Vitamins for cats hair loss

Cat owners sometimes have to seek the assistance of veterinary doctors. One of the most common problems going to the specialists is loss of fur from a pet. Hair loss in cats can occur due to poor care.

For example, improperly selected food, which the animal lacks the necessary vitamins and minerals. Also hair loss can be normal seasonal shedding.

If hair loss does occur, veterinary doctors advise to give your cat a special vitamins and supplements. Do not try to choose their own, the need of one or other item determined by health status of the pet in General, food and reasons of loss for the animal.

The main causes of hair loss in cats

Shiny and healthy coat is not a feature of received at birth. The condition of the coat is one of the main indicators of health and well-being of the cat. Animals, like people, periodically suffer, even if you care for them. They can catch any virus or parasites. From it nobody is insured, even Pets can be infected as you bring from the street to the Shoe many pathogenic bacteria.

If you notice that your cat is beginning to crumble much wool in the first place, you need to determine what caused such unpleasant disease.

The main causes of hair loss in animals, veterinarians consider:

  1. Molt. It can be natural an animal gets rid of unnecessary hair. And can be caused by poor health and disease.
  2. The lack of vitamins. The animals may be a vitamin deficiency from lack of micronutrients. Most often it falls at the autumn and spring.
  3. Allergic reaction. It can be caused by diet or any chemicals, which the animal inhaled or tasted.
  4. Ringworm. It can be picked up from other animals.
  5. Poor nutrition. Food with a low content of essential cat vitamins can cause severe hair loss.
  6. Depression. It can be caused by stress.

The main problem of hair loss is usually molting. It can be caused by a number of serious diseases or to be a normal process of change of the coat. Before you start treatment you should find out what exactly is associated with hair loss in cats. Only after you have established the causes you can proceed to its elimination.

There are several main types of molt:

  1. Everyday. The hairs fall naturally into their place grow new ones.
  2. Natural regeneration of the coat. In the spring and autumn months, the cat changes its coat to a new one. In the spring the animal is prepared for a hot time of year and therefore thins his fur, getting rid of excess hair. Fall pet changes an old coat for a new and additional increases for warming the whole body before the cold winter. If a cat is all right with health, natural moulting occurs one or two months. In case the pet is sick with something he will need much more time.
  3. A weak immune system. Sometimes after an illness the cat begins to climb the hair. This is due to the fact that the weakened body get all the vitamins and minerals are thrown on restoration of the immune system. In this case, the cat is just not enough minerals for maintaining health of hair and it starts to fall out.
  4. Parasites or fungus. Disease of the skin can result in a big loss of coat your pet. Vlasiei, lice and fleas, and fungal infections, such as trichophytosis and microsporia have a strong negative impact on the skin and fur of an animal.
  5. Hormones. Welcome cat a variety of hormonal drugs, for example, during estrus, can cause serious hormonal disorders in the body of the animal. This may hurt the pancreas or endocrine system. Disruption of these bodies leads to the cessation of growth of new hair and loss of existing hair.

To help identify the real reason that caused the hair loss of a cat only veterinarian. The most common culprit of heavy shedding is usually a vitamin deficiency.

Lack of vitamins

Like people, cats often suffer from vitamin deficiency, especially in autumn and spring, when it comes time to upgrade the coat. At such moments, the home is very difficult to determine, hair spilling out over seasonal shedding or points to a lack of vitamins in the animal body. Natural molting in a healthy animal ends in a month or two after it started. If the hair loss lasted for a longer time, consult your veterinarian to determine the causes.

Pregnant and lactating pussy, too, often suffer from this ailment. Vitamins out of their body go to feeding the kittens, and the mother is almost nothing left to maintain their own health. At such times, cats are very important to remedy the lack of micronutrients from food or by using special additives.


Allergic reactions in cats can cause anything.

The main allergens for animals, the veterinarians are:

  1. Chemicals. Reason for late cat shedding you can use the tools that you use for cleaning in the house. The cat may lie on the floor or the carpet and losing parts of the coat becoming a victim of your funds for cleaning of floors and carpet cleaning. Can a drink of water from the bowl, recently cleaned tool for cleaning and suffer from the chemical components of this product.
  2. Ecology. With ecology, as we all know, we have long been a big problem. The fumes of large cities, the emissions of volatile waste plants – all this affects the air and the environment. Not all cats can tolerate the environmental status of large cities and paid for it with his hair.
  3. Food. Some cats may manifest allergic to food. It can cause any component of the feed, poor quality food or a certain product. Moreover, such a reaction may be both natural and manufactured foods. Shopping feed is less likely to cause allergies than food cooked by the host. But sometimes manufacturers add to their products too many chemicals or additives that do not like the body and cause hair loss.
  4. Overeating. Special is common among lazy cats living in the apartment. Abundant food and a lie-in, a leisurely way of life without the active running around in the fresh air cause obesity. Why very often the coat of cats is starting to thin out.

Ringworm is a dangerous cat disease, which is able to get even. Therefore, if you notice denying your pet immediately contact your veterinarian.

With this disease everything is much simpler than with other causes of hair loss in animals – it is easy to find and identify. With the defeat of ringworm cat’s skin thins not all, but in certain places, which will eventually (rather quickly) lose their hair completely. After this shingles will appear as a rounded bare wet spots. This will not notice impossible.

The disease has so many different kinds, representing different levels of danger for both cats and humans. Therefore, in your interest as quickly as possible to deliver the animal to the vet for medical procedures.


Cats are also prone to mental disorders. Often they are diagnosed with depression. This condition is caused by various stresses. This is usually a move to a new place, the loss of a beloved master, or appearance in the house of a new family member a child or other animal.

Depression may develop in a cat who needed attention. He starts bad is, there is apathy, it ceases to be active and the result of such changes – hair loss, not long to wait.

Vitamins for cats hair loss

For the health of cat hair animal just the essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Sulfur. It provides healthy Shine to hair. If you add it in the animal’s diet in reasonable quantity, it will help to accelerate the growth of hair, prevent dandruff and improve the metabolism of the body.
  • Vitamins of group B. If your pet has problems with the coat then be sure to add them to his food. Lacking these vitamins in the animal not only loses the hair but gets very nervous and weak. Stop your choice on B2 and B5, these are the most important vitamins for the health of the cats.
  • Zinc. It is added to vitamin supplements against hair loss or give up together with fatty acids. Zinc good for the cats coat and provides protection from various skin diseases.
  • Calcium. Its deficiency in the body causes hair loss and dullness of cat hair. If during periods of seasonal shedding to add this element in the diet of the animal, it will not last long, and the new coat is in very good condition.
  • The Biotin. He’s a good influence on the General condition of the coat and skin of the animal. Helps the body in tissue regeneration and in the regulation of metabolic processes. Gives hair healthy look and Shine.
  • Fish oil is a great additive for the animal. Veterinarians usually prescribe it cats and cats with allergies. Fish oil has a beneficial effect on the entire body.
Popular vitamins for coat health

Drugs for the treatment and prevention of hair loss are selected by the veterinary doctors, taking into account health status and the reasons for shedding cats. For sale is a large number of different vitamin complexes for animals. They are available in two dosage forms – tablets and drops. Not all animals agree there are vitamin tablets, so the more popular drops.

It is convenient to add to the delicacy and food of the animal.

  • Sherstevit. Available in packs of one hundred tablets. It affects the growth and condition of hair, normalizes the nervous system and digestion cats. Used prophylactically one tablet three kilo weight of the cat. Part senstivity includes sulfur, folic acid, sea kelp and Biotin. Can be purchased from the vet for about 100 roubles a bundle.
  • Fitominy available in tablets. It is a natural remedy, consisting of herbs such as plantain, celandine and fennel. It has a beneficial effect on the condition of the coats of cats. Accepted fitominy 1 tablet a day to prevent hair loss. Pack of one hundred tablets will cost about seventy rubles.
  • Farmavit Neo rich in active substances. It is composed of phosphorus, insulin, iron, brewer’s yeast, magnesium and calcium. The drug reduces the abundance of molting and positively affects the condition of the cat fur. Manufacturers of the drug also promise that Farmavit Neo improves the quality of the future offspring of the animal. One package of tools contains sixty tablets cost will average one hundred and forty rubles.
  • Beaphar is a complex additive for improving immunity of domestic cats. Also it has a beneficial effect on the heart and kidneys of the animal. You should give the animal one tablet per kilogram of body weight. In pack, 75 tablets, its price is 250 rubles.
  • Vittri – consists of a mixture of vitamins A, E and D. It promotes the healing of damaged skin, prevents vision loss and gives hair Shine. Made in the form of an oily liquid. Cats rely on two to four drops per day. Cost 130 rubles per twenty milliliters.

Correctly selected vitamin supplements will correct the health of your pet, and give his coat a Shine and healthy look.

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