M3 Nikon Monarch 4-16 × 42 grid brightened mildot rifle scope optical

To assist in the intro of amendments in area problems, Nikon has integrated a system spring device popravak reset to «« 0 » in all scopes MONARCH 3. To reset to zero enough to draw the cap of the drum for the intro

of changes and set to zero. All these views features magnificent quality scopes Monarch series, high precision as well as beautiful picture. All sights are made from a single piece of airplane grade aluminum alloy and also long-life resilience, reliability and the highest stability in all problems. Light transmittance not less than 95%, perfect image high quality throughout the field of vision, outstanding clearness

and also contrast. The side balanced out of the parallax assists to boost the capturing accuracy at different ranges. Sotoserena completely secured design that gets rid of misting during sudden temperature

decrease and the infiltration into wetness and also dirt. Weight( g)540 The discovery grid Duplex/illuminatedmildot/BDC The outer lens diameter as well as 49.3 mm The outside size of the eyepiece 44mm Exit student 2.6 mm Instance size 25.4 mm(1 inch)Length 344мм Body size(a)59mm

  • The size of the
  • bayonet(b)34mm The length of the install(c )54mm Max inner
  • modification 40 arcmin.min. Parallax setup(m)45.72 per from to endless. Field of
  • view at 100 m distance(m)of 8.4 and also 2.1 Field of view at
  • a distance of 100
  • yards (feet )of 25.2 to
  • 6.3 Real field of vision of 4.8 and 1.2 The removal of leave pupil, mm
  • 101,6-94 The real boost 4-16 Situation color
  • matte Setup action 1 click: 1/4 Goal lens efficient diameter 42mm

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