Skin diseases in cats: list and main symptoms

The skin is a problematic area not only cats but any other animals. Skin disease can occur not only in domestic cat, and home. Therefore, the pet owner needs to be prepared and have the maximum information on existing diseases and their causes.

Skin diseases in cats: types and symptoms

Skin disease in cats have different origins and symptoms. Each owner at least once in life faced with the fact that the animal was sick ringworm or dermatitis. Diseases such inconvenience not only to the animal but to the owner. In addition, any inflammation on the skin of the animal dangerous to humans.

To detect disorders and be aware of how to give first aid, you need to understand that the more skin a cat. If there are any of the symptoms described in this article, consult your veterinarian.

Skin diseases in cats: ringworm

Ringworm is a dangerous skin disease in cats. To get rid of it quite difficult. The problem is that it is transmitted with great speed, thereby infects the spine, legs or the head of a cat. In addition, he is able to go to person. A fungal disease to diagnose the Microsporum is quite simple. The main task of the doctor at this point is to correctly establish the diagnosis.

The primary goal of treatment is to prevent the fungus to hit the main part of the covering of the skin. Ringworm manifests itself painful. It gives discomfort to the animal and causes discomfort. The main causative agent of the disease is a mildew-dermatomic.

The symptoms and course of the disease remain the same, despite the fact that the bacteria can progress with some differences. Ringworm is dangerous to humans and especially for a child. Not get from cats can only birds and dogs. If your cats ringworm is detected, it is recommended urgently to drink a preventive treatment for all family members.

Skin diseases cats: miliary dermatitis

This disease can irritate the skin with particular strength. The disease can be parasitic, bacterial or food environment. Regardless, what was the source of the disease, the disease can manifest itself strongly and give a lot of reasons for the experience.

Symptoms manifestations of the disease should include:

  • skin rash (sores, itching);
  • the deterioration in the mood of the cat;
  • deterioration of health;
  • decrease in immunity.

From this disease it is impossible to insure the animal. Wrong diet or free range animal raspostraneny are some of the causes of the disease. Irritation can trigger insects, for example, the bites of ticks or fleas. In this case, the allergen is saliva acts which it is difficult to move animals.

Skin diseases in cats: Allergy

Allergies in cats can be attributed to the dermatitis, but the accompanying symptoms were a little different. The body can react to items or objects. It should be notedthat Allergy in cats may occur on a detergent for floor or new perfume of the owner.

Allergy symptoms can be.

  • Household. In that case, if the Allergy is manifested in certain household items.
  • Food. In this variant, should identify the allergen and prevents it from the diet. The street contains a lot of dangerous allergens that can affect her health.
Skin diseases in cats: bedsores

Bedsores can occur in older animals or those that have been in the case of trauma. Bedsores is a place of skin, which dies due to the lack of activity of the animal. The skin nagnaivajutsja and eventually dies.

Bedsores can be not only in animals but also in humans. It should be noted that it is not necessary to prevent settling-down of the animal on one of the sides, or ulcers, you can not avoid.

Skin diseases in cats: eczema

Eczema is the disease factors, which is pretty hard to predict.

If there is a disease process of inflammation occurs on the skin.

  1. It can occur as a result of contamination of a certain area of the skin.
  2. Either at the time of the bite or parasites during infection of skin by bacteria.
  3. From irregular wear of the collar or synthetic clothing that is designed for cats.
  4. Eczema may manifest in the case of existing disorders.

If your cat was discovered eczema, then be prepared for the fact that cats as a result of this can cause problems with the nervous system, stomach, liver or kidney.

Skin diseases in cats: mange and demodicosis

Scabies in our time is rare. It occurs due to lesions of the skin by tick bites. These mites live on the body of any animal. But in some cases they can destroy the skin and through its epithelium.

Scabies develops quickly enough in that case, if the animal has a lack of vitamins and reduced immune system. It should be noted that scabies is contagious and quickly infests the rest of the animals. If your cat has been diagnosed with scabies, you should immediately move other animals to overexposure, otherwise infected, you will not be able to avoid.

Demodicosis is one of the worst diseases leading to death. Most likely to get sick from animals that are free range. It is worth noting that the disease is caused by a tick bite. A cat cannot resist insect. The symptoms include redness and itching.

Skin disease cats: acne and alopecia

Acne is a result of improper care and maintenance of the animal. In some cases, may occur if the pet has experienced stress or some other emotional distress. Acne transformirovalsya in painful ulcers and sores. Quite often, may overgrow in an inflammatory process.

Baldness in cats may occur not only due to age. In some cases, it is observed that baldness can be inherited. And also quite common in some cat breeds, such as: Mexicana, Devon Rex and Siamese breeds. In the case of a genetic nature, we can see the first symptoms after birth. Usually by the second week of life the kittens falls down. The treatment of genetic form of the disease not amenable.

The acquired form of hair loss can have the following origin:

  1. Allergic reaction to some form of drugs or food.
  2. Exposure to infections or parasites.
  3. Hormonal disturbance cat. As a consequence, thyroid disease, disorders of adrenal function, or diabetes mellitus.
  4. Hypovitaminosis.
  5. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Any skin disease cats is a threat for animal and for man. The ability of the disease to progress leads to active replication of the virus. Tested animal suffering. The cat may lose appetite, healthy sleep and stop to chat with the owners. If you found the body of the animal any manifestations of irritation, you need to address urgently to the doctor. Do not forget that not every disease is safe for humans. Many of the fungi and infection can infect anyone who gets near.

Causes of skin diseases in cats

Reasons why animal suffering can be detected everywhere. The cat belongs to animals that have the vulnerability and sensitivity. Unlike birds or dogs, they are more susceptible to multiple viruses and diseases. Many owners do not know how to protect your pet from many consequences as a result of infection. In order to prevent any type of skin diseases in the cat, you can try to prevent this.

The main causes of skin diseases include.

  1. A wrong diet.
  2. Bad ecology.
  3. Hormonal disturbance.
  4. Bad heredity.
  5. Sedentary lifestyle and excess weight.
  6. The lack of treatment from parasites.
  7. Failure to comply with immunization schedule.
Skin diseases in cats: diagnosis

If you find any of the above symptoms are raspostraneny diseases in cats. You need to know what to do in case of this.

First, take the animal for a visit to the doctor. The vet needs to draw a conclusion, what made the disease and the likelihood of its further development.

Second, to provide comprehensive information about the development of the disease and the condition of the cat in General.

Third, commissioning tests and laboratory tests.

How to treat cats?

Depending on the individual case and the degree of contamination of the skin of the veterinary doctor prescribes the right treatment. With scabies or microsporia cat isolated from healthy animals. Keep the cat locked is not recommended. If the house has other animals, they must be placed on maintenance until the animal is kept.

The cat needs to be treated with the drugs that the physician prescribes. Any vaccine will help to kill the virus completely from the inside. To treat skin diseases of cats is not recommended. Thus, it is possible to harm the animal.

And it is necessary to observe the correct way of life and stick to the animal diet at the time of treatment. To restore the immune system of the pet is necessary vitamins, which will prescribe the doctor. It is worth noting that, following all the necessary procedures of treatment, positive dynamics of recovery.

To save the life of pet is very simple; it is to observe preventive measures. Be sure proper care and maintenance of animals minimizes the risk of Contracting skin diseases.

Basic prevention measures should include:

  1. Regular cleaning in the house. Disinfection of the tray and the bowls of your pet.
  2. Compliance with immunization schedule. Treatment of the animal from parasites. This is the basic point of preventive measures to avoid skin problems.
  3. Proper nutrition guarantees the avoidance of allergic reactions. The presence of vitamins in the diet will strengthen the immune system, which is certainly important. Correct, complete and balanced nutrition will help to function all organs and systems.

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