Why squirrels don’t like to walk on land

Often you can find a squirrel looking for some food on the ground, or Vice versa, hiding stocks of last year’s foliage.

But if the animal is tasked to move from point A to point B and there are several ways: on the ground and in trees, for example, the squirrel will always choose a more “high-rise” option. Even in the gardens, she prefers to quickly go through the top of the fence from tree to tree. At this moment I caught sitting on the fence post and evaluates the risk in the face of a man. In a second she will jump on to the next tree.

So, why squirrels prefer to travel above ground?

First, from the height of a better overview and a stalking predator can be seen from afar and on the ground may interfere with tall grass or uneven terrain.

Secondly on the safer: not every animal is able to skillfully climb trees, large predators squirrel can hide among the branches, and indeed, she has the advantage of speed.

Thirdly, the body of squirrels just perfectly adapted for rapid movement on the branches of trees. Somewhere she could run, somewhere even hang upside down on its hind legs, is not a barrier for her and the distance between branches several metres, it easily jumps it, landing elegantly located on the lower branch of another tree. Try and have a go.

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