Marlin X7 rifle, smoothbore tool

Carbine Marlin X7 (bro Marlin XT 22) belongs to the family members budget rifle. However, his capturing performance and comfort designs are fairly good. It is feasible to with confidence hit targets at distances as much as 300 meters. It is basic, reputable as well as plain to the conditions.

Summary carbine Marlin X7

Traditional screw rifle. Anything extra: cantilever bolt, box and also barrel. In the American style in the last few years she has entirely no exterior views, there is only a Picatinny rail for placing optics.

Advantages and also disadvantages
  • The rifle fires, and he is succeeding– the value of the MOA does not prolong past two units. In 2009, he was worth some $ 330– concerning 11 thousand rubles at the currency exchange rate of the Central Bank. Sorry, no more offered, the license acquired by Remington as well as made use of for design 783.
  • The screw with longitudinal flutes, whereby get in touch with location to the receiver is reduced. So the program of the locking device smooth and also silent. It is insensitive to any kind of sorts of contamination.
  • On the trigger the lever-lock, without pushing which release the shooting mechanism and shoot impossible. The circuit box has 2 settings, so to utilize it merely. Nevertheless, it does not forgive oversight. To deactivate the lever it is necessary to copulate back to the end and also monitor the situation. Or else unchecked shot.
  • To readjust the force on the trigger just after removal of the receiver box.
  • The store developed, he does not also have covers, so to totally discharge the weapon can only by duplicated distortion of the gate. Charging the carbine solely from the top, the receiver is open, while searching it can obtain anything.

Despite the simplicity of the style, the carabiner can not be considered expeditionary tools. And all due to the fact that he does not have a standard back view and also front sight. If you do not have one diopter, there is a risk to stay with a weapon that can not aim.

  • Bed plastic, it is not so a pity to scrape, it does not swell in water and also does not warp near the outdoor camping hearth. At the very same time, the hollow butt successfully plays the role of the drum. Not to uncover himself on the search, it is advisable to fill it with something.
  • The design of the carbine budget, so to soak up effect utilized just a metal coupler threaded, which are screwed screws fasteners. Strong steel tires made use of in more advanced models, the Marlin X7 no.

Popular carbine Marlin X7

Purpose The carabiner is used for all types of hunting– running, driven, with high seats as well as saidok, as well when it comes to target capturing. Selections Generated carbine Marlin

  • two kinds: with a design index XS for calibers.243 and.308 Win, and 7mm-08 Rem;
  • with a version index XL— for qualities.270 Win, 25-06 Rem, 30-06 Sprg.

Bed black or camouflage colors.

Marlin XS Marlin XL
Kind Duplicating rifle with a bolt breech
Scales .243,.308 Win, 7mm-08 Rem .270 Win, 25-06 Rem, 30-06 Sprg
Trunk Console
Barrel length (mm) 559 610
The gunning 6 keystone, ideal turning
Step rifling 1:12 1:10
Store 4 +1 4 +1
Overall length (mm) 1067 1078
Weight (kg) 2,9 3,3

Duplicating rifle with a longitudinally sliding rotating shutter.

  • The trunk of a cantilever, built of steel. 6 trapezoidal grooves right rotation, muzzle chamfer in the type of a superficial channel (crown). The connection to the receiver through notched securing of the locknut. The axle of the damping influence with a ring through which the threaded breech.
  • Receiver is a round form, steel, open. On the top face of the pinned split Picatinny rail for installing optical views. On the best side, in the center of the chamber, is made a through hole for emergency removal of powder gases at the void sleeve.
  • Shutter with removable cylinders having both lugs and also the lip to cover the stems of the sleeve. The reflector is placed on the mirror, tooth extractor under among the lugs. The screw with longitudinal grooves. Screw take care of has the form of a flattened sphere with a small notch on the airplane.
  • Trigger system with double lock– fuse that holds the sear, as well as a bar on the trigger without pressing on which he will certainly hold one’s ground. Box lever fuse is located on the appropriate side of the back plate of the receiver. He had 2 positions: right onward– Fire; to quit back– Stop.
  • During the platoon drummer to his shank is shown from the real estate. For convenience of reading, it is painted in red.
  • On the left side of package, the back plate receiver is a lock lever used when getting rid of the screw.
  • Bed from impact-resistant plastic with a rough non-slip covering. The sidewalls of the manage employed ribbed for safe and secure grasp, and the end attached a medallion with the letter M (Marlin).
  • The buttstock with a straight comb and also a cushioned butt pad. On the left of the plane does the supposed Bavarian cheek– step that assists in intending when shooting offhand.
  • Handguard enormous, wedge-shaped and also straight lower aircraft, promoting the capturing quits and also the installation of a bipod. Swivels for the sling are an indispensable part of the Lodge.
  • To soak up effect and also vibration in the installing areas of the Lodge function a metal threaded sleeve, a so– called column bed linens.
Picking and packing

Comes in a cardboard box. Shutter shot remains in a different box placed within. Supplied with a lock to lock the shutter. User’s manual, certificate, service warranty card.

The principle of operation

The carabiner is billed solely from the top, with the home window of the receiver. Before that, the tool is put on the fuse, then bolt take care of is elevated as well as the stem is returned till it stops. Ammunition should be piled so that the bottom of the casings later were somewhat in advance of the previous flange. If there is a demand to bill an added cartridge, feed the ammo into the chamber with your finger, and after that anchored laid earlier in the shop so that the shutter cylinder passed over them.

Platoon projectile takes place when closing the take care of. This is shown by the shank of the striker, which is painted in red. He watches out of the valve body by a couple of millimeters. If you wish to deactivate the weapon prior to prolonged storage space or throughout changes, lift the bolt manage, and then, maintaining the stem back, reduced it down. Removal from battle platoon automatically.

The box of the fuse when switched off, it should be plainly repaired in the rearmost placement. In the interim the lower arm continues to be mobile, so there may be a spontaneous shot.

  1. Release the tool numerous times shivering shutter.
  2. Open the breech, draw the stalk back.
  3. Click on the lever located on the left, the back plate of the receiver.
  4. The result entrance of the receiver.
  5. Hold the tooth of a drummer paddle in a vise and also draw the stalk onward.
  6. In the threat, which appears on the shank of the shooting pin, put a level metal things– a coin or a screwdriver.
  7. Rotate the bolt counterclockwise while holding the handle.
  8. Remove the impactor from the shell.

For force modification on the trigger is necessary to eliminate the box.

  1. Eliminate three screws: 2 on either side of the trigger guard as well as one on the handguard, before the shelter store.
  2. Separate the receiver Assembly from the trigger Assembly and also barrel from the stock.
  3. The adjustment screw lies on the appropriate side of the situation launch system.

The noise of the hollow supply is liquidated its gasket any kind of synthetic product. As an example, scraps of a heating unit of type «« warmth insulation product is laid»».

Price and also proprietor reviews for Marlin X7 rifle (Marlin X7) the following.


The price occurring now on sale rifles Marlin X7 does not exceed 35 thousand rubles. By the way, the money will certainly cost you as well as models such as VPO-208, boar hunter, saiga MK, Vepr 1V, boar JUICE-95, HPE 136, etc.

  • The rifle has a great capturing high qualities. The worth of the MOA does not go beyond 2 systems.
  • Advised installing optics on the high braces, otherwise the loading and extraction of cartridges can be difficult.
  • Returns the typical power, it is well kompensiruet substantial shock-absorbing butt plate.
  • The weapon is small and also relatively light, it is possible to spend all day on sea search.

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