Remington 770 rifle

In the United States there is the cult of the weapon. It is a major disincentive to create versions, quite budget friendly Has excellent little features, reputable and also difficulty cost-free in procedure. In 2006, the business began producing the Remington model 770, which is an enhanced variation 710.

It is so cheap– the beginning cost of the supplier less than $ 500 that numerous Russian hunters, the routine of considering that cheap can just be «« excellent » causes denial. In terms of accuracy and array fight Remington 770 is not worse than the weapons of the elite class, standing wonderfully pricey.

Summary of the rifle the Remington 770

A repeating rifle with a bolt lock.

Bed plastic, butt kind «« Monte»Carlo ». The shock-absorbing recoil pad, repaired. Everything seems trivial and boring.

Its layout is significantly transformed compared to the Remington model 700– forefathers collection bolt rifles.

  • It is worth keeping in mind that designers have actually abandoned the shutter Mauser 98 with two lugs as well as used the larva with three. Because of this turning of the handle when opening is restricted to sixty degrees, which increases the rate of fire as well as securing the barrel became a lot more reputable.
  • The 2nd receiver was closed, leaving a window for extraction cartridges, which inhabits not more than 1/6 of its surface.

In the manufacture of trunks technique of durnovaria frequently utilized in high-end showing off rifles.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Quality barrel, made by innovation of durnovaria rifling. There are muzzle chamfer in the type of a conelike recess of the crown, which enhances the accuracy of the battle.
  • Secured receiver, which can not reach the dust that is typically on the hunt.
  • Three lugs on the screw, which permits faster reloading of the tool (the angle of turning of the deal with 600 vs ninety old versions), as well as also makes the securing of the barrel is more reliable.
  • Teflon bushing on the back plate of the receiver and also the grooves for quits shutter on its inner surface area, so that the shutter relocates efficiently, do not warp and also doesn’t rattle.
  • Detachable box magazine to streamline filling the weapon. His latch is removed from the trigger guard forward, the lower arm. If she were bigger, it would be absolutely fantastic. The shop is made from polyamide, that is not all hunters rate.
  • Developers refused to place a button to unlock the shutter inside the trigger guard and set it to the left of the back plate of the receiver. This is more convenient.
  • The rifle features a mounted strap weaver and adjustable rear sight Bushnell 3-9х40.
  • A large range of qualities, from.243 Win as much as a small-caliber Magnums.
  • The functional designs of the lodges is very good. Established fluting on the shank and the manage pillow «« Monte Carlo shock-absorbing recoil pad make it comfortable as well as prekladatel. At the exact same time, it needs to be noted that it is not outfitted with an integrated steel bus, made a groove for the stop of the recoil on the breech. Steady results of the shot as sporting rifles, is unlikely to be achieved. Furthermore, the barrel though is positioned as a console, in fact it fits snugly to the lower arm. It additionally influences the precision of the battle as well as its predictability.
  • There is no set of outside views, and also capturing from a short range away with a vibrant framework as well as driven searching optical view provided is not very suitable.
  • The trigger lock just obstructs the sear. The shooting pin remains cocked, so the gun is possibly hazardous anyhow. Additionally, when the center placement of the fuse box sear is not blocked, for that reason the arrow should be accurate in managing them.
  • Rifle heavy– 3.8 kg.

This is a security system that allows you to shut down the tool and prevent its unauthorized use.Carabine Remington 770.243 Win with extent Purpose This hunting tools, allowing to contend ranges up to 400 meters. As a result of the absence of outside discovery tools application on drive and driven pursues are restricted. A lot more adjusted for shooting from ambushes and also with various kinds of assistances, consisting of bipod.


The rifle is readily available with a barrel size 559 mm, yet in the personification of Youth, placed as a tool for the young and beginners. She has a barrel length of 508 mm, and also the range is limited to one caliber.243 Win.

The firm additionally has a version Satinless Camo (barrel, stainless steel, Lodge camouflage colors) caliber 30-06 Sprg.

Remington 770 Remington 770 Youth
Kind Duplicating rifle with a longitudinally moving gate
Caliber .243 Win,.270 Win,.308 Win.30-06 Sprg, 7mm Rem Mag,.300 Win Mag, 7mm-08 Rem .243 Win
Barrel length (mm) 559 508
The pitch of string (inches) 10
Store Box, detachable, constructed from polyamide
Ability 4 + 1
Bed Polupoltina, plastic
Total size (mm) 1080 1003
Weight unloaded (kg) 3,86 3,74
  • A repeating rifle with a longitudinally moving entrance. The barrel is of chrome-molybdenum steel, blued. The gunning obtained by donovania. On muzzle chamfer funnel-shaped recess (crown).
  • Receiver is a round shape, with grooves under the tabs larvae shutter on the internal surface area. It is closed, there is just a home window for the ejection of covering casings. Link with the barrel friction, all-in-one.
  • A bolt with three lugs, the larva entirely covers all-time low of the lining and also enters the breech.
  • The back plate receiver constructed clutch made from PTFE, sealing packaging group.
  • Launch button shutter is located at the back plate receiver left wing (old versions under it, inside the trigger guard).
  • The trigger device is unregulated, without any still caution. The circuit box gets on the ideal side of the receiver, with the shutter lever. He had 2 positions: all the way forward– « the Fire» » as far «back»«
  • Stop ». Store package, double row of polyamide. Switch lock located ahead of the shelter, in between it and the forend.
  • The outer sighting tools are not available. Supplied strap weaver and the back view Bushnell 3-9х40 on different brackets of tool height.
  • Bed polupoltina, plastic. Recoil payment is only the groove under the emphasis on the breech. Butt with a cushion «« Monte Carlo»». The shock-absorbing recoil pad, dealt with.
Packing as well as selecting

The rifle comes in a cardboard box with foam absorber. The shutter is eliminated, positioned independently.

Supplied riflescope Bushnell 3-9х40 with placing brackets, strap store, handbook as well as weaver.

The principle of operation
  • When packing weapons need to relocate the fuse box back to the quit (the «« Stop» » setting). Removed the store, which pressed the lever-latch situated in front of him on the forearm. The cartridges are piled in two rows (surprised).
  • When you require to bill the 5th cartridge, the breech screw handle is elevated, it is returned, and then leans ahead. The larva feeds a cartridge right into the chamber as well as included in it in addition to the Donets sleeve. Lugs engage the lugs of the receiver when you rotate the deal with down as well as secure the barrel. After that, clear the store, add an additional cartridge and also placed him in his location.
  • The army drummer is on the last millimeters of the bolt traveling ahead and lowering the manage. After filing in a cartridge chamber of the rifle prepared to fire. Don’t depend on the fuse, do not press the trigger, maintain your fingers away from the trigger guard.
  • Eliminating the cartridge from the chamber securely since when raising the manage up and the retraction of the screw back there is an automated withdrawal of the drummer with cocking.
  1. To place tools on the fuse (package is much back), fetch, store, open up the shutter and also move it back.
  2. Click on the switch on the left side of the back plate of the receiver, remove the shutter Assembly.
  3. Loosen the 3 screws: one on top of the shank of the trigger as well as 2 at the bottom near the lock of the receptacle shop and a little further to the muzzle slice.
  4. To divide the box from the receiver with the barrel and trigger mechanism.
  5. To knock out the front pin holding the trigger device to the receiver, get rid of the sear and its spring.
  6. Knock senseless the back pin of the trigger device.
  7. Pull and eliminate along with PTFE bushing the trigger mechanism from the receiver.

On the rifle you can change the trigger as well as supply.

The cost and the reviews on the Remington 770 rifle.243, 308 Win, etc are provided listed below.

  • Rifle quality.243 Win is 33 thousand rubles.
  • For konobougou REMINGTON 770 30-06 caliber asking about fifty.
  • On the main site of the manufacturer introduced the beginning price 452 $.
  • Carabine REMINGTON 770 SYNTHETIC feces. 308 WIN with BUSHNELL range 3-9Х40, barrel 22″ ″ has an ordinary cost of 50 Tr

Those who in fact held the Remington 770 in my hands and flashed of it, remain in a state of moderate amazement. The factor of obtaining piled in a circle, not greater than 1.5 MOA (4 cm), also when using really pricey cartridges.

You can with confidence hit targets at ranges up to 300 meters. The tool is dependable and also unpretentious in procedure.

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