The chemical composition of eggs and its properties

Chicken eggs is a very popular product. They are used since long time and added in many dishes. Since they are eaten as a separate dish, in omelettes, fried eggs or just eat boiled and added to salads and many other dishes.

The egg is the protein product that has great nutritional value and contains many nutrients. Mainly for food use chicken eggs. Eggs of waterfowl in the food consumed is much less, because they can cause infectious diseases. If we consider the chemical composition of the product, there will be protein, fats, carbohydrates, mineral salts and water, which is more than half of all components. In addition, it includes vitamins E, D, carotene, choline, and many other substances that are essential for good health.

In the product per hundred grams contains about 160 kcal, that is, its nutritional value, it can equal to a glass of milk or forty grams of meat.

What is shell chicken eggs

In such a product one component. Several of them. If we consider the egg as a whole, we can distinguish three parts that are different in scope.


  • shell;
  • protein;
  • yolk.

Most of it is protein. This is approximately 56%, the yolk is 32% and the shell is the lower part, i.e. 12%.

The shell of the egg is an integral part of it and it performs certain functions. Main is a protection from falling into the product of various pathogenic microorganisms.

The shell contains calcium, magnesium, carbon dioxide and many other elements of the organic plan. Under the shell there is a thin, but dense enough shell, followed by protein. This shell is required to ensure that the egg does not get pathogenic microflora. At the same time through it can penetrate gas or water vapor.

One more stupid question is the air chamber. If the product is stored for a long time, it becomes more because the content shrinks.

What is egg protein

Protein is transparent viscous liquid, which occupies a large part of the product and consists of many layers. When the churning of the foam, which can be very thick. The density of the entire protein are not the same, its most dense part is located closer to the center, next to the yolk, thereby keeping the yolk in the center.

Protein contains in its structure a large number of trace elements, among which are ovalbumin and konalbumin. These substances contain many amino acids, but they are present in optimal proportions. This leads to the fact that eggs are an easily digestible product, that is, their digestibility is 98%.

The following elements perform different functions:

  • The ovalbumin in the egg gives the guarantee of a high solubility of protein in water;
  • ovomucin allows to stabilize the foam during whisking, that is, make it strong;
  • emoglobin allows the protein to form foam while beating;
  • lysozyme has antibacterial properties that can fade with aging eggs.

In addition, protein has in its composition many minerals and vitamins such as b vitamins, vitamin E, D and many others. Protein contains 47 kcal per 100 grams of product.

What is in egg yolk

However, despite many positive qualities of protein, the most valuable in the egg is the yolk. The yolk is a thick liquid that is composed of layers. They alternate with each other. The color of the yolk can vary from light yellow to bright yellow hue. On top of the yolk has a thin filmon the surface which is a fetus.

The yolk is no less useful properties than protein. It contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Their yellow tint this part of the egg becomes thanks to its composition carotene. Once in the human body, it is synthesized in vitamin a which is essential for the normal functioning of the body.

How does the chemical composition of eggs per person

As already noted, the egg is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Their impact on the human body is very diverse and at times, in addition to the positive impact may be negative. For example, in the chemical composition of the egg the avidin is present. It is a protein that connects the Biotin and regulates neuroreflex activity, thereby forming avalability complex. When it is thermal effects, it begins to decompose into its constituent elements. This means that excessive consumption of raw foods can cause N-vitaminosis, and therefore, there can be problems with health.

Ovomucoid, which is a protein contained in egg can destabilize the functioning of trypsin. And this enzyme is very important for the pancreas. Accordingly, this can lead to poor absorption of eggs, and other products.

Also, it should be noted that frequent use of ovomucoid, which is not absorbed by the body, can cause allergic reactions. Most often it is manifested in children, because their immune system is weaker than that of an adult.

If ovomucoid to provide thermal effect, its properties are lost completely. While beating only partially.

Present in the protein lysozyme, which is an enzyme and when not complied with the storage conditions of the product, it can start to break down. This can lead to the fact that we have severe food infection.

Nutritional properties

But still, despite the negative, this product has a large number of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, making it a highly nutritious product. In the egg contains large amounts of fats. They are mainly concentrated in the yolk. Plus, they have a fairly low melting point, which means that this product is well absorbed by the human body.

In addition, the yolk is concentrated unsaturated fatty acids. This arachidonic, linoleic and oleic, which are also useful to humans.

But, it should be noted that the egg is also a source of cholesterol. Though it to them a little, примерно1,6%, but their regular use can cause the development of atherosclerosis. Accordingly, people in old age it is better to reduce the amount of this product in your diet.

Among the useful properties can be identified and these are:

  • For example, regular consumption of such food can help in combating depression
  • improves mood and increases efficiency.
  • Also scientists have proven that the product prevents the development of cardiovascular and even cancer.

From this it follows that it is quite a useful product. After all, if you consider the composition of a chicken egg, we can see many elements in it that will only benefit the person. But, accordingly, their use should be in moderation.

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