Beautiful places for diving

I compiled this list, based on the assumption that that’s where I’d head if I was given a free plane ticket, the passport of the new sample, which can be issued urgently, and unlimited tank with air.

Given that for one person something is a treasure, and the other garbage, it’s a bold move to compile a list of their favorite places in the world for diving.

Some of these places have large and safe with corals, some living only there are rare animal species, some of these places are “charismatic megafauna“, and the other – an endless blue expanse with great visibility.

They are very diverse, both in geographical and biological terms, reminding me why I still love to scuba dive, after all these years.

The great barrier reef

Not to mention the 645 species of shrimp, here you can literally find thousands of dive sites located along the world’s longest coral reef, which stretches 1,200 miles. A large biodiversity than anywhere else, the biggest corals and fish, and in General the most significant reef system that you’ve ever seen.

Tip: go to the far North, ha port Douglas to get into the most peaceful and secluded places.

The Florida Keys

Changes in latitude will lead to changes in perception. Although in the recent years and there are problems with water quality caused by the proximity of the coast, the Florida Keys are still semi-tropical Islands where you can get from US.

And boats for divers will take you to even more distant and healthy place along the reef with a length of 220 miles. Shipwrecks, coral ridges and reefs, and in late summer – a short but spectacular period of coral spawning.

The Galapagos Islands

Just imagine what you could discover here is Darwin, if he were to dive under the water. Immersion in water can let you see the local scads and manta rays and Galapagos sharks, to see the colony of sea lions and penguins, and the world’s only marine iguanas.

Temperate waters of this remote archipelago, located 600 miles from the equator in the Pacific ocean is fully protected within the marine Park. Every time when here is visited by a scientific expedition, here be fish.

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