Vepr 1V, rifled gun

With ergonomic shape, contemporary rifles are capable in the beginning glance to attract the focus of purchasers, since lots of designs use natural wood, which not just offers the aesthetic appearance of the rifle, but additionally increases the pleasant feeling of straight call with him when capturing.

Among the most appealing from the perspective of the customer as well as the owner need to think about the version of domestic manufacturing Vepr 1V, which has a rather affordable cost with exceptional technological residential or commercial properties as well as appealing appearance.

With the assistance of modern-day rifles, with superb technological features as well as has an eye-catching exterior layout, it became possible not just to learn precision when firing firearms, however likewise to join the professional hunting. Sold in specialized searching shops, they have all the required quality certificates and also passport, as well as producer’s service warranty in effectiveness and also total security of the capturing.

Introduction of carbine Vepr 1V

They are an excellent choice modern-day and geared up with the essential devices weapon version carbine Vepr 1V well verified in expert usage, and in target practice as well as in competitors in sporting activity capturing. Having the ability to excite also at a significant distance medium and little video game, shotgun offers maximum ease of operation due to the refinement and also comfort designs of its kinds.

The density and also relatively light weight makes it quickly to transport, as well as to ensure the benefit as well as convenience when using: this carabiner conveniently handled as a guy of ordinary build, and also breakable female, and also even a teen. As well as several ranges of this design (relying on the caliber of the cartridge used) will considerably broaden the purchase of the rifle.

Advantages and also disadvantages

The advantages of any type of sort of rifles can be attributed to attributes such as visual appearance, the mix of compactness and also reduced weight, convenience of disassembly procedure and also the possibility of enhancement. Therefore, the model Vepr 1V, differing from its equivalents, third-party assurances when making shots maximum the discovery and also precision of fire, which boosts its efficiency.

Additionally the design of the rifle has actually shown itself in obtaining first skills of shooting from weapons: because of its simplicity and also the opportunity of fast disassembly and small also a newbie shooting will certainly have an opportunity to learn the skills.

The benefits of this version must likewise consist of the complying with quality:

  • decent basic devices, that includes the accessibility of in-depth usage directions, passport as well as certificate of high quality from the producer;
  • the possibility of tuning — — this permits you to raise the discovery as well as range, it is important that the use of the rifle in searching. Adjusting likewise utilizes extra third-party tools that also has a positive impact on the opportunity of hitting the target;
  • the visibility of straight under the optical view of the ramrod — — as befits a battle weapon;
  • the loved one price of quickly attracting purchasers.

Requirements made the version Vepr 1V immune as well as effective to external impacts that unavoidably occur during its use.

The downsides of this design, according to owners, include a bar guard, which protects against procedure of the rifle. This negative aspect is irrelevant contrasted to other advantages of this version.

Vepr-1B in 7.62 × 39 (HPE 126)

Purpose Making use of the carbine model Vepr 1V with its technological features stated in the hunt, as fantastic sighting offers

  • the capability to hit a moving target at a substantial distance(approximately 200 m). The opportunity of making use of the thought about models for both females and guys, not only because of the simplicity of the layout
  • as well as ergonomics of the rifle. It is also possible to utilize this carbine in training and also marksmanship competitors.

Generated on the basis of the RPK (Kalashnikov machine gun), carbine Vepr 1V has numerous ranges, each of which is established as an expert searching weapon.

  • Presented a carbine Vepr 1V with.308 caliber ammo and the barrel of 420 mm, has a high price of accuracy of fire, that makes it very easy to strike also a moving target at a substantial range.
  • In the sale of a variety of quality rounds.223 (5,56 х45) that incorporates ease of use due to the small size and also outstanding efficiency sighting of the shooting.

Via the analysis of the technological possibilities supplied by the manufacturer, can totally review the values of the version and its extent. The following are the major technological specifications are most important when choosing the version of the rifle as well as enabling an extra in-depth picture about the opportunities Vepr 1V.

Specs Carbine Vepr 1V
Country of origin Russia machine-building plant «« Molot»
» Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
Sight Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges From 5 to 9
The complete length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the version 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Size 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold building, has an oxide finishing

Having a lengthy guarantee duration given by maker, model carbine Vepr 1V functions perfectly regardless of the application. Manufactured by cool building the stem, of exceptional quality optical view in the base as well as good evaluations from owners provide a General impression of the design.


The family member simplicity of the design provides the chance not to experience troubles with the operation of the carbine, which is specifically vital for beginner shooters. The primary useful component of it can be considered stock, and barrel. Constructed from contemporary polymeric materials, the barrel and butt completely hold up against the temperature adjustments when making use of the rifle in the field as well as don’t have mechanical impacts that permits you to protect their appealing look.

Picking and packing

The rifle is packaged in a polymer packaging, which secures it from external impacts of temperature as well as dampness. On the cardboard box including the rifle, dealt the needed information about the manufacturer as well as the name of the item.

The principle of procedure

The use of the rifle begins with the facilities in a publication. When you push the trigger is tripping hook screw, corrected the alignment of the springtime produces a sharp pressure on the firing pin, leading to a shot. Carabiner classic is making use of the shooter’s shoulder, the shot effect is reasonably little.


Executing disassembly might be called for in the efficiency of regular repair services of the rifle, throughout its cleaning. Considering that the building of the version is reasonably easy, disassembly is equally easy and also without unneeded downtime.

  • The optical sight is gotten rid of from its designated area of addiction of the stem box.
  • The trigger device additionally has the capacity to showdown. Shoe fly lies on the receiver slice, removing it is a loosening of the screw.
  • Enhancement almost any model of carbine is through making use of the optical view with the very best characteristics. This provides you the capacity to improve you aim each shot and increase performance in the defeat the purpose.
  • It is additionally feasible to accomplish substitute of the deal with and safeguard. Some proprietors paint his carbine, which provides it individuality.

The cost and the testimonials on the carbine Vepr 1V 308, 223, and so on qualities (VPO 129, 128, 147, 148, 127 03 and 02, 126, 125) are defined below.

The item price

Expense element straight influences the level of need for the design. And the carbine Vepr 1V, with the price from 51 to 53 150 280 rubles, is prominent despite this value because of the combination of the eye-catching external layout of the model and its technical features.

Owner assesses

According to a lot of proprietors, the carabiner of the design gives the chance to make a terrific racking up shots as a result of the confined technical requirements. The possibility to make some modifications in his style, the simpleness of the system make it much more comfortable as well as hassle-free procedure of the rifle.

Some proprietors keep in mind that the prolonged using of clip (for example, if the proprietor is a geologist and also hence forced to often proceed foot) you will feel its weight. The general weight of the model a little exceeds the average weight of any kind of one of the versions of rifles with comparable specifications.

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