Recursive crossbow Man Kung MK-XB21

Current designs of weapons have already gone beyond readily available types of tools of destruction in the distance: a multitude of advantages have permitted to define them on one of the leading locations, as well as explained the growing popularity.

Among the variety of models is specifically fascinating, according to customer testimonials, is the recursive crossbow male kung mk xb21 — — his look is required to the improvement of already known to numerous brand name MK-150, which most efficiently incorporates convenience of use, safety and security, and also excellent striking top quality.

What brand-new design male kung mk xb21 specifically exceeded other kinds of preferred crossbows and also what are its technological attributes that permit us to be confident in the quality as well as the possibility of hitting the target, also at a significant range?

Surf weapon Man Kung MK-XB21

To comprehend the advantages of this version to assess the technical data combined with the testimonials of those who already became the owner of the crossbow, and took care of to try it at work. Utilized to defeat targets at a distance making use of a bow, any type of weapon must have a collection of fundamental parameters that will certainly allow it to operate safely as well as to see it in action managed to the supplier requirements.

Comparing to the previous alteration, it ought to be kept in mind a variety of changes in the framework of the gadget, and while doing so, in addition to the certain mix of external criteria and indications weight of the entire structure. For the most enhanced pattern, it is recommended to evaluate the existing toughness and weaknesses of the model, as this will certainly help to more fairly review the benefits of guy kung mk xb21.

Disadvantages and also advantages

Since the very first crossbow to assess falls under the hands of the customer should examine parameters such as the weight of the tool, its design functions and dimensions: this largely depends on the usability of the weapon as well as its efficiency.

  • Reduced in size in contrast with the previous alteration, weapon male kung mk xb21 has an effective shot, and the destructive power of even despite the bowshot can stun any person. Little dimension indicates decreased weight, which is specifically helpful when utilizing the weapon, because when falling into the hands of the lady this element will play a vital duty.
  • The outright safety of making use of the weapon provided by the changes in its framework. Decreased weight allows you to focus on proper usage, lower arm, acquired an extra ergonomic shape, protected from the possibility of getting a finger on the Cam. This is particularly crucial for beginner archers, that when the incorrect location your hands on the gadget frequently receive a uncomfortable and very substantial strike by a bowstring.
  • The trigger of the crossbow ahead, and this raised the dimension of the overview, which largely depends upon the range shots as well as the possibility of loss. In contrast with the previous design weapon male kung mk xb21 has a 15% enhanced price of bowshot. The advantages likewise consist of the ability to adjust the tool to the growth of capturing with the tactical stock, which raises the degree of benefit of use of the weapon.
  • Throughout the discharge of arrowheads are generally for a certain period of time is not too positive for the ears shooting specific shaking sound, which in this model is damped by special resonance damper. It is a little size metal plate held firmly to the rail. As a result of the interaction with noise is a very brief time as well as does not impact the hearing and capturing other individuals.

The negative aspects, according to the point of view of the greater part of the respondents should include the reasonably high expense. Technical data the model exceeds its equivalents, as well as essential indications have to be thought about as conformity with all safety and security requirements during the procedure as well as exceptional customer top quality: great construct quality, plus the possibility of modification.


Model guy kung mk xb21 might be utilized for the complying with purposes:

  • in the hunt — — the damaging power is fairly high, which allows for fast killing of medium-size and also little beast;
  • for home entertainment — — the growth of accuracy with a crossbow is offered by the law as well as advancement of abilities to hit in the objective.

Weapons all versions are suitable for expert seeker and amateur: all technological data permit the usage of this type striking tool, even with standard shooting skills.

And the high develop top quality as well as ensured security gives you the possibility to avoid even a small injury with proper hand placement while releasing arrows.


The market today, you can see a number of modifications of the weapons, which have comparable technological attributes as well as appropriate for both professional and novice shooter. Most preferred. According to customer evaluations need to be taken into consideration following versions:

  • weapon MK 52;
  • version mongoose;
  • kind of MK 250.

These varieties have similar requirements, have a high level of protection in the procedure of operation, and have fairly low cost, which guarantees a continuous demand for them.


Technical help alternatives to obtain a concept about the abilities of a weapon Man Kung MK-XB21, in addition to on indicators of infiltration and the degree of security assured by the supplier. And also to get the most thorough image, you need to analyze the advantages of this version are displayed in the table below.

Specifications Crossbow male kung mk xb21
Native land Taiwan
Action kind Recursive
The materials of the crossbow High-strength plastic, metal
Overall weight 2.5 kg
The preliminary velocity of the arrowhead 75 m/s
Penetration Approximately 50 m (especially crucial sign for hunting)
Warranty Year

Plan components of the weapon permits you to right away start utilizing it: connected to the crossbow with 2 arrowheads as well as lubrication for long-term job mechanism to ensure the quality as well as happiness of use.

The tool of the weapon

In our design, some adjustments in style that caused its convenience of use and comfy procedure. So a guide in the weapon came to be a lot more lengthened, which gave the higher the speed of a flying arrow.

General representation of the tool of the weapon man kung mk xb21 as adheres to:

  • the handle, which in this design is rendered somewhat ahead in contrast with the previous variation. It is feasible to increase the level of ease of usage of the weapon, but also permits you to fire it, even if you make use of only one hand;
  • global brace, to which is attached the damper, has the ability to control;
  • handguard, which is now over is some extension of the case: this action permitted to enhance the risk-free use of a crossbow, due to the fact that my fingers are not able to get to the bowstring;
  • tactical butt supply gun is constructed from plastic, has high degree of toughness and also can be changed according to the elevation and arm’s size shooting.

A high degree of precision as well as boosted the safety and security assurances are listed the technical characteristics as well as design features.

Picking as well as packing

The model provided up for sale full with 2 arrows as well as lubricant that supplies long-term system of the crossbow. All this Packed in a cardboard box, which has vibrant design and can be an excellent gift.

This is considered a basic arrangement of this design. In the package in any type of configuration is also a guidebook with a guarantee of operation of the device for a period of 1 year.

Nonetheless, there is also an improved bundle which likewise includes additional sight, tensioner manual, practical bring strap of the weapon. This arrangement enables to improve the standard model of the crossbow, but according to consumer testimonials, even the base set will include a version of the man kung mk xb21 excellent opportunities.

How to utilize

For ideal outcomes (beats the objective) as in the search, and when using the weapon male kung mk xb21 as home entertainment ought to comply with the policies of usage.

  1. Before use should be positioned in a weapon arrow to securely lock and to see the target with the range.
  2. After putting the weapon at her shoulder, you can begin shooting, which is pushing the trigger.

To do this it ought to be feasible slowly to avoid the sight and also fired it turned out to be one of the most effective.

Next, consider the cost and the evaluations on the recursive weapon Man Kung MK-XB21 (MK. 21).

The product rate

In contrast with analogues, which have similar requirements and attributes, brand name crossbow male kung mk xb21 has a fairly economical rate. The rate of this model might vary relying on the seller and the value of trade margins of the producer. Today, the design guy kung mk xb21 can be seen at 5 to 6 620 830 rubles.

Proprietor reviews
  • According to a lot of testimonials, the sort of weapon is similar to that of models a high degree of precision: the loss of the objective permits you to use it as a professional shooting with a crossbow and also novice: it is enough to practice a fair bit to learn how to use this model (simpleness of layout, simplicity of procedure) as well as making use of the specific view to strike the target.
  • Likewise note the owners of the comfort model, which gives a distinct design that was refined and boosted: adjustable indication overview as well as the size of the shoulders allow maximum use the existing potential designs, sending all the power to defeat the function.
  • The improved plan includes benefit to use: the presence of extra arrowheads, wax, as well as band of the crossbow allows for easier to bring it, care for the device as well as to avoid possible break downs. The ratio of cost and also technological qualities in the version male kung mk xb21 is thought about, according to a multitude of favorable testimonials is the very best.

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