Lure for perch fishing at all times of the year

There are several points of view, with regards to the choice of color and size bait depending on conditions and each of them has the right to life. The first is that in Sunny weather and in clear water, use natural or dark colors.

This is due to the fact that excessive saturation, brightness and unusual tackle can spook the bass and any other predatory fish.

What bait is best to choose depending on the weather

In cloudy weather, or muddy water, try to use more aggressive colors. Indeed, if during the descent of the rains or after the autumn floods, the water loses its transparency, and the fish harder to notice in her dark bait, obviously.

The second group of fishermen are of the opinion that the colour of the lure, as such, does not play a decisive role, in the same way as there are no universal solutions, working always and everywhere, which is certainly a truth of life.

The basic idea is that it all depends on the following factors:

  • in what stage is the bass: fed whether active or passive
  • in what conditions is fishing (sakurazensen or lack thereof)
  • what is the scale of the water surface (deep and shallow river)
  • depth of fishing
  • the presence or absence of flow
  • small or large fish you want to catch

Based on these parameters is selected tackle, because the bass can stand on the depth, on the surface, may actively feed on to create a whole boilers, and can passively stand at the bottom. And here is the colour rises in almost last place superseded by the terms of fishing. Indeed, universal baits exist, but this does not mean that they are efficient at any time of the year, day and night. This means that you can use them each time out on the water.

This includes turntables, for perch of all sizes, from small to large. A favorite among them is a French manufacturer called MISP, producing the vast majority of baits for the budget of the Russian market. Is of good quality, ruggedness, high rates of catch and, not least, has a low cost compared to its competitors.

It’s hard to imagine the second tackle with such data. Rotating spoon – bait is number one on a perch, on a ratio the price-quality-efficiency. Below we list the main types of bait used by fishermen, they are just as good yourself.

Used bait when fishing with spinning and float fishing rods

Silicone rubber and edible. Used when oblaivanie the bottom layer, a great option to catch full-grown humpback whales. It is known that individuals of large size are repulsed by the swarms and move in search of food at the bottom, so the rubber in this case is an excellent option. Sizes rubber from 3-6.5 cm, there is need to experiment with size, color and weight of Cheburashka.

If you don’t know what weight to use Cheburashka, then read how to do it. Equip spinning, for example 10 grams. sinker, drop it into the water and wait for the sinking to the bottom. Then produce 2-3оборота coil and calculate the approximate time to dive tackle. It should be 2 seconds. If the bait sinks to the bottom very quickly, less than 2 seconds. (you will feel it spinning), then mount the sinker is smaller, conversely, if the immersion should be longer – increase the weight.

The best is considered the manufacturers of lucky John and Fanatic, combining an affordable price and a good % of bites, there is no advertising of the brand, and advice for beginners and those wishing not to remain without a catch. Lucky John, one of the best baits for bass, is considered to be of Tioga, and the fanatic Larva.

Spinners. As we have said, are probably the best choice, at least they should start fishing. Choose the size is not very large, for example, the MISP will be the number 1 or 2, but do not dwell on these numbers, remember, you always need to experiment. As for colors and shapes, here again, either by trial or a preferred method of professionals.

Once you caught the first bass, you need to perform an autopsy of his stomach to determine the forage base for a particular reservoir. The method is suitable for any predatory fish, including pike and Zander. If you conduct this kind of research work, then look in the box with the lures most similar option. For example, if it will fry bleak – hence the color, and the shape of the petal should resemble the bleak.

Crankbaits. Also often used on bass, though most models are designed for predator in General, not a specific fish. Again, the main important criteria is size and the bigger it is, the higher the chance to catch up with the striped robber, and predator larger. Therefore, use a smaller size, say, up to 10 cm max. Most often 5-7 cm cranks have a serious drawback – the price.

Famous Japanese brands want big money for them, which in most cases are not expensive for an ordinary fisherman, especially a beginner. Today the situation is changing for the better: manufacturers from China make exact replicas of all the famous brands by selling their own behalf under their name. Value from 100-350 rubles. But for 350 rubles you get a Wobbler and no different from his famous brother cost 1300-1500 rubles, either in size, weight, shape, tees and painting, in a word nothing.

If you are fishing from the boat, while the hook has the ability to release the bait, having swum closer to it, but from the shore you have to say goodbye to dear thing. Using more budget parts, you will save your money and nerves. They are divided according to zaglubljaetsja, which is important to take into account. At the time of purchase please specify in which layers of water are caught or that model.

Zahlamlennost listed on the box of bait. Obviously, what to buy for a small river bait for fishing at a depth of 6 meters and more pointless. Anglers try to collect a full set, for fishing at depths to 1 m, 1-2 m. further, and deeper. Schools of perch are often found in the upper layers, while the largest specimens of the bottom.

Poppers. Commonly used where the depth is large, sakurazensen, and pass another attraction is problematic. It as well manifests itself when fishing for active fish. You probably have noticed the splashing and bubbling at the surface, sometimes of such a boiler can even jump a couple of bleak.

It looks like this: flocks of fry are near the surface of the water, attracting predatory fish, perch breaks in and begins to eat, in parallel driving the change. Popper will be useful not only in such a situation, but at any other time when the fish does not respond to other types of lures. Feigning his game wounded, easy prey he’s attractive at angling any predator.

Spoons and vertical spinners. Spoons are used at any time of the year, but in the winter time to use them is difficult. Spring and autumn show excellent results. It is also important to choose the right size, and as you may have guessed, it should not be too large.

Can be used in summer, perhaps they will become this day the most efficient. Vertical spinners can be used for boat fishing, or in winter. In winter it is one of commonly used, on a level with the jigs or rocker.

Fish fillet as the animal head. Next, let’s talk about the baits of animal origin, and start with the most unusual of them: pieces of thawed fish on opsenica or jig head. Cut a piece long 5-6 cm any fish. Then stick it on opsitnik or jig head so that 2-3 cm hanging down and with the move played, attracting bass.

Additionally, the pulp is better to tie to the hook by a thin wire, so it will last longer and will withstand dozens of bites. An additional effect will have and the smell of the crushed leaves of this tackle. The method is rarely used, because it was originally popular in moments of lack of other types of bait.

The worm, bloodworm and maggot. Applied either during the summer, float on the rod or when fishing in a plumb. To stay a long time on this question will not, because there are no secrets and features. Only that in the absence of fish should try a different bait. Sometimes not bad itself shows a sandwich from sharing a crank with a worm, motylja with maggots and so on.

Leech. When hunting for trophy specimen perch you can use this obsolescent bait like a leech. Gather them in the shallows with snags and stumps, the main thing is not to take the largest of them, it is desirable to use small. They are on the inside of the Lily pad. Ideal as bait, as are mobile and are part of the forage base for predator. A great choice for the summer.

Tadpole. In abundance in may and early June, in the spring. Located in boggy areas, pools large. Quality fishing tackle for this time of year. Just quietly forgotten.

Frogs. Frogs of small size are caught in the fall, the main thing is not to overdo it with their size. Necessary small representatives, nasazhivayas on the hook to your upper lip. They fish both the top and bottom layers.

Caddis worm (larva). Located in the small tubular cocoon from the earth. You probably met them on the shore, but most likely didn’t pay attention. Pull them carefully, so as not to damage. One of the most efficient and desirable lures for any fish.

Dragonfly larvae. Is a predator and to hunt for tadpoles, so common in the spring (may). Before moving to the next stage – the dragonfly crawling on the leaves and vegetation growing along the water. More common in ponds or bays of rivers.

On the installation of equipment and wiring methods

Definitely worth investigating this question, which is certainly tormented by novice anglers. In addition to standard methods, where the main fishing line or cord fit fluorocarbonates leash (or metal) there is still a whole lot of different ways. How many of them did not exist, but in everyday fishing most often used a small part of them, because of the versatility and simplicity of these.

The bypass leash. On our portal we have repeatedly dismantled the gear, the photo will immediately become clear how to build it. In this case, the bait is free moving condition, not bound by anything that attracts the predators of different sizes. It is also called the killer bass, because it is so attractive to fish that no one can resist. Used for fishing in the bottom layers, in the Parking lots of large humpback whales.

Drop shop is used in weedy waters where you need a accurate shot at a certain point. The fisherman throws the bait in the so-called Windows, among algae or water lilies. Thanks to this method the bait remains in a horizontal position, perfectly striped for provoking the attack.

The point is that, making the precise casting bait will stay in one place, not take over or falling to the bottom. Twitching the rod or twisting a coil, the effect of a red rag to a striped, greedily attacking its prey.

It remains to choose the optimal variant of the transaction.

It will depend on several factors: the selected lures and fishing activity.

  • When twiching (dash wiring) is the stroke of the rod, and free fishing line podmahivala coil. It is more widely used in angling on the rubber, but it could be wobblers, beginning to play only in spurts. In the hot summer weather pause between jerks minimum, the effect of mobility of fry. In the autumn of pause make longer, up to 10 seconds.
  • Uniform transaction is used when fishing in shallow water and it is used when installing most crankbaits, kolebalki and fans. A great option for beginners, where there is no need to have special knowledge and skills.
  • Step. Applicable in tandem with jig heads or Cheburashka with edible rubber and kolebalki. After 2-3 turns of the coil is a pause at this moment the lure begins to freely plan, attracting bass. After you reach the jig head bottom steps again.

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