How to tow a snowmobile

It is important that the trailer is fully mounted on the towing vehicle before loading and unloading the snowmobile. In this case, it is desirable to have a minimum of 2 people: one controls the winch, and the other helps.

This will reduce the risk of adverse events that could lead to damage to the joint.

Towing any snowmobile is prohibited if it has problems with the brake system and steering. It is also forbidden to simultaneously transport two or more vehicles. Towing rules require the use of a hitch, which must be intact and without damage, with a length of 4 to 5 meters. The driver of the towing vehicle must have at least 2 years of experience.

Awareness experts advise snowmobile drivers to check:

  • the size of two elements – the hitch and the ball of the machine in combination with a trailer.
  • protection chains that go in addition to the hitch.
  • connection with taillights and turn signals.
  • pressure taking into account the weight of a broken snowmobile.
  • availability of a towing rating for the car, which confirms the ability to effectively pull out the snowmobile.

A tug of tow is required. First you need to remove the belt from non-working vehicles.

Step-by-step removal looks like this:

  1. Pull the protective cover away from the belt of the snowmobile variator.
  2. Insert a special tool to part the driven shaft half into the threads of the adjustment sleeve.
  3. Separate the flanges of the non-main sheave (slave) when turning the device.
  4. Drag the belt over the upper part, first remove it from the follower, and then from the drive pulley.

Learn how to properly tow a broken snowmobile after removing the variator belt.

In certain cases, instead of hard traction, you can use a towing rope, but you must strictly follow the rules, be careful when driving. Drive carefully, considering that in some parts of the country this type of towing may be illegal. Consult with local government representatives.

Remove the drive belt, install the rope on two ski supports. According to the rules, a towed snowmobile must have a person who will monitor the movement and slow down the movement of vehicles. Tow it at low speed.

Attention! To prevent damage to the steering wheel, do not install the rope in the handle of the ski.

Snowmobile loading methods

Several ways to transport a snowmobile:

  • in baggage or on the roof of the car;
  • in the back of a truck;
  • in the trunk of a pickup car;

Observe the loading rules: use a ramp that provides a normal grip for the tracks so that the snowmobile moves up. According to the Scooteroff source, extension cords should be used during loading to provide a solid base for grip tracks.

Use a bandage for the ramp – attach one end to the car through the tow bar to secure the platform. Make sure the connection points are located behind the ramps.

Instructions for loading the snowmobile correctly

towbar mount a towing truck is installed in front of the ramp and check that everything is directed up and spaced
in the car body they call in strictly in front of the body
to the platform drive up with slightly raised seats, as if on a hill

If there is a studded track on the snowmobile, make sure that there is an appropriate ramp. Do not forget to fasten the winter motorcycle with straps before you go on the road. Also, ten sports and six utilitarian snowmobiles can be accommodated in the usual European-type truck. KamAZ carries 4 snowmobiles at a time. Motorists also transport equipment in truckers in 2 levels, using “homemade products.” Transporting a snowstorm in a minibus will help to avoid dangerous consequences in the form of rain and snow. Domestic gazelle is suitable for such purposes.

Transportation on gazelles or in a truck
In Buhanka

To load a snowmobile into an UAZ, you can fix the bracket for the winch to the frame through the floor of the van. Before you call, remove the hood, so as not to damage the iron parts of the UAZ. There is enough space in the car, so Buran enters, but after this there is almost no free space.

Pickup truck

Using this method, you can transport small and medium snowmobiles, because the overall models will greatly fit outside the pickup. This will violate the stability in the pits and when driving on rough roads.

What documents are needed to permit towing a snowmobile

Before you start towing a snowmobile, familiarize yourself with the rules that require such documents:

    • a written application for passing the inspection of transport (MOT) for legal entities;
    • receipt, which indicates that a state duty has been paid; identification;
    • passport of technical equipment for the trailer.

To draw up documentation for the trailer, they first submit an application to register the car.

Important! Registration at the inspection must be completed at the place of residence within ten days.

In some states (Russia is also included), a license for a trailer and sled is required. Contact (the traffic police) to clarify this requirement. Ask about the rules of transportation in other countries if you plan to travel abroad.

How fast can a faulty snowmobile be towed

Depending on the type of hitch and road conditions, there are different requirements:

  • not higher than 10 km / h – on a tight grip;
  • at a permitted speed, but not more than 60 km / h in urban conditions;
  • at a permitted speed, but not more than 90 km / h in the country.

Choose the right speed, taking into account the condition of the track and weather conditions. Risky driving practices can cause personal injury.

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