Spinnerbate for predator fishing

Spinrebate is called an artificial bait for catching a predator, not only the toothy inhabitant of reservoirs responds to it , but also, and sometimes the asp.

Spinnerbate fell in love with our fishermen because of the shape, such a bait can easily catch ponds and lakes with a lot of vegetation, as well as very crowded places.

Distinguishing spinnerbait from the rest of the lures is easier than ever, it has the following features:

  • spinnerbate bait has several components, which helps to better attract the attention of a predator from the reservoir ;
  • a couple or more petals in the upper part of the fish seem to be a flock of fry, so the pike and rushes after them;
  • silicone skirt will not only help to attract larger individuals from the bottom, but also prevent hooks for snags and grass;
  • curved in the shape of the letter G, the lure of the bait draws the petals and the skirt into one vertical plane, which allows it to be caught in the shallows and in the water lilies.

Tip! For fishing small places it is better to use products with a round petal, and for deeper ones it is preferable to dwell on the elongated type of long.

Who and when caught on spinnerbeyt

It is better to use spinebate more in the summer when it is difficult to interest and lure predators out of the bushes with other baits. This bait has proven itself well in the spring, but in the fall it is better not to catch it.

Artificial bait will work best in stagnant water, but it is used regularly in backwaters on the river.

Posting spinnerbey annoyingly affects many predatory inhabitants of the reservoir, it will attack:

  • pike;
  • perch;
  • asp;
  • zander;
  • somies

In most cases, the predator reacts to the bait instantly, so it is important not to miss the bite.


There are many varieties of this bait, spinnerbeit may differ in:

  • the number of petals;
  • the weight of the head at the skirt;
  • additional equipment by vibrotail or twister;
  • the absence of petals.

In the first rows in popularity are lures with one or more petals, followed by bassbeits, the hallmark of which is the complete absence of a petal. Instead, the bait is equipped with a propeller, which in the water column creates a vibration, and it in turn attracts a predator.

In addition, spinnerbait on pike distinguish between factory and homemade. For the latter option, you need very few components and minimal skills to work with wire and metal. This method can make more than one bait version, experiment with the colors of the skirts, the number and shape of the petals.

Making your own hands

In most cases, a good quality factory bait is well worth it, branded versions often contain original heads and specific petals. In order not to overpay, the fishermen learned how to make spinnerbate on their own, many of them did it the first time, while others had to adapt a little for better production.

To independently produce spinbate for a pike, you must first of all have everything you need, prepare the tools and be patient.

Necessary materials

In order for the manufacturing process to go perfectly you need to know what components will be needed. Experienced anglers are advised to stock up on the following materials:

component quantity
wire stainless steel, 1 mm thick, for one spinnerbait need from 20 cm and more
hooks preference should be given to options with an extended forearm, it is best to use a special for the manufacture of jigolovok
sinkers from soft lead a few pieces of different weights
petals you can use ready-made options from old spinners or make them yourself
beads several versions of beads (beads) of different colors, it is possible to use assembly
skirt material apply gum for money, battered silicone fish, silk thread, Lurex
fittings clockwork rings, swivels and clasps only stainless steel and small

Auxiliary tools will be pliers, round pliers, pliers, a form for reflux.

Manufacturing process

To build a spinnerbeet weighing approximately 5 g, it is necessary to do the following steps:

  • stainless wire bite off a piece of the desired size and begin to form the basis;
  • the upper shoulder of the workpiece should be no more than 3 cm, the length of the lower one is 3.2 cm;
  • they measure the length from the sinker to the tip of the hook, the optimal size will be 2 cm;
  • then the hook is attached to the long knee of the rocker; for this, the wire is simply passed through the eyelet and is wrapped a couple of times;
  • the next step is to fill the resulting node with lead;
  • a bend is made in the upper part, which will give the shape of the letter D to the future spinnerbate;
  • loop formation will be one of the most important steps, it will become a stopper for the following components;
  • then petals are fixed, they can be positioned one or more; a loop in the form of a ringlet will help to fix the petal, but it should not fit tightly to the constituent element;
  • the skirt production was left for a snack;

Next, you just have to get out into the pond and try out a homemade product.

Useful tips for making

To spinnerbey worked perfectly and does not fail when casting and posting you need to know and apply some subtleties of production of the bait. Experienced master anglers recommend:

  • if more than one petal is used in the production, set one or a pair of beads between them, and it is better to use colored beads of large size;
  • Before installing the petals should be well sanding and sanding, can be painted in acidic color or leave the natural metal;
  • It is better to combine petals on one bait, use gold with bronze, bronze with silver, silver with gold;
  • you can install and double-sided petals;
  • for the manufacture of skirts you can use various options for materials, silicone cambric, gum for money, battered silicone lures fit perfectly;
  • in the arsenal should be bait of different sizes and with different weights, you can use the heavier versions of the heads;
  • instead of the skirt, you can put a suitable silicone fish on the hook or foam.

The process of making this creativity, taking the base, you can make your own special version of spinnerbait and successfully fished them the most inaccessible places of reservoirs. In addition to the usual jig hook, you can use a non-looping, and some put twins and tees.

Technique catching on spinnerbate

Catching pike on a spinnerbate takes place with the help of, usually 2-2.3 m length is enough. Test indicators are chosen based on the weight of the lure , and it is still better to use a cord as a base.

The catch with bait is carried out mainly in the shallows, among the driftwood and aquatic vegetation, and a spinnerbait will also work out between the water lily without any problems. Immediately after casting, it is necessary to wait a couple of seconds so that the bait sinks to the bottom, then evenly guide the bait in the chosen direction. Usually, a predator’s attack takes place instantly, so you should expect a strike after a few turns with the coil handle. Cutting is done quickly and sharply, to pierce the predator’s lip with a hook. This is followed by dodge and trophy measurement.

Other types of postings will also work not badly, but it is the uniform that allows the spinnerbeit to open up to the full.

Pike fishing on a spinnerbate is a very interesting activity; in the summer heat the predator hides in hard to reach places. This bait allows you to lure him from the ambush and catch the simplest of ways.

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