CZ 512.22 LR, rifled gun

Modern and easy to use rifles of tiny caliber verified themselves as a training alternative. And also amongst the numerous options that are offered on the marketplace today, the Rifle CZ 512.22 LR is one of one of the most preferred due to the mix of the most important for this sort of tool qualities.

Compact and yet have adequate power shots, the Rifle CZ 512.22 LR will certainly fit as currently having the abilities on the arrowhead, and also is just starting to find out the complexities of the capturing.

Hassle-free layout allows the most comfy positioning of the rifle in the hand, eliminating the possibility of injuring on your own or others. The possibility of making use of relatively inexpensive ammo also contributes to the advantages of this model: utilize it to exercise shooting with no economic price.

Summary of the rifle CZ 512.22 LR

The rifle CZ 512.22 LR is among the most successful designs of the Czech producer, and although the approach of making use of it is not extremely complicated, as is recognized, the use of reliable techniques makes certain the greatest reliability of such weapons. The design, defined by clients as, reputable as well as hassle-free in operation: the little dimension guarantees reduced weight, which allows not to tire the hand also when striving a long time.

An essential advantage of the design is the possibility of installing it on an optical view, which is numerous times boosts the enjoyment of process of training on precision.

Normally, small-bore versions of the carbines made use of just for target method, and also model the Rifle CZ 512.22 LR is well matched for capturing throughout target technique. The accuracy of fire from his high, which can also be considered an advantage of the version.

Disadvantages as well as advantages

The most essential benefits of the Rifle CZ 512.22 LR must consist of the following characteristics:

  • compact size that provides the best ease when capturing, specifically for a long period of time;
  • a little mass, which allows you to learn marksmanship people with any kind of physical training;
  • the opportunity of mounting an optical view;
  • the simpleness of procedure of the shutter;
  • the opportunity of quick and top quality cleansing of the whole system with Coppola;
  • the possibility of using cheap cartridges that also boosts the worth of this model as a training weapon;
  • the carbine barrel has an oxide finishing that protects it from the dangerous results of smoke, temperature level and environmental problems;
  • for this version additionally fit the cartridges and other manufacturers;
  • the reasonably inexpensive.

Possessing a huge quantity of positive characteristics, the Rifle CZ 512.22 LR have actually turned into one of one of the most popular choices for training weapons, which incorporates all the specifications of top quality of contemporary weapons and also excellent opportunities for training precision.

The disadvantages of the model, according to some proprietors, can be credited to the absence of rifle CZ 512.22 LR notches on the butt that at high humidity the hands or the air can create slippage of the arms. And this adversely influences the accuracy of the shot.

The rifle CZ 512.22 LR Tactical

Purpose The rifle CZ 512.22 LR is utilized in the training process when you need target method. In target shooting, as an enjoyable Rifle CZ 512.22 LR has shown

popular amongst the very same options of tools of tiny caliber. According to the comment from the producer, the Rifle CZ 512.22 LR is also appropriate for sport capturing as well as searching. Ranges Today available for sale is a variety of the designs constructed from wood that has a lighter weight. Not to be confused with the rifle CZ 512.22 LR as well as the CZ model 512 ZKM and CZ 512 WMR, which is likewise great.

Next off, we think about the features of the rifle CZ 512.22 LR.


Since technological parameters significantly establish the quality of capturing from this small-caliber rifle, their evaluation will allow to examine how the design’s capacities and its advantages in contrast with guns from other manufacturers. The adhering to table provides data on the technical abilities of the rifle that are considered fundamental when using it as a sporting and also searching models.

Specs The rifle CZ 512.22 LR
Country of origin Czech Republic
Sight Semi-automatic carbine
Sort of caliber .22 LR
The total length of the body 1 000 mm
The size of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the design 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
Sight of the trunk Cold creating, has an oxide finish

The eye-catching appearance of the real estate of the carbine because of using birch in its production: top notch timber, specially dealt with, preserves its top quality for a long period of time.

Treatment of the wood makes certain the absence of unfavorable impact of external variables, such as the adjustment of the ambient temperature, the opportunity of ingress of dust as well as humidity variants.


The simpleness of the design of the rifle establishes the simplicity of its procedure. A real estate made from wood, has an ergonomic form that makes sure comfort when using it. And incorporated with a compact dimension weapon is optimal for use by males as well as for usage by women and teenagers.

The carbine barrel is optimal for sporting activities and training of fire size 524 mm. Contain 2 halves. The top component includes a light alloy, that makes the weapon itself is not too hefty, and also all-time low is plastic which has high resistance to any kind of mechanical influences.

On the barrel is simply install a telescopic sight, which greatly enhances the pleasure of capturing. View you can choose any kind of supplier. As noted by numerous buyers and proprietors is exceptional as well as the course trigger: optimum level of smoothness, the possibility of sluggish activity make the most precise shot.

Packing and also choosing

Carbine of the model offered for sale in cardboard packaging, which has actually the needed details on the name of the product and the maker. The directions enables you to comprehend the nuances of the procedure of the rifle.

The principle of procedure

Making use of the rifle design CZ 512.22 LR is easy: when inserting cartridges in 5 units then select the target making use of the lower arm or optical view and pull the trigger. Positioning the carabiner needs to be close to the arm shoulder, the reverse of making the shot.

Numerous kept in mind the benefit of this design, as well as the absence of substantial recoil permits you to use the carbine, even for novice gun enthusiasts.


The procedure of disassembly of the rifle is also basic; this maker has achieved the simpleness of its design. Disassembly might be called for when cleansing the tool, as well as additionally for upgrading or repaired. The barrel of the rifle with the screws connected the adhering to names:

  • column;
  • fly;
  • pass away.

To pass away can likewise be affixed by means of a screw handguard for an extra precise shot.

The visibility of holstengate raises the degree of use of the rifle. The simpleness of his device is additionally crucial for novices in capturing.

Cleansing of weapons is executed making use of a typical cleaning pole. It is recommended to clean up the weapon at the very least as soon as throughout the year usage in regular weather problems, and also after each use and when dipping to stop the formation of corrosion on the steel barrel.


This type of little quality rifle can be improved by mounting an optical sight on the barrel. This allows for higher accuracy each shot. It is also feasible to set up a bipod, and also the maker consider the opportunity of this: there is a special notch for this installation.

According to a lot of customers, the Rifle CZ 512.22 LR does not need significant alterations and also tuning: the quality of his capturing, as well as simplicity of usage is high sufficient.

Testimonial of the rate of the rifle (carbine) CZ 512.22 LR is offered listed below.

The product cost

The worth indication version has also its advantages: the cost can vary from 41 to 44 620 520 rubles. Next, we think about the point of views of owners of the rifle CZ 512.22 LR.

Owner assesses
  • In the opinion of most of owners, the Rifle CZ 512.22 LR is ideal for newbies: its small as well as compact size adding to light weight, no recoil when shooting as well as a good striking capacity will certainly aid to create precision when shooting at targets. Given that this design is suitable for shooting sporting activities, shotgun is excellent to use and in the acquisition of initial skills.
  • And the opportunity of using rifles in searching enhances the opportunities for its application.
  • Positive evaluations received and also the appearance of a carabiner: excellent quality wood (birch), resistant to mechanical stress and anxiety as well as adverse impact of the setting for a long period of time keeps an appealing look and also weapons. The optimum length of the barrel gives the ability to quickly clean it from the gathered fumes and also dust in the process of capturing.
  • As one of the examples of modern small-bore rifles, Rifle CZ 512.22 LR can be considered one of one of the most prominent.

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