Molva (sea pike) fish (Molva molva)

Fish Molva, which is often otherwise called a sea pike because of its some resemblance with freshwater namesake is a typical deep-sea fish, whose weight in the natural environment often reaches 20-25 pounds with a maximum body length of 180 centimeters.

However, occasionally there are much larger instances, which weigh one and a half times more than the previous individuals.

Ling – Ling and Molva inhabits around the coast of Norway and Scotland.

Malva is a cross between cod and sea eel. Body elongate, tapering posteriorly, covered with very small scales. Head elongated, flattened. Upper jaw longer than the lower part. Mouth small teeth. Chin to be unpaired barbel. The pectoral fins are short. Dorsal fin two. The second dorsal fin and anal fin reaches the caudal fin and do not merge with him. The lateral line is straight. This is a typical deep-sea fish, living at depths of 60 to 1,000 m (mainly 300-400 m). Only fry for Ling encountered at shallower depth (approx 100 m).

Molva (Molva molva) reaches a length of 150- 180 cm, keeps near the bottom, mostly at depths from 100 to 300, and even 500 m. for Ling – predatory fish ( feed on crustaceans, molluscs, small fish). Reach sexual maturity at the age of 8-10 years at a length of 80-100 cm Molva is commercial fish. Annual catches amount to 60,000 tons. Catches of fish in Norwegian waters. Especially appreciated Ling in Spain and France.

Fish Molva (sea pike) characteristic features are elongated eel-like body, the surface of which has a brown-green marble spots on the back and sides. The color of the belly of the fish Molva (sea pike) varies from white to yellowish, while the pectoral and ventral fins are reddish in colour.

Visually, the fish Molva (sea pike) is largely like a cross between cod and sea eel. Found this sea fish at a depth of 50 to 900 meters mainly along the Atlantic coast. While the favorite habitat of a fish Molva (sea pike) are a sunken ship and sandy areas.

Fish Molva (sea pike) is a predator that mainly eats other smaller fishes, or echinoderms, crustaceans and cuttlefish. Sexual maturity in fish Molva (sea pike) occurs at 8-10 years of age, and she spawns in April-June.

The best depth for catching this fish is considered to be 300-400 meters, while year-round is produced along the continental shelf with longlines, bottom trawl, fixed network or in deep water trolling. The main supplier of fish Molva (sea pike) in the other country is Norway.

Meat from fish Molva (sea pike) is sufficient density and a pleasant taste, so it is widely used for culinary purposes in the preparation of different fish dishes. Meat fresh fish characteristic elasticity and fibration, and visually fillet fish Molva (sea pike) recalled meat cod of the species, though slightly drier and rougher. Overall, fish Molva (sea pike), which will make tasty dishes, very beneficial for human health.

Molva (sea pike) is a valuable source of protein, phosphorus, selenium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and many other essential body substances. However, despite all these advantages of this fish, a large industrial value it has.

To cook a delicious and healthy dish of fish Molva (sea pike), it is necessary initially to select quality seafood. So, the degree of freshness for Ling can be determined by external data – ventral and pectoral fins have fresh fish a reddish color, with smooth scales tight to the skin.

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