Rodent Sonya: General characteristics of animals and the types of these mice

Sony is a very cute and affectionate and have similarities with squirrel and hamster. The name hazel Dormouse, got, first, for its dwelling place.

After all, where they usually live, a large number of trees with a variety of nuts. But Sonia it is called because the animal is nocturnal, and during the day prefers to take a NAP.

General characteristics

All members of the family sanevich have similar characteristics, body structure and organs. The dormice have large eyes and dark, ears are a bit rounded, and the antennae very long. When I take one of these animals felt, how they have soft and fluffy fur. The tail is one of the advantages of the Sony: with long fur, even more fluffy than the animal.

Sony live not on the surface of the earth, and prefer to settle in the trees. In that case, if in the area where they live, there is a great number of really tall trees, then Sony can with the same comfort stay in any of the Bush shrubs. However, it should be noted that some types of mice spend most of the time on the ground.

According to growers, Sony, and, more precisely, their some species are pests because these small animals may inflict a little damage to the trees in the garden, or the fruit, but it is not so significant.

In fact, Sonya is impossible to deny appeal. They are very sweet and their behavior is quite entertaining to observe. You could call them long-lived, compared to other rodents. Although, Sony and perfectly fit the role of a pet, they are not particularly common. The fact that, as mentioned earlier, Sony lead an active way of life only at night, and in the afternoon are a sleepy and lazy animals. So many animal lovers and are hesitant to start, thinking if would be bored with dormice. Unfortunately, they do not realize that in the home these rodents without any problems unable to adjust to human life.


There is a common myth that these animals though ill see the day and therefore prefer to stay awake in the dark. Of course, it is not. Sony are perfectly oriented in space, not depending on the time of day, thanks to his impeccable vision.

An interesting feature of dormice is their skeletal. Mother nature has created it so that every time Sonya you need to get through in very little crevice in the tree, which is seemingly much less of her, the animal stretches in length as the normal structure of the skeleton of the rodents wouldn’t let him. This factor allows the animals to find the most secluded places for their nests, providing them with security.

Sony not only endowed with all the above advantages, but excellent hearing, which allows them to hunt without the slightest difficulty. It’s funny to watch how Sony ears move in different directions, performing the role of a locator, studying the terrain. The largest such ears on the head Sonya’s garden.

The process of eating a heavy sleeper production is very similar to those, as do squirrels. A large part of the daily diet of the animals make up a solid feed. They easily open the shells of various nuts with their sharp little teeth.

If they could not hide so well from all dangers await them, that, probably, would long ago have died out, because they rarely replenish their population. Puberty occurs later animals, and they mate, unlike other rodents, very little, only twice a year.

Besides, in a litter is rarely more than five cubs. However, dormice make excellent mothers who protect their offspring from all sorts of dangers.


In Russia, the spread of all three dormice species: hazel, forest and garden. All of these species are perfect for keeping in the home.


In nature the hazel dormice prefer to settle in the bushes. The size of these rodents is small, about ten centimeters. Sonia is not fussy and, if necessary, will be comfortable there and in the hollows of trees. Also, you can often find dormice in nest boxes. In winter, Sonia moved from its nest in a cosy burrow, which settles in the roots of trees.

If you want to include the hazel Dormouse home, keep in mind that the cage should be quite tall and spacious, because the animals can’t live, no climbing on the various branches as they used to do in their natural habitat. Note that houses in the cage should be several. This is due to the fact that animals in nature feel more comfortable if there are several secluded places where it can rest.

Fed this kind of a mixture of various grains, and as the animals get treats of candy and nuts. Despite its appeal, Sony hazel still not ideal Pets for several reasons.

  • The animals are very small and nimble, so if Sonia will run away with your arms in a secluded place, to catch her and take her back in the cage will be very difficult.
  • Unlike other species, the smell of the Sony is quite sharp and clear cell have much more often than usual.
  • People with allergies, the rodents of this type are not suitable.
  • They can not do without the presence of feeding insect that you need to consider their future owners.

They are considered beautiful due to their fur and interesting spots on the face that resemble carnival masks, which gives them a special charm. Coat garden dormice has the ability to cast gold, the long tail is a brush, and eyes and ears, which are very large and in his own expressive, complete the already perfect image.

Future owners of the garden Dormouse should be aware that animals love the movement and prefer to eat animal food, though not refuse from various grains and nuts. Of course, this cage must be extremely spacious. The perfect place of residence for them is a large enclosure where the animals will be able to run enough. In the Sony daily diet includes mealworms and insect larvae.


The Lesna Sony is very similar to their counterparts, the garden dormice. But if the latter can be seen quite often, forest Dormouse try to choose a place to dwell away from people.

For this and several reasons they are especially good Pets.

  • Forest dormice do not eat the same as other types. Their diet is much more complicated.
  • A certain individual may have individual food preferences and refuse other food.
  • A live feed of which feed on forest animals in their natural habitat, to find not so simply.

This species is the most popular among breeders. It often can be found for sale in pet stores. A fairly large rodent, body length of which is sixteen centimeters without the tail and thirty-nine with him. African dormice are very attractive. Their coat has an ashy tinge, abdomen cream-colored. And the tail, the main color which is brown, has a tip of white.

In the daily diet of this species includes a variety of grains, various fruits, and insects. As you can tell, the difficulties with the selection of food for your pet will not. The main advantage of the animals is their sociability, friendliness and the ability to bind to host. If you’ll train your pet, it easily will respond to his name.

How to keep at home

Some seem to contain these animals is more difficult than other rodents. But this is not so. Rodent is pretty undemanding and very affectionate. However, there are subtleties of the contents of these rodents, which we now discuss.

First, it should be noted that the cage for your pet must be made of solid metal, and the pan is made very qualitatively. Because plastic things Sony is able to izgryzt and completely destroy in a matter of seconds. The only difficulty lies in the fact that such cells are rarely found in the market or in stores, and are often custom made and therefore will be more expensive than usual. If you would prefer, you can purchase a terrarium is such a cell, but note that it needs to be well ventilated.

Drinker, where you should be in a cage should be made from the nipple as the feeder animal. Sony eat more than other rodents, so it is important to ensure that the pet does not overeat, because of problems with excess weight can adversely affect the health of Sony. Litter in the cage can be made from sawdust or wood pellets. Certainly organize a house for the animal, because he can only sleep in your shelter.

Summing up, it is safe to say that Sony is affectionate and friendly creatures that will be a perfect Pets!

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