The TF Gear MIDI Airbomb– Dave Lane Review

Hard on the heels of the initial Airbomb, we now have a new settingl, the Airbomb Midi.

Dave Lane carp fishermen takes a closer look at the brand-new Midi Airbomb– the revolutionary baiting up gadget from Total Fishing Gear.

As the name suggests, it is a smaller sized variation of its already incredibly popular huge brother– it comes in at around 50% of the dimension and also capability of the original.

Having actually utilized the Midi extensively I’ve found it to be superb at all arrays and also if you are after something that will put lure accurately to extreme varieties the Airbomb Midi is the one for you, we have been hitting 150 backyards effortlessly and the side this has offered me over everyone else has been enormous.

One more substantial advantage I should discuss is that you actually do not need a specialist ‘spod-rod’ to take the pressure, the Airbomb Midi is light enough that it can be cast effortlessly on a normal carp rod. This makes baiting so easy, and also certainly you preserve incredible precision.

I would still suggest a leader of some kind, simply to be on the secure side and also prevent any ‘crack-off’ calamities however, nevertheless, my 3.25 lb carp rods can launch one of these a long, long way and if you do use a spod rod, well you can cast this point ranges you wouldn’t think.

The basics are the same as the bigger model, you hit the clip airborne as well as attain a far better spread of lure than with various other extra traditional bait droppers and also with none of the undesirable disruption in the area you are really placing your gears and angling.

They are also superior for delivering drifters without terrifying the fish. When you put drifters out with the Airbomb it in fact lands up to 30 lawns away from where the real drifters land, this is the stealthiest method possible to get fish feeding on the top, and I can tell you from experience that your surface area fishing will certainly be changed forever.

As for real baiting capability I mean you would get about 50% of the payload of the bigger version (regarding 15 x 15mm boilies or a wonderful handful of hemp) and this can be advantageous if you are just needing to cover up your swim or fishing a tiny scattering of lure in a ‘single-bite’ scenario when tracking, mobile angling or even casting at a showing fish.

If you do intend to present your free-bait in a tighter area, like an opening in the weed for instance, you can simply over-cast, not versus a clip, and after that reel the Airbomb gradually back into setting over the spot prior to snapping the rod suggestion to open it. This approach will certainly supply an extremely limited package of lure exceptionally accurately.

Nonetheless you select to make use of the Airbomb Midi, it’s one of those things that you actually must have in the rucksack in any way times.

For even more regarding the Airbomb Midi bating up device, check out the video clip below!!

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