VPO-136 rifles

With fashionable, classic decor with the style of laconic minimalism, gunned carbine VPO-136 draws in more focus. It is not surprising, since the specifications put down by the supplier allow to utilize it not just for training precision and also enjoyment, yet likewise to join specialist searching and also competitors capturing.

Array in mix with the sighting of each performed shot made carbine WTO-136 among the most attractive versions, and the interest from customers is not only quite budget friendly cost, but additionally the possibilities of the weapon.

Base carbine VPO-136 from producer HAMMER is army battle equipment. This means that, while preserving the standard specifications, the maker had the ability to get a special tool integrity carbine and excellent efficiency shooting. In this design retains the opportunity to make use of the original, ««» indigenous » army shop that allows you to accomplish a better price of fire as a result of the lack of disruptions when Doyle cartridge from the publication to the barrel. You should additionally include that the model is well fit for the setup of specialized muzzle attachments, which likewise adds benefit to the procedure of shooting.

Summary of carbine VPO-136

We must look at the external design of the version: the existence of all-natural timber components of the rifle, processed by special trains, which increases its resistance to numerous external influences, makes the carbine particularly attractive. The sorts of wood resistant to humidity and also temperature level modifications, which is specifically vital when utilizing the carabiner in the area, in expert searching, for instance.

Also draws attention to the possibility of installment of additional equipment on the barrel of the rifle.

Many owners of the models noted an increase in the degree of comfort of the carabiner when installed on its muzzle flash suppressor and also telescopic view — — it considerably improves the efficiency of the shots.

The benefits as well as disadvantages of AKM VPO-136 reviewed listed below.

Advantages and downsides

Since the evaluation of the existing benefits of the model as well as its defects permits you to extra totally value the possibility to use this design, the list of advantages will certainly enable you to acquire an initial assessment of this weapon. Additionally of wonderful help in this will have reviews of the proprietors that have actually managed to use the rifle and also see its staminas as well as weak points.

The benefits, according to many owners, and buyers, carbine model of the HPE-136 must consist of the following parameters:

  • the presence of noting exploration placement inside the trunk, thus protecting its form and also strength. In this situation, after making concerning 100-200 shots the self-destruction noting boring setting;
  • the ergonomic shape of the carabiner — — this high quality permits the optimum comfort to use it for both men and women and also even teenagers;
  • a relatively tiny exterior specifications of the rifle, leading to slightly minimized its weight. This provides you the possibility not to really feel trouble in transferring tools.

Cost mainly identifies the frequency of acquisition of the rifle, as well as many consumers kept in mind the capacity of purchase despite having the offered restricted budget plan acquisition.

The downsides include the visibility of a bonded screw on the butt, deficient a replacement by taking down the existing and also the installation of even more contemporary and innovative.

Carbine VPO-136 with a folding butt (image)

  • Purpose Making use of the carabiner may be various. It identified its technical attributes, which are used in production. As a result of his outstanding striking ability, range and also assured the reliability of the gadget carabiner version VPO-136 is meant for hunting. With its help it is simple can be influenced with tiny as well as moderate animal also at a considerable range
  • : 150-200 m. Also, the carabiner can be made use of to join competitions in marksmanship and also sporting activities capturing. And also the portable dimension and fairly reduced weight enables optimum convenience to utilize women and also males.

The variety and caliber carbine VPO-136 is provided below.


Presenting a more refined version of the searching carbine VPO-133, the version VPO-136 has and also has similar qualities come to be as popular as its precursor.

VPO-133, having a slightly larger dimension and also stands for an example of military weapons, which with some alterations are applied in order to remove excess armed forces bases, has more weight as well as less practical to utilize. Like selections VPO-133, a carbine of the version VPO-136 should be utilized with shop with an ability less than 10 rounds; otherwise, the Supervisory authorities can prepare a Protocol on violation.


The combination of compact size as well as superior technical parameters made the rifle among the most preferred designs that do well with hitting the target throughout expert hunting and also competitors shooting. Below are the technical data that is essential to assess the capability of the version of the rifle.

SpecificationsCarbine VPO-136Native landRussia machine-building plant «« Molot » AppointmentSearching, sport capturing Sight Semi-automatic carbine Ability cartridges Optimumquantity — 10 rounds The overall length of the body 1 000 mm The length of the barrel 625 mm The height ofthe version 202 mm Weight 4,29kg Size 57 mm View — of the trunk Coldforging, has an oxide finish High initial speed of a bullet allows you tohit even moving targets at a significant distance, which is particularly vital when joining the quest. It is kept in mind by lots of as an advantage overcomparable models from various other producers, the extra core little bits, enhancingthe efficiency of fire.

Style The simplenessof the design givesthe possibility not to experience difficulties with the procedure of thecarbine, as well as this is most important for newbies of capturing weapons. The main constructive component of it can be considered stock, and barrel. Store, provided as basic, can be changed to store a bigger volume for convenience of capturing and also enhance its speed. For higher ease of use on the butt is made of rubber as well as having a high rate of depreciation backplate.

There are two quits for the full locking of the barrel, which ensures high safety and security when using the carbine. Picking and loading In the sale version is only available in specialized stores for hunting weapons, each model is applied a top quality certificate and individual ticket with technical attributes as well as guarantees of the producer. There is also a thorough hands-on explaining how

to take care of the technology and also operation of the carbine. The body of the carabiner packaged in a polymer movie as well as the cardboard packaging with the required details on it: name of the product producer. Basic carbine VPO-136 indicates the visibility of an optical view with outstanding qualities, which might replace the exact same with much better efficiency, cleaning pole and case. The strap in the base is missing out on, what can be called a small disadvantage of this version, however, the band is conveniently bought with it. The concept of procedure The job of the carbine starts

  • with the installation of the store with cartridges. When you press the trigger there is a sharp influence on the bolt, the cartridge moves right into
  • the barrel as well as is fired. Native guard supplies ease of usage, as well as changed by the producer USM army alternatives on USM, typical of the series carbines « Vepr », enabled to decrease the
  • effort made by the manufacturing for every shot. Disassembly Because of easy device to accomplish the disassembly of the rifle can even be on your own in the house.
  • It ends up being needed to carry out upkeep of the device, when improving the weapon. Attribute face-off you can consider it the simpleness of the trigger system promptly and conveniently separates from the receiver as a result of its addiction on a separate

    base, as well as the telescopic sight is just removed from its intended place of fixation of the stem box. Likewise simply can be made a full substitute of the screw: they are not fixed securely. Currently take into consideration the tuning VPO-136.

    Tuning Improvement of this

    version can be executed by mounting an optical manufacturer from another producer. This offers you the chance to improve the targeting. The design of

    • rifle can be equipped with furnished 30-person army airborne either a steel shop that store the enhances, price, according to the legislation of regulations volume of quantity store should shop must more than Even more rounds, what should necessary need to required the understand. The product rate The price parameter is a vital feature that supplies a persistent level of need for the design. As well as the carbine VPO-136, having arelatively budget friendly rate, attracts
      consumers with
      • its qualities. The price of the carbine VPO-136 may vary from different vendors from 24 to 28 550 140 rubles. Proprietor evaluates on the carbine VPO-136 is provided listed below.
      • Proprietor evaluates Positive responses model of the HPE-136 gathered as a result of the excellent mix of chances for the use of the rifle and also its technological attributes, put down by the producer. We must also highlight, in the opinion of the owners, the opportunity of
      easy installation of extra

      core systems that improve the quality of capturing. Opportunities for renovation of the rifle made it possible to make the capturing a lot more targeted and also reliable, and the simplicity of design provides convenience of the entire procedure of operation of the tool. Likewise the basic layout guarantees convenience of usage of the carabiner and women,

      and teenagers, as an example, for the procurement of preliminary skills of shooting from a weapon.

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