TOZ-120, shotgun, rifle, smoothbore weapon

TOZ-120– searching and showing off variation of the well-known TOZ-34.

In the area of sporting activities tools for the Russian market is represented just high end, but costly rifle TsKIB COO, along with imported models which cost readily available also will certainly not name.

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Strictly talking, TOZ-120 developed on the basis of TOZ-91, not the TOZ-34. Appeared rifle in 2000, the development of the version involved the designer E. G. Starukhin: protecting the benefits of the previous variation, he was able to remove its drawbacks.

Regardless of the sport ««» belong » TOZ-120 is actively utilized for industrial and Amateur searching. As various other small-bore rifle Tula arms manufacturing facility TOZ-120 is characterized by integrity as well as long solution life. From the fundamental variation of TOZ-120 acquired locking system and receiver group, which is understandable: their original layout was verified.

The primary architectural difference in between the guns is the framework of the trigger.

Advantages as well as drawbacks

TOZ-120– classic «« vertikalka », that is, a rifle with a vertical arrangement of barrels for a 12 gauge. It is generated in numerous modifications, including in the boxed version. The last is not only a stunning design, yet another type of stem. The base version is usually performed with the narrowing of the barrel, and the item can be done with 1 or 2 cylindrical networks.

The advantages of the TOZ-120 has the adhering to.

  • Precision– this parameter is to some extent dependent on the tightenings of the trunk and run the shotgun. If you minimize the muzzle decline from 1.25% to 0% precision improving from 65 to 35. Data are given for shooting at a distance of 35 m, fractional projectile. Indicators sporting activities models below are 50 of the very best outcome.
  • The weight of the rifle is very little: the heaviest design considers 3,7 kg.
  • To make use of a weapon can be at temperature levels from -30 to +30 in any kind of all-natural location with the exception of exotic.
  • The greatest alteration in contrast with the TOZ-91 went through the firing system. In a standard shotgun to fire both barrels, you need to take rely on click on 2 of the trigger. In TOZ-120 single trigger, a selector which offers the series of shots. This choice is a lot easier. The switching sequence is required when you relocate the bar, placed on the neck butt.
  • The opportunity to choose a barrel with a constriction or otherwise, as well as any type of mix of them in the shotgun permits you to select the best model for searching of any kind. Additionally, the Tula plant (well-known models such as 122, 99, 78, 88, Argali, KO-44, SKS OP, and so on). offers models with a detachable muzzle ear– marked by the letter V.
  • The ejection of coverings is supplied by the action of the ejector. While only ejected the made use of cartridge case and also the cartridge is only a little shifted.
  • On typical designs the chamber has a size of 70 mm. there are, However, alterations to the size of the chamber 76 mm– under the ««»Magnum »
  • rounds. The butt is constructed from walnut or beech. It can be decorated with incision or inscription– in this case the gun much less unsafe in hands. On the butt cheek there for comfort shooting.

Regardless of the enhancements the drawbacks of the design are available as well as need elimination.

  • Handguard is as well thick and also can palm large sizes.
  • Bar, responsible for the selection of concern, functions as a mechanical fuse. Automatic just how at the Izhevsk Mr-233 would certainly be safer.
  • Carving and also scratching, though of a functional nature yet are not highly creative pictures, with the exemption of boxed designs.

Image shotguns TOZ-120

Purpose 12 gauge is one of the most prominent quality amongst hunters. Appropriately, the rifle of this kind is also popular.

Utilized for the production of medium and small animals and birds. Sports variation of the rifle designed for precision shooting in various problems. Tula plant produces a variation for round and also trench stand, as well as for training sporting activities shooting. Selections Generated several versions of the TOZ-120 for searching and also sport capturing. On this basis they klassificeret in the first place.

Fundamental version– with the chamber of different sizes under a standard munition and under the ««» Magnum » rounds

  • . Complying with: TOZ-120-12-1E– 12/70 ammunition, the rifle is equipped with an ejector; TOZ-120-12M-1E– ejector,
  • but is made for « Magnum » rounds; TOZ-120-12V-1E «under basic ammunition 12/70,yet is outfitted with not just ejector but compatible choke inserts. This model is extra flexible; TOZ-120-1 MV-1 is the analogue, in the setup of the previous design, but computed under the « Magnum » rounds. Sports version of the rifle is planned for shooting in various «problems.

Tula factory offers the complying with versions: TOZ-120-12-1ST– option for trench shooting; TOZ-120-1R model, which is utilized on a rounded stand

  • ; TOZ-120-12-1S— educational version, developed for training
  • in sporting activities shooting. On top of that, the company generates shotgun quality
  • 20. Specifications If the design of the rifle some claim too basic, « obsolete », after that

the performance of the rifle TOZ-120 still price.

The distinctions

between the different variations are not so wonderful. Setups 12»scale 20 gauge Combined Hunting Sports Searching The 7.62 * 53|12M 5,6 * 39|20M 9 * 53|12M Standard Magnum T K S Standard Magnum The size of the chamber, mm 70 76 70 70 70 70 76 The 7.62 * 53/76 5,6 * 39/76

9 * 53/76 Barrel

length, mm 750,

711 750, 711 750

675 750 711 711 675 675 675 The accuracy of fire 35

m at a muzzle decrease in%1,25 65 1.0 60 60 60 60 0,75 55

55 55 0,6

50 40 50 50 0,25 40 40 0,0 35 65 35 Combo 100 m 1,15 P 1,15 P 1,15 P Trigger

pull, kgf 1,5-2,5 Weight, kg

3,55 3,4 3.7

V 3,6 3,5 3,2 3,2 The weight given to a discharged


Design Structurally, the rifle TOZ-120 is separated into 3 components: trunks, a box stock and forend. Trunks removable, located in the vertical aircraft. Are constructed from solid steel receiver, receiver networks chrome plated. On hunting rifles, as a rule, establish trunks with constricting, integrated with different tightening. Sports often placed cylindrical.

Trunks joined to the box by joints and also pins on the frame lock — 2 axis, which depend on the bearing. Connection appendage kind enables to lower the height of the receiver as well as streamlines the process of dividing the barrels. Sight mechanically ventilated band. The receiver is connected to the buttstock tightening screw. The butt is made of timber– walnut, beech, furnished with cheek. USM hammer kind is situated on a different basis, is performed on the selector type. To establish the order of shooting has a selector button in the kind of a lever on the neck butt. Initial combination– initial fires lower barrel, second from the top.

When you switch the lever the series of changes. USM furnished with a safety side, and a non-automatic fuse that gets rid of unexpected discharge. Severe left or right placement of the fuse shows a « fire » rearward « protection ».

The chamber chrome.

Linings are put forward, each with its ejector. Bullet throws automated ejector, eat man worldoutthere remains in location. When opening the rifle, the moving of spent cartridges is made. The receiver and also butts can be carved or engraved. Packing and also picking The packaging of the rifle is incredibly easy: cardboard box; the passport of the item.

The principle of operation Layout TOZ-120 is very simple.

  • According to some seekers, this is a drawback. On the other hand, this design is excellent for the newbie, for which the facility tool rifles will certainly be an overwhelming barrier. When you open up the gun the complying with takes place: the lever is taken out to the right– hence securing the

axle presses the locking framework from the groove; under the action of the spring stop moves the pusher over the forehead of the box. With fixed securing lever; open the gun, the ejector Sears are placing pressure

  • on voditeli, which, subsequently, pull the trigger. The springs relocate the strikers in the aircraft of the forehead of the receiver; at complete opening is a representation of cartridge
  • cases and bullets, that gave a misfire. The representation device can be removed: to do this, screw and also get rid of the forend to the limit of the unique switch. To reactivate the feature button is gone back to the original position: this handguard is going with a box with no upright slits. When closing, the system functions like this: the ejectors on the step, and also the trigger remains cocked; trunks pressed versus the pusher, which, consequently, brings the stop into the groove of the «securing lever.
  • Therefore the lever is released; locking the axle under the spring stress begins securing the framework in the groove, and a bar along the axis of the rifle. If the weapon is brand-new, possible negohot bar to the axis.

Before firing it is necessary to define the sequence of shots. To do this, the fuse is moved to

the right– the very first fires the bottom barrel

  • , 2nd– upper, or position left– and-shoots the very first top, 2nd– lower. Bring TOZ-120 at the

target as well as shoot. The disconnector goes to the second septal for the second shot. Pressing once again terminates the 2nd barrel. Trigger pull can be somewhat greater than for the initial shot.

Do not utilize sporting ammunition in the hunting versions

  • of the TOZ-120. Not allowed to boost the weight ofgunpowder and shot in the cartridge. Disassembly Partial disassembly is required for cleaning as well as lubrication TOZ-120. Complete is only for repair work as well as just in the tools shop
  • . Partial entails the complying with steps: confirms that there are no cartridges in the chamber; press the latch and also relocating the forearm down and ahead, get rid of
  • it from the trunks; turn the securing lever to the right, open up the trunk as well as detach from package; bring the bar to the right to the limit, utaplivajut the pusher and also launch the lever, returning it to the position along the axis. Assembly TOZ-120 produced backwards order. Store the gun unloaded in the type of flat hooks.
  • Ammunition needs to be stored individually. Tuning All
    • the modifications that can be performed with a shotgun, in fact, be lowered to the decorationof the butt. In natural products this style is offered by default, however nothing stops to change the supply manufacturing design option with engraving or carving. The rate and the evaluationson the rifle (boxed weapon )TOZ-120 12 M, MV 1E, etc are given listed below. Owner examines Opinion of TOZ-120 contradictory. The identified advantage of this model is

    simplicity and integrity in various climate condition. Minus stands too thick lower arm and undependable descent, commonly causing doublets. The disadvantage is the lack of compatible choke inserts. With the arrival of the TOZ-120-12V-1E this issue has been solved.

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