Common medium size dog

Medium dogs are in great demand today. Of course, no one can really say how long the dog lives with man. Scientists believe that the ancestor of the modern dog are wolves.

Who and how tamed it is an amazing animal that will remain a mystery, one thing is certain: to serve the people, they began many centuries before our era.

Medium dogs are in great demand today.

Every year plant breeders are creating new types of animals. Today officially recognized are 400 breeds.

All dogs can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Large dog: Caucasian Ovcharka, great Dane, Irish wolfhound, Russian black Terrier, St. Bernard.
  2. Dogs average height: Golden Retriever, drathaar, a boxer.
  3. Small: Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, miniature Spitz.

Medium-sized dog weighs from 12 to 26 kg with height from 40 to 55 cm They have a good body, come in different color, Shorthair or longhair.

Each person chooses a dog to your taste. Before you decide to breed, you need to know exactly what the purpose put the dog. If for hunting, then it is a Russian peg, Spaniel. For home protection – shepherd. As a sweet friend breeds dogs. Next, we need to soberly assess the conditions which will accommodate a pet: is there enough space for games and entertainment. The temperament of the animal plays a key role. Quiet homebody suit quiet dog breeds for active people – on the contrary.

Bearded collie

This breed of dog is medium in size originates from the XVI century. There is a perception that Scotland’s merchants brought the shepherds, who began to mate with local collie. The result of this breed. Original title due to the fact that the dog is endowed with a beard. They were originally used to guard flocks of sheep. Today is a great hunter and friend. Has gained worldwide fame in 1987. Become a favorite in many countries. At this time, the bearded collie began to participate in various entertainment shows.

The breed is subdivided into 3 subspecies:

  1. Old-type elongated head, coarse features, stiff shaggy hair, black eyes. Clean look, without modern rework breeders.
  2. Patterdale – improved breed, with long hair and softer features. As a result of selection was lost the hunting instinct.
  3. English bearded collie – elegant look with a subtle flair and intelligence.

The dog belongs to the group average. The increase to 54 cm, weight about 20 lbs. good body, square muzzle, heavy jaw, eyes match the color. Ears drooping, but in case of danger rises. The tail lowered to the ground. The limbs are strong. Color can be black, brown, grey.

The dog has a sense of self-worth. It is very friendly. Always find a common language with all members of the family. Active and playful, loves to frolic in nature. Difficult to tolerate loneliness. Easily gets along with children, responds to any movement. Responsive to the requests of the owners, trainable dog. These dogs willingly go into any adventure. Unobtrusive, intelligent and tactful. For Pets are positive. Calmly react to strangers in the house, but always on the lookout – do not forget about the hunting instinct. Very attached to his household, protect your home dedicated. Love to walk without a leash, require a trusting attitude. Suitable for people leading an active lifestyle, fun and energetic.

The bearded collie requires careful maintenance. This kind of hair is to comb it daily, otherwise it will form pieces, that will then have to cut out. After eating the beard needs to be cleaned. Long hair covers the eyes, so it is better to collect into a bundle. He needs to communicate. Left home alone will bark, attracting the attention of. Sensitive to the cries, so you need to educate through encouragement, otherwise the dog will generally refuse to comply with the requirements of the owner.

The Tibetan Terrier

This is a dear friend and good-natured pet. Bred breed in India, has a calm disposition and intelligence. This is a medium size dog, up to 40 cm Have thick long hair. The face with bangs, which does not interfere with the eyes. Have well-developed muscles, strong limbs. Color can be gray, black, white.

Representatives of this breed dogs are peaceful by nature, calm and unpretentious in life. Ideal for families with young children. In the house with them no problems, but to someone else’s negative attitude. Tibetan Terriers are natural born defenders, so they will protect your home and family always.

Dogs are not jealous, quietly tolerate the presence in the house other animals. Not fussy, all hygienic procedures stand firmly. Love children, can participate in children’s games, suffering any manipulation. Kids with them very comfortable.

Have many advantages:

  • respond well to training;
  • aggression is absent;
  • intelligence is highly developed;
  • have plenty of memory;
  • easily adapt to any living conditions and character of the owner.

For representatives of this breed regular exercise, otherwise your pet are facing obesity. The weak point are the teeth. Regular veterinary inspection and disease prevention will help to avoid serious problems. The diet must be present products containing calcium, necessarily. If you want a relaxed atmosphere in the house, the Tibetan Terrier will be the best choice.

Labrador Retriever

Among purebred dogs, the leader is the Labrador Retriever. At various exhibitions the last years he took first place. This is a noble and friendly dog. Has a sweet temper, kind to the host, responds to the instructions perfectly, has sharp hearing and instincts developed. It is these qualities that have brought dogs to work in the MOE and customs. They are diligent and responsible, resilient and patient. History defines their roots to the Indians, then to the fishermen of Britain.

In any case, they always honorably fulfilled its duties. A good heart makes them family Pets. But the guards are bad. Strangers will be greeted with a smile and happy tail wagging. Great hunters of birds, guide dogs and helpers, a good swimmer. Rarely where you will meet such an awesome combination. Have developed body and limbs, rounded paws. Face the correct forms, the eyes intelligent and calm. This lop-eared dog, the ears adjacent to the cheeks have a triangular shape. The color can vary from black to creamy. The coat is short and thick, after swimming the undercoat stays dry.

Sociable Pets that can’t stand alone. If you leave your Labrador for a long time, the apartment will never know. He will turn everything upside down, Peresvet curtains, eats the furniture and everything else, is a heart-rending howl. Adult animals are more tolerant than kids. They are a great pleasure to misbehave with the children, sometimes its naughty tail to sweep away all that gets in the way. Inquisitive and playful throughout life.

Flighty and feisty pet will bring a lot of trouble as they grow older. Curiosity knows no bounds. It will try to penetrate everywhere, and not just nose, but whole body. The result could fill a lot of cones and get injured. For a walk only output on the leash.

Often encounter the following situation:

  1. Rushes at passersby, demanding games.
  2. If something interested, may not listen and run away.
  3. Thrown on birds and other animals.

He’s not trying to harm others, just wants to play. But who will understand, when with incredible speed rushes this handsome and drags on the leash master! For walking it is better to have a sturdy leash, preferably with metal rings. But this behavior is only at the stage of growing up. No inconvenience will not be able to dampen the mad delight and love that Labrador brings to its owner.


For a medium size dog have in its ranks such breed as the Hungarian Vizsla. This is one of the smartest dogs. It is endowed with aristocratic looks; in the past, was the favorite breed of the Hungarian nobility. Wisła – the so-called the dog affectionately. The wool is of two types: hard long or short soft. The color is often Golden-brown. Can be white spot on the chest. Feature is a single color nose and paw pads with the coat color.

The ancestors of the Vizsla were the cops, and love to hunt these dogs in the blood. The main disadvantage is the fear of water and shots that do not interfere with the dog to be a great hunter. Active and agile, rarely sitting still. The house is quiet, but once out on the street, it is impossible to appease. The family is bound to one person and never change your choice. During prolonged absence of the master of longing, ill. To keep these dogs better in suburban homes. Special care is not required.

The main condition is frequent and prolonged walking. Given a passion for hunting, walking in the woods will give your pet an unforgettable experience. If it is assumed the presence of other Pets, wielu should be accustomed to the company since childhood. Due to the lack of motor activity can develop disease of the hip joints; the diet must be seafood and calcium. All recommendations can be obtained from the vet.

American Cocker Spaniel

Studying dog breeds, it is impossible to ignore this beauty. Dog with big ears is a result of the experiments of man. The ancestor was a hunting dog. Don’t underestimate Spaniel. He is a great athlete who is able to overcome long distances. Endowed with a fine ear and great instincts. Has a pretty strong body and legs.

“The dog with big ears” – so speak about it to people. Everyone wants to scratch her behind the ear. The color can vary from plain to spotted. This pet always eyes, intelligent and attentive, kind and calm. Representatives of this breed of dog endowed with intelligence and wit. They are very restless, always looking for something, can’t just lie there and contemplate the world. They need the world to explore. Very loyal animals, often attached to children. Have well-developed intuition and keenly feel the mood of all family members. For the quality of them and loved all over the world.

Take care of them difficult.

The coat of dogs with big ears, calling a lot of enthusiasm, require regular and careful maintenance:

  1. Bathing 1 time per 2 weeks.
  2. Carefully select the shampoo, as these dogs are more than others prone to skin diseases.
  3. Need mouthwash to coat, which is applied after the asset.
  4. You should regularly comb out hair to prevent tangles.

Difficulties with care can reduce a person’s love for this dog with big ears. The owner must carefully monitor her diet. Appetite Spaniel knows no boundaries, as a result, the dog can earn obesity. Feed strictly according to the norm, and the rest of the food is better to remove. From an early age should not be allowed to pick up food on the street, or to eradicate this habit will be very difficult.

Listing various breeds of dogs, you need to remember that many Pets without breed find shelter in the good and caring families. If there is no question about exhibitions, sporting achievements and breeding, you can opt for any dog. Each of them bestow its owner with love and devotion. Medium size dog you meet on the streets every day. People call them mutts. Dog of the yard and the street. They are unpretentious because they do not have a choice. Less susceptible to various diseases (in contrast to purebred counterparts). They have no time to be sick, and what’s the point, in fact treated them to no one. Tempered in street fights, in harsh conditions can survive no matter what. Will feed a dog, you can get a reliable and devoted friend for life.

No matter what breed of pet, the main thing is to remember that just depends on a person’s life and well-being of the animal. A little TLC will make an entire family happy.

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