What should be the name of four-legged friend

The task of inventing nicknames for the animal is not as simple as it may seem, especially if we are talking about pet.

It is recommended to give a concise name, of course, given the sex of the animal. Perhaps a human name, perhaps rarely seen.

Where to get idea?

Before you can assign a nickname to the cat, for example, find out what features of her appearance.

The solution could suggest:

  • the color and length of hair;
  • dimensions;
  • the expression;
  • the shape of the head;
  • other.

Link the name of the animal with some characteristic.

Assistance in assigning nicknames to the animal can have any movies or cartoon strip. Also remember books they have read, gleaned from computer games, comics, etc.

To come up with names for animals will also help the story. Your beloved kitty can be a nickname Cleopatra, for example. Agree, solid, even with a certain pathos.

The importance of correct choice of name

The animal nickname is the same as ours. The names of the animals are able to exert influence on the formation of their characters, and therefore on behaviour.

Soft nicknames, a composition which contains the sound [L], [M] and [N], form the animal’s docile nature, however, make them lazy.


  • Sonya;
  • Emma;
  • Lola;
  • Vicki;
  • Yuna;
  • Alex;
  • Nick;
  • Volume;
  • Willie;
  • Lemmon;
  • Philemon.

Hard nicknames have the sounds [ B], [D] and [R]. The animal with the same name is active, the hard, perhaps aggressive.

Examples of the following:

  • Karabas;
  • Jack;
  • Boris;
  • REM;
  • Ralph;
  • March;
  • Gerda.

Animal name ending in “iy” (Athanasius, Boniface, Horace) is an important and imposing.

Do not forget about practicality

If you are puzzled over what nickname to assign to the animal and not be named first came to mind the name, it means that four-legged friend you care and you want to make contact with him. Chickens “desperately” nicknames usually not given, but the hens, who each year raise a lot of chickens, often assign names.

Inventing a nickname, don’t forget about yourself. Not only that, she needs to approach an animal, you should be easy to pronounce. It is recommended to give the nickname of one or two syllables, though it is better if it has the hissing or whistling sounds (most animals react to them perfectly).

Since the most common Pets are dogs and cats, they can tell you more.

Name for a dog

Among the many cares which stood before the people who bought a puppy, one of the major challenges is the selection of nicknames for the new member of the family. This creative process has no clear rules. You can unleash the imagination. If we are talking about a female, it is recommended to give her a nice gentle nickname. The male will approach something more manly, presentable.

The last dogs increasingly assign human names. It is recommended to get acquainted with the interpretation of the values, and to take what is in harmony with the name of the owner.

To choose a nickname will help the nature of the puppy. The hint gives the size, for example, a male Yorkshire Terrier often called Baby. Original owners can call Alabai, imagine the scene.

Color, size, breed and other characteristics are secondary. The first thing nickname should be concise and clear. So comfortable and the owner and the dog.

Dog handlers do not advise to call the dog, using the diminutive form. It is not recommended to experiment with the names, if the puppy does not always responds to the assigned nickname. Options, in tune with the teams is also better to postpone.

The names of the cats

For new pet owners choosing a name for him sometimes becomes a real challenge. The guide?

Anytime you can give a nickname or fantasy should be limited to the standard options?

  • For cats, you can choose a variety of nicknames – the usual outlandish or overseas, so to speak. Maybe even something fictional.
  • Usually, the choice of nicknames is severely affected breed. Than she is exotic, the nickname fluffy animal original. But we should not forget about euphony. You should be nice and easy to pronounce nickname of a pet.
  • Sometimes until the last moment nobody knows who will appear in the house – a girl or a boy. In this situation, the nickname will not pick up. So, time to choose – a little. There is a perception that cats respond better to names with the hissing consonants. But I said, cats are perfectly perceive all the sounds, but the hissing just may be associated with the negative, and therefore they react to them sharply.

Familiarize yourself with the list of names provided above. Maybe you will immediately see a nickname that, in your opinion, best suit your household pet, and not have to waste time and nerves on the invention of the bun. If you are partial to such things as energy work, find out whether your pet names in this regard.

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