitudes of Russia eat fish or gather carrion in the form of bodies of sea and river inhabitants. Caucasian forest residents are lucky, as in this part of our country berries and nuts are not translated all the year round.

Tough brown predator in Siberia. Severe frosts contribute to the devastation of the forest thickets, however, occasionally a bear will turn up on the deer or wild boar, if it be in his power. Hunting is the only way of survival of these mammals that live in the Northern latitudes.

Interesting fact! Bear, preparing for hibernation, eating up to 50 kg of meat a day!.

Usually brown in predators settle in his den for years, going on several kilometers away from it while hunting and foraging. They are very attached to their abode and protect it from foreign intervention. However, when the poor harvest and the predator is nothing to eat here Willy-nilly will have to move in order not to die from hunger. Brown bears can overcome hundreds of kilometers in search of a new, more comfortable housing.

When the going gets cold, you better get on your way not to meet this animal. The predators become angry, aggressive and easily able to devour a person. Not all bears hibernate in winter. Many of them are cranks is the bears, who have not gained enough fat to fall into a peaceful sleep, so they stagger through the woods, presenting a great danger to people. Sometimes these animals can wander onto the infield and turn up their livestock.

The rods can also go on the road and throwing towards passing vehicles. Predators do not know what to do, so commit such acts of despair. They are anticipating his demise.

Brown bearsthat survived the harsh winter months in hibernation, Wake up in the spring and for a long time can not move away from a long sleep. This condition is similar to the period of rehabilitation and recovery after illness. Soon the power returned to the predators and they begin to frolic unrestrained, enjoying the spring sun. The hunt starts with a new zeal.

And in may, when it begins to sprout succulent young grass, brown bears feel great without the meat, greedily eating vegetarian food.

In times when food stocks are only in limited quantities in bear family starts carve-up between the most powerful predators. The cubs have always provided delicious and nutritious food. Takes care of their Mama bear.

When bears can eat to satiety and in what does not deny, they are like handmade cute little animals, only much larger. These mammals love to play and fool around on the green grass. However, this behavior is typical for young animals and their offspring. Adult representatives remain calm and unhurried.

Very common fights between brown bears, especially when the mating season begins. Fight for life and death, so such matches very often end with the death of one of the predators.

Bears, dads don’t have tender feelings for their offspring and not care for their children. To their spouses, they are also cold and are not bound. Only a homemaker to raise her cubs and get them food to grow healthy and strong individuals like their father.

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