Varieties of equipments for catching of a carp and a step-by-step installation

A special course in Amateur fishing has become carpfishing. The cornerstone of this philosophy is the security of the trophy fish. To give the carp a minimum of damage during playing or gathering, the fishermen use specially designed montages.

Rigging for carp fishing involves the presence of fine hair, which is attached to the bait. Hair tied to the hook and enters the mouth of fish with a suction feed. The peculiarity of this installation is that the vast majority of cases, the hook bites into a massive fish lip, bringing her a minimum of inconvenience.

What are the elements used in the manufacture of carp snap?

The main elements of the snap-in carp

Carp installation is done either on the main line, using silicone tube-protivogerpetical, or on a segment ledcor (Liadcore) length of 45-75 cm, depending on the selected variant requires the collection of fishing items and accessories.

For manufacturing tools may be needed:

  • carp sinkers of different mounting possibilities, which differ in shape;
  • the leader;
  • clips in a secure execution;
  • the material for leads;
  • rubber or silicone fasteners for sinkers and baits;
  • tube-protivogerpetical;
  • vertucci;
  • soft lead plates;
  • heat shrink tube;
  • cut the rubber grommet;
  • tube of silicone;
  • tape, bags and yarn of PVA;
  • adhesive composition;
  • a special needle and awl;
  • carp hooks;
  • hair;
  • fishing line.
Schemes and options snap

No carp snap is perfect for all occasions. Some variants work better on a clean bottom, and the other is designed for fishing in snags. The most popular kabatnikova the following wiring diagrams.

IN-LINE (inline)

One of the most simple and quick to make snap-on is carp called IN-LINE. The name itself suggests that all the elements are arranged in one line. This mounting scheme works effectively at a distance of less than 100 m. fishing Waters should have a solid bottom surface. During the flight the leash hook is on the sinker, so the overlaps are extremely rare. Snap is good that after a bite there is the highest percentage of successful samopoczucie fish. This is due to the presence of the center of gravity at the point of connection of the leash.

Considering all the advantages of installation and simplicity of manufacture, inline is best suited for beginners fans carpfishing.

In-LINE has some disadvantages.

  • The location of the leash in front of the sinker has a negative impact on range.
  • Due to the close location of the center of gravity to a leash snap instantly immersed in the sludge, together with the hook and attachment.

The main role in this snap-in plays a special sinker for carp fishing. It has a through hole along the body of the cargo. The hole is mounted a rubber or plastic inserts that prevent chafing of the line. Besides the usual lead sinkers can be used the trough in the form of a spring or a model called The Metod.

Photo 1. The scheme of installation of inline.


Pursuing a noble goal is to keep the fish in good condition, carpatica developed safe clip SAFETY CLIP. Thanks to this snap-in, fishing has reached a new level.

Such installation nowadays has become very popular due to the following advantages.

  1. Replace the sinker is possible without complete disassembly of the snap-in. This is particularly important for athletes when it is necessary to establish the burden of another shape or weight in seconds.
  2. SAFETY CLIP firmly holds the swivel with a leash. It turns out a remote installation with excellent samopoczucie qualities.
  3. Feature the “right” clip is the timely disposal of the sinker. This option allows you to lift the fish up over the snags or steep curb, littered with seashells. In this case, increase the costs of fishing, but increases the chance of getting a trophy fish.
  4. Safe clip saves the fish from a painful death in the event of breakage of tackle. Carp enough to make a few sudden movements to first get rid of the weight, and then “spit out” the hook with the leash.

Photo 2. Safe clip.

For sale is a few ready-made varieties.

  • Simple clip (Lead Clip Safety), and the model with the stud (Lead Clip Wish pin) intended for the manufacture of a blind installation. With normal clip, it is important to choose the swivel that fits will be included. Plastic pinks allow you to fix a swivel, but working with these small items the night uncomfortable.
  • Very original idea implemented in the front Gated Safety Lead Clips. The swivel leash is held by a metal frame, which is called gateway (gate). Despite the cumbersome design, achieves a guaranteed shooting sinkers. The disadvantage of clips is the ability to collect all the garbage at the bottom of the open frame.
  • For casting heavy loads applied clip Heavy Duty Lead Clips. It features high strength and reliability. Sometimes there are glitches when you want to release the cargo. But it is famous for its versatility. Snap can be used for fishing on the muddy bottom, and also for ultra long range fishing. Samozaschity clip is also at a high level.
A helicopter or a snap RIG

Carp installation called “helicopter” is often found in carpfishing. He received this name due to the rotation of the leash around ledcor at the time of casting tackle.

Snap has a number of positive properties.

  1. The main advantage of the “helicopter” is a range.
  2. When falling into the muddy bottom of the bait always stays on the surface of the soil. To control the depth of immersion of the load is possible by means of two beads.

The disadvantage of the RIG is a snap penchant for perechitivay long leash (15 cm). It becomes noticeable when using PVA sticks (small soluble “candy” bait). To solve this problem, the leash is tied to Liadcore PVA-thread.

A kind of “helicopter” is a snap “chod festival” (CHOD RIG). Such installation is required for casting a hard leash and a floating nozzle POP-UP. Under this snap-in you select a specific hook, where the ring is bent back to an angle of 15 degrees. “Chudova” the scheme guarantees that the location of the leash with the bait over a muddy bottom.

Photo 3. Schema snap-in “helicopter”.

Modified “flying choda” with the name of the FLYING CHOD RIG has 2 significant differences.

  1. Ledcor can reach lengths of 3 m.
  2. The leash has more freedom of movement on ledcor thanks posted install beads. One of them is fixed at 30 cm from the load, and the second is mounted 2.5 m away from it. This scheme allows the leash to fly at ledcor. This approach is required when fishing for carp in silty bottom with the presence of aquatic vegetation.

Attention! The drawback of all variants of the “helicopter” is a weak seopodcast fish. So the angler must constantly monitor the line tension. But gatherings such Assembly is not seen.

Sliding snap

For catching wary fish made the running rigging for carp. They are extremely sensitive. But excluded samopoczucia fish to react to the bite itself should fisherman.

The design of the moving mounting looks like.

  • One of the most important system accessories Wish Sleeve Safety Ring and Clip becomes block-clip-liner. It is set to swivel and leash. Simultaneously, the block serves as a stop for the cargo at the time of casting. To secure the fastener for attaching sinkers, used slippery solid ring of plastic.
  • Often on the clasp and the swivel is slipped a tube of silicone. This scheme is Running Safety Clip limits the mobility of joints, reducing the number of entanglements.

Moving the snap-in is most often used when fishing for carp in winter or early spring. Sluggish fish moves slowly tries the bait. So samopoczucie may not be considered. Applying a running snap-in, anglers don’t pull the line. The bite is recorded as fluctuations of the line. This is a negative point for many anglers who prefer to spend time fishing at a table or around the campfire.

Tip! Alternative species may be polukoltsami option. Enough to fix within 50 cm of the sinker retaining bead below was made possible by samopoczucia.

Description step-by-step installation

Consider the production of the most popular montages.


Carp snap IN-LINE is done quickly on the basis of ledcor.

  1. First ledcore binds to single swivel, beside him, still installed a rubber damper.
  2. Using a sinker or feeder extends cut ledcore by mounting a needle with a padlock. 30 cm from sinkers or feeders is the nodal loop, which is required for connection with a leash through the swivel.
  3. We have to attach a lead with a hook length 10 cm.

The snap-in “helicopter” should be done in that order.

  1. First to the main fishing line snaps cut ledcor length 50-70 cm
  2. To connect with sinkers laddarom used clockwork ring.
  3. On ledcor strung two rubber stopper, which is located between the mounting ring for the leash.

Quite an effective installation is “harvester”. For snap require the feeder-spring is a length of 6 cm and a diameter of 3…5 cm.

Recommendation! To make a feeder from a metal wire with a diameter of 1.5-2 mm, giving it a barrel shape.

  1. To the top of the trough is attached to the swivel should connect the spring with the main line.
  2. You must make 5 or 7 leads with a length of 10-20 cm leashes are equipped with carabinieri.
  3. Leashes are mounted to the swivel located at the top of the trough. At this point all leads are connected in a single bundle node.
  4. The hooks are pulled apart with a plastic tube with holes.

Existing equipment for carp fishing it is possible to target to hunt for trophy fish. However, every lover of fishing can make the additions and changes to any installation. Perhaps through the years, the snap-in will be called by the name of the Creator.

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