TOZ-88, carbine, smoothbore weapons

Among the designs that received the greatest demand among purchasers need to also to state the carbine TOZ-88, which has for a very long time is just one of the leading locations by the variety of sales as well as continuous demand degree.

In addition to superb efficiency shooting attracted the attention of the customer and also such features as the extensive receiver, the contemporary, thoughtful design and balance the whole design of the rifle, which ensures maximum convenience when utilizing it.

Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod is known by several hunters: numerous great models of searching rifles for a long time have ended up being bestsellers due to their excellent technological properties and an eye-catching exterior layout.

It TOZ-106, TOZ-194, TOZ-94, Semi, toz-99, and toz-78-automated MC 21-12, TOZ-87 and TOZ-88, TOZ-124, and the double-barreled hunting rifle TOZ-BM, TOZ-34, TOZ-54, TOZ-120, TOZ-200 etc. are Also designs of the conversion plant are CO-44, OP SKS, TOZ-97 ««» Argali » and TO-98.

Evaluation of the shotgun TOZ-88

Suppliers this carbine was planned as hunting, but the scope of its use is much larger: due to the combination of fairly low mass and also portable size of the carbine can be utilized for the capturing of females as well as teens, and also these parameters promote its transport. Model TOZ-88 is also used in competitors in sport capturing, target practice and home entertainment. The market today there are a number of primary ranges of this rifle, permitting us continuously to enhance shooting rates of it making use of models with various length barrels as well as cartridges of different caliber.

A lengthened barrel, and also ergonomically-designed box supply, feasible as a result of exceptional technical features, — — all this describes one of the most essential benefits of this design. Excellent shooting prices, which normally include sighting, accuracy, and variety, are identified by technical parameters, laid in the manufacture of the rifle. The thoughtful design, well balanced and also assured safety and security provided by a locking trigger system made the rifle design TOZ-88 is particularly popular on the market today.

Of wonderful relevance in the evaluation of any carbine ought to be thought about a region of prospective use: because of the mix of fairly reduced mass as well as small size of the carbine can be used for the capturing of ladies as well as teenagers, and also these criteria promote its transportation. Version TOZ-88 is likewise applied in competitions in sport capturing, target practice as well as enjoyment.

Disadvantages and also benefits

A considerable number of benefits of the model TOZ-88 has actually given a high degree of passion in it. Cost, being budget-friendly sufficient assurances to keep the demand for it, and that polls reveal the proprietors of carbine and also customers.

According to owners, this design has the adhering to standard benefits when compared to the same rifles for searching other makers:

  • the opportunity of making solitary shots;
  • superb high quality of shooting, that include the accuracy of shots, variety, projectile, discovery;
  • fascinating style, performed in classical style, without unnecessary details;
  • usage genuine components when making a stock that offers the rifle a more eye-catching appearance. Component of natural timber treated with an unique compound that offers raised their resistance to mechanical stress and anxiety and temperature level fluctuations that is frequently observed when running tools in the field;
  • minimum concrete influence;
  • the opportunity of looking for professional searching, and also for training marksmanship, shooting sports, amusement and also self-defense;
  • the relatively low cost of the rifle TOZ-88 sustains the interest in it from customers.

As kept in mind, the proprietors are considering a carbine, drawbacks had practically none.

Images of the rifle TOZ-88

Purpose Its application scope is extensive if we speak about the purpose of the model TOZ-88. Initially this rifle was created for capturing: it can be made use of for striking medium and also large goals, and also the possibility of usage of ammunition of various caliber, an assurance of the defeats such functions. The density as well as light weight, substantially promotes the transport of the rifle, it can additionally be utilized for training novice shooters, for the exploitation of teenagers and also women with reasonably little hands.


In the sale there are a number of varieties of the model TOZ-88, who proved during the zeroing as well as the procedure of their exploitation by the proprietors was not located to have significant drawbacks.

Selections of the following:

  1. TOZ-88, is the base version in this series has actually a caliber made use of cartridges 12/76. The enhanced muzzle constriction is 0,0/ Cyl, in — — ear,0
    / Cyl.; 0,25/ mp.Cyl.; 0,5/ Mod.; 0,75/ Imp.Mod.; 1,0/ Full. The variety of cartridges in the store — 4.
  2. Barrel length — 711мм. TOZ-88-01, with boosted muzzle constricting of the trunk 0,0/ Cyl.; 0,25/ mp.Cyl.; 0,5/ Mod.; 0,75/ Imp.Mod.; 1,0/ Full. The variety of cartridges in the shop — 4.
  3. Barrel length — 711мм. Kind TOZ-88-03, with increased muzzle narrowing of the nozzles 0,0/ Cyl.;
    0,25/ mp.Cyl.; 0,5/ Mod.; 0,75/ Imp.Mod.; 1,0/ Full. The variety of cartridges in the shop — — 4. Barrel size — — 711мм.

All of the above selections have a total body weight of 3.3 kg, the size of the barrel is 711 mm., Their firing prices are very comparable.

Technical qualities of the shotgun TOZ-88 are offered below.


Produced by chilly forging the barrel preserves its look as well as an ideal straight line also under mechanical stress, the stock offers comfort when firing due to the elegance and comfort designs of the type, and also due to the relatively small recoil when shooting. The adhering to technological characteristics allow to understand which functions are built into this design.

RequirementsCarbine TOZ-88Native landRussia, the company ««» Hammer » Appointment Searching, sporting activity shooting View Self-loading smoothbore carbine Ability cartridges 4 with thepossibility of replacing the native shop for even more quantity The overall length of the body1 120 mm Sort of ammunition ismade use of 7. 62 × 39 View USM Trigger kind allows you to make solitary shots Thearchitectural attributes of the trunk The constriction to the electrical outlet, has 6 right-hand rifling, which leads to boosted accuracy of fire The length of the barrel 711 mm The elevation of the design 202 mm Weight 3.3kg Width 57 mm Sight of the trunk Cold building, has an oxide finish Reloading throughout capturing this carbine isbecause of the power created by the releasedgases.

The original design, security and also equilibrium, as well as provides a distinct consistency of the whole model. Style If we think about the total constructionof the rifle, that sufficient simplicity of the model TOZ-88permitsyou not to experience any kind of problems in its application that it is essential for pupils as well as beginners shooting from guns.The primary positive part of the carabiner can be called butt. The trunk is additionally an integral part

of any kind of carbine version. Made of high quality polymer materials, the stem box as well as the butt stand up to temperature modifications when making use of the rifle in the field. The design of the butt with natural timber picks up its value from

the perspective of visual appeals. Picking and loading The rifle model TOZ-88 proposed sale of polymeric packing, Packed in flightcase for easy transportation. The standard set additionally consists of a store which has a capability of 4 rounds. You can change with a bigger one

. The concept of operation Making use of the rifle TOZ-88 for hunting can be called criterion. Exploitation of his work starts with the property in a magazine. Press the launch button of the trigger( the trigger has a timeless look hammer type )cartridge

is sent from the magazine to the barrel, and upon actuation of the trigger device is fired.

Simplicity of style allows making

disassembly as well as performing enhancements to the version. Disassembly Doing disassembly TOZ-88 is a requirement in the implementation of repair of the rifle, in the procedure of cleansing. For the execution component calls for the use of special devices, it can be carried out even in field conditions. Tuning Adjusting, or improving your model, can additionally be executed using marginal number of tools. When installed externally of the barrel of a riflescope, it comes to be possible to increase the targeting. Reviews as well as cost on the shotgun TOZ-88 are provided listed below. The item rate Carbine TOZ-88, with a rate of 24 150 25 to 100, is preferred due to its schedule.

An excellent reputation is

« Tula arms plant » enables to ensure the integrity of the rifle, like all the previous ones on the market today. Owner examines The owners noted the reliability of the design, the reasoning system and the gadget, ease of usage. The mix of all-natural products and also advanced polymer materials allows to get a better shooting results. Cost effective price is additionally a favorable function of the design TOZ-88.

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