Snowmobile Irbis Dingo T125

Dingo T125 snowmobile is small, suitable for transportation, because when disassembled, it can be placed in a simple sedan. At the same time, assembly and functionalization are carried out by one person in about 5 minutes.

The machine has an electronic starter, disc brakes, rubber-fabric reinforced caterpillar, towbar. The speedometer is easy to read, and the standard 12-volt cigarette lighter socket provides power to electronic on-board devices.

The manufacturer Irbis Motors has pleased many snowmobile enthusiasts with the new improved model Dingo T125. It uses a caterpillar mover having a front location of the drive sprockets. The disassembly function provides the ability to put the device in the trunk of the car, so you can not use trailers to transport the unit.

Prepare to use the snowmobile before riding, for this you need to check the car, namely:

  • brake;
  • caterpillar
  • throttle;
  • steering wheel;
  • gas pipeline;
  • shine;
  • fuel level.

Brake: see if you need to improve the brake system (free play is 15 mm normal). Check the caterpillar for damage, the level of tension, the lever and the fastening of the cable; adjust or change if necessary. See how the headlight and the side lights work. In the steering gear, check the play and steering stability.

Powertrain start

Do not start the engine in an unventilated area, it is dangerous for human life. Set the transmission mode lever to the “N” state, the tap to “ON”, press the brake lever and hold it. If you hear a buzzer sound, then all actions were carried out normally.

Switch the engine shutdown button to the appropriate position and check the emergency power off switch; it is connected normally. When the signal has disappeared, you can start the engine: press the electric start and slightly on the throttle control lever to supply fuel, the motor should turn on. The pressing time should not be more than three seconds. If the motor does not work, you need to take a break for half a minute and try to turn it on again, otherwise the battery will be quickly discharged.

After starting, turn off the electric starter button. When the engine is on, the button should not be pressed, this will break the device. To extend the life of the power unit, you need to let it warm up. If, after pressing the throttle, the speed decreases, the engine is not fully warmed up. The model has an automatic enrichment, after it is turned off, in automatic mode, the speed of the power unit begins to fall by almost 300 rpm. Then you can start the movement by moving the mode knob to the “F” position.

To turn on the engine, at very low air temperatures, you need to turn the key to “on” and wait a few minutes, then press the electric starter button.

Running a snowmobile

To ensure normal operation, it is necessary to run-in, if the new snowmobile is properly handled, it is possible to extend the life of the engine. The power unit requires a break-in for 20 hours or 500 km, only after that it will operate at full capacity. In the process, each element of the unit is rubbed against each other, so the overall clearance is calibrated.

At the plant, in the crankcase, experts fill in oil that does not provide quick and safe starting of the engine in severe frost, because of this it is recommended to change to optimal before starting use.

For the first 500 km, do the following:

  • do not exceed speeds of 30 km / h, and the operating time is not more than an hour;
  • do not allow heavy load, long driving up a steep mountain, engine spin-up by more than 7 thousand rpm, however, during running-in it is recommended to allow the device to accelerate briefly and move at different speeds;
  • it is important to change the oil in the engine, having passed the first hundred kilometers and perform maintenance of the device, this will improve the work and extend the life of the motor.

The new belt of the variator device is running in for 50 kilometers. During this period, intense acceleration, braking, towing, and driving at a constant speed must be avoided.

If problems arise during the break-in of the equipment, as well as to eliminate malfunctions during the warranty period, you need to contact a trusted service center.

The power unit has transportation oil. Before using the snowmobile, it is recommended to change it in the motor and gearbox, taking into account the conditions of use of the device.

Continuous acceleration with a fully open damper, continuous movement at high speed and overheating of the motor are not designed for optimal break-in.

Before starting the movement, it is important to inspect the brakes, this will help to avoid a failure during movement and an accident that can be caused during movement.

Driving a snowmobile

Before starting the trip, you need to put your feet on the steps, put your hands on the steering wheel, then start the engine, let it warm up, squeeze the brake control lever, put the transmission lever in the “F” position.

After that, do the following:

  1. Release the brake and, in order to move off, gently press the throttle lever with the thumb of your right hand. The speed is regulated by pressing the throttle lever; during the first ride, drive slowly.
  2. Familiarity with the snowmobile and training in how to operate it must be carried out on level ground.
  3. To make a turn or a turn, turn the steering wheel in the necessary direction, while tilting the upper part of the body into the turn, transferring weight. So make a turn will turn out more safely and smoothly.
  4. Before each trip, check all components and assemblies.

When riding a snowmobile, always follow the recommendations for working with the gearbox: it is important to smoothly start the movement while running in, with the load or with the trailer, as well as in difficult circumstances on the road.

When driving, it is recommended to observe the following precautions:

  • Slow down before driving on rough roads
  • Avoid twisting turns that lead to skidding and tipping over of the snowmobile.

When lifting, it is important to observe such protective measures:

  • to climb up only along a straight path, holding the legs on the steps and moving the weight forward;
  • avoid climbing to high elevations with an angle greater than 13 – 15 °;
  • Be prepared to get off the snowmobile quickly.

During the descent adhere to such subtleties:

  • to descend in a straight trajectory, holding the feet on the supports, moving the weight back;
  • increased speed during descent from the slope leads to loss of control over the machine;
  • operate machinery while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs;
  • to ensure safety, use a helmet and protective equipment during movement;
  • you can not trust the management of children under 18 years of age;
  • Reduce your speed as much as possible.

How to stop the snowmobile?

  1. You need to release the accelerator lever and gently press the brake lever until it stops;
  2. Then you should put the transmission control lever in the “N” mode.
Snowmobile transportation

For the convenience of owners, the model is made collapsible, it easily fits in the trunk and on the rear seat of a car.

The dismantling and assembly of the snowmobile is indicated in the manual on the website or in paper form. The last option can be bought in the cabin. To protect against damage and dirt, Irbis Dingo T125 must be covered with a protective cover when transporting on an open platform of the trailer. If the device is transported using a trailer, then before you start moving, you need to check the quality of the towing device and safety devices.

When loading and transporting the snowmobile assembled, the following recommendations should be considered:

  • Do not drive onto the platform of the trailer or the machine yourself;
  • always securely mount the snowmobile on the loading platform.
Snowmobile Sling

To lift and move the snowmobile you need slings for the frame of the caterpillar block and suspension elements. The places indicated in the figure must also be used for mooring the machine during lifting.

Trailer towing

Dingo T125 can tow trailers weighing up to 100 kg. For towing, the snowmobile has a tow hitch.

To ensure safety, the towed trailer must have wind-proof elements and reflective signs that comply with GOST. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with them before use.

Luggage compartment

It is located under the seat of the T125 Dingo snowmobile and consists of compacted fabric stretched over the seat frame, as well as other elements:

  • Valve
  • the castle;
  • mate;
  • loops;
  • luggage space.

To gain access to the luggage compartment, you need to bend the lock valve, take the tongue to the right and fold the seat. To close the luggage compartment, put the seat in place and push it until the audible sound of the lock: the luggage compartment is closed.

Before traveling to Irbis Dingo T125, you need to make sure that the luggage space is tightly closed. Do not put flammable objects or expensive items in it.


Unlike previous models, in which to assemble or disassemble the machine it was necessary to twist screws and nuts, the D12 T125 uses a fastening design, like folding bikes. This provides convenience and lightness, and also saves time. The folding process takes several minutes.

Engine overheating is prevented by an oil cooler. The power unit is turned on by an electric starter, which is also convenient.

The completed Dingo T125 model has the following innovations:

  • caterpillars with improved lugs, wide runners;
  • informative control panel;
  • cigarette lighter;
  • heating element for steering column handles and gas trigger;
  • seat of improved comfort;
  • a windshield and a large trunk under the seat.

Note that all these innovations are on more expensive models. The design includes a trailer with which you can transport the sled. There is also a rubberized mudguard, a helium battery, which does not lose its qualities even in severe frost.

Dingo T125 was developed by Russian specialists, which made it possible to adapt the machine to extreme conditions. This technique is based on the previous Dingo T110 model. The working volume of the power unit amounted to 1.25 thousand liters, so the engine power was increased compared to the previous model, due to this, a high throughput of the machine was ensured.

This snowmobile has such key features:

  1. The set of equipment includes an electric starter and a rechargeable battery with helium, resistant to severe frosts.
  2. In addition to starting the power unit with an electronic starter, manual start is also provided.
  3. An improved automatic, clutch has proven itself relatively to the power units of motoblocks.
  4. There is a function for reversing, which is useful for making a turn if the space is small, and also helps to get out when the snowmobile is in a stuck condition.
  5. If the snowmobile stalled, the lightweight design allows the driver to independently pull out the device.

Before buying a new or supported model of the Dingo 125 snowmobile, it is recommended that you read the technical specifications.

Overall data:

  1. Length – 2,510.
  2. Height relative to the windshield – 1 010.
  3. Width – 980.
  4. The height relative to the driver’s seat is 685.

Operational Values:

  1. Propulsion type – tracked with front sprockets.
  2. Track drive – chain.
  3. The number of chain links is 22.
  4. Chain pitch is 16.
  5. Type of track – rubber-reinforced.
  6. Type of rollers – rubberized.
  7. The total length of the track is 2,170.
  8. The width of the track is 380.
  9. Track lug height 23.
  10. The number of caterpillar track windows is 43.
  11. Track pitch is 50.5.
  12. The type of track tension mechanism is screw.
  13. Structural mass – 98.
  14. The type of engine to be installed is gasoline.
  15. The number of engine strokes is 4.
  16. The type of engine starting is through an electric starter.
  17. The capacity of the fuel tank in liters is 5.
  18. The maximum speed of independent movement is 50.


  1. Transmission – semi-automatic gearbox.
  2. Number of gears – 4.
  3. The clutch is automatic.


  1. Management – hydraulics.
  2. The mechanism is a mechanical disk.


  1. The rear suspension is roller-sklizovoy.
  2. Front skis – slewing.
  3. The front suspension is independent.

Electrical equipment:

  1. The headlight is halogen.
  2. Heating function – optional.

Engine. Dingo T125 has a gasoline 4-stroke power unit with an oil type of cooling. The block contains 1 cylinder, the volume of which is 125 cubic mm, and the initial shaft speed is 7500 rpm. in minutes When this mark is reached, the rated power is 5.2 kW or 7.07 hp. The power system with one carburetor is used. The fuel consumption per 100 km is at least 1.5 liters, the gasoline to be poured must be AI-92.


You can buy a Dingo T125 snowmobile at a price of 75,000 rubles – this is the minimum, and 98,000 – the maximum. The car is relatively cheap with its capabilities. The cost varies and depends on the year of manufacture and configuration.

A used car will cost from about 48,000 rubles to 70,000 rubles. The main criteria that affect the cost are: year of production, equipment, condition and mileage of the snowmobile.

You can buy a snowmobile with defects or a faulty one for 15,000-20,000 rubles and buy spare parts for it, which cost relatively little. Example prices for spare parts:

Details Prices
Led star 450
Temperature sensor 1100
Leading star 1100
Trunk 2100
Caterpillar 6600
Tank 1700
Panel 3900
Windshield glass 1500
Telega sklizovaya 9200
Drive chain 200
Unit with switches 820
Rink 600

It is also recommended to modernize the snowmobile, purchase a kit for it to improve patency: bottom protection, levers and covers for skids.

Should I buy the Dingo T125

This should be decided by lovers of winter equipment themselves. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the device of the Dingo T125 snowmobile as thoroughly as possible, as well as what users are saying and get expert opinions.

Summarizing the above characteristics, it should be noted that the Dingo T125 is a popular snowmobile for fishermen who would like to get out into the wild. The device has a modified design, improved parameters – the traction and width of the skis are enough to drive through relatively deep snow. It is important to determine why it is needed. If for fishing or pokatushek, then Dingo T125 is a good choice.

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