The smallest breed of dog in the world

For several centuries the dog is man’s faithful friend and helper. Over the long history of people invented a lots of different breeds.

Most small dogs have gained popularity and are now present on almost every fashion a secular party there is at least one miniature size dog. Despite the size, every little dog has its own unique and individual character.

The advantages of the small dogs

Every year, the popularity and demand for the small dogs is increasing. Despite its size, most of them has a jaunty character, Pets are always ready to provide resistance and to protect the owner in case of danger.

Small dogs are faithful friends for children, communication with them has a beneficial effect on the upbringing and development of the child. They are able to lift your mood and cause positive emotions. It is because of this features abroad little puppies think the four-legged doctors.

The happy owners of little puppies talking about the following benefits of owning a pet small size:

  • small size;
  • courage character;
  • the small volume of food intake;
  • no need to walk, so for the needs of the pet has sufficient space with pan or diaper;
  • tolerance for affection, which is often forbidden when the content of dogs of large breeds;
  • when the content of the little dogs virtually no odor, characteristic of large dogs;
  • the life expectancy of small dogs more than large dog breeds;
  • the behavior of a little dog can even control the child and people with disabilities.

Portability is the main advantage of small breeds of dogs.

Such a pet without any problems:

  • to transport any kind of transport;
  • to take with you to the store;
  • to take return visits to visit.
The smallest dog in the world

The title of the smallest dog in the world belongs to the breed “Chihuahua”. The smallest member of the dog called the nickname Millie, which weighs just 170 grams, and the growth of dogs – 6,53 see that size and weight is officially recorded in the Guinness book of records.

The owners baby is a couple living in Puerto Rico. A couple notes that should be taken care of such a pet is difficult. The biggest problem for the hosts is the loss of a pet in the garden.

Miniature dogs up to 10 pounds


The pug is recognized as one of the first and most ancient breeds of dogs bred by man. The weight of the vivacious animal no more than 10 kg, and the biggest increase in pet can reach 35 cm. These Pets love to be in the limelight, they are agile and resilient.

Such representatives have the intelligence and wit that allows the animal easily adapt to the habits and mores of the host. A pug is not a hindrance to the owner, if he wishes to spend time in bed. Pet patiently waits for the owner to be released and will be able to give it time.

Chinese crested

One of the most active and sociable species, representatives of which love to attract attention and love outdoor games. A pet will tend almost everywhere to accompany his master.

Purchase Chinese crested will be a good option for keeping in a small apartment. The average weight of a Chinese crested is 4-6 kg. the Advantage of this breed is low maintenance.

Petit Brabancon

Miniature representatives love to play, they are affectionate and loving. The mood of faces, the owner can always determine the mood of the pet. The height of the dog not exceeding 22 cm Maximum weight can reach 6 kg.

Most members of this species are very good at finding the contact and not in conflict when dealing with other Pets. The advantage of this breed is considered easy to learn and training.

Japanese dwarf Spitz

In relation to the family members pet cheerful and loving, but very distrustful of strangers and may even show aggression. Japanese dwarf spicely very much attached to their own masters, and can not tolerate loneliness.

The advantage of the species is considered to be an easy learner. The height of the animal does not exceed 39 cm, and weight not more than 10 kg. Among the representatives of Spitz today there are competitions for speed, which demonstrate the excellent possibilities of training of representatives of this breed.

King Charles Spaniel

One of the most endearing and attractive miniature breeds. Her ancestors in the sixteenth century in England was used extensively in hunting competitions of lords. Spaniels are cheerful and endless love to the owner.

The maximum growth of the animal does not exceed 27 see Adult may have a weight up to 6.5 kg. a Healthy pet has a shiny coat and does not require special care.

Bichon Frise

Past this miniature puppy nobody can pass indifferently, as the appearance of the specimens evoke a sense of emotion. Thanks to wool in the form of printed curly fur puppy like a soft toy.

Representatives of this breed like to draw attention to his own person. Weight is 2.5-5.5 kg, height up to 29 cm Acquiring a pet of this breed is recommended for people leading an active lifestyle. Representatives of this breed can easily be trained, so it is often used in circus performances.

Shih Tzu

The first representatives of the breed were bred several centuries ago in Tibet. Weight is 4.5-8 kg, height can reach 27 see Feature of dogs is the presence of huge eyes on a small face.

Dogs of this breed is characterized by a cheerful disposition and are friendly to guests. Pets do not like unnecessary movements, therefore more suitable for fans to sit at home. The breed is classified as luxury, so for the acquisition of such dog, the owner will be forced to pay a significant amount. The breed is considered to be one of the most expensive in the world, as the cost can be 5 000-7 000$.


The breed was bred for the first time in China. Today is one of the most famous and popular miniature dog breeds. The weight of a puppy can be from 3.3 to 6 kg, height up to 23 cm.

Pekingese are confidence and independence, so it is very difficult to train. Dog is patient and is never confused in the wearer’s foot, wary of children, preferring to avoid them.

Miniature dogs up to 5 kilos

Rabbit Dachshund

It was bred by a man initially for participation in the Norn hunting. Due to the hunting instincts dog loves chasing birds and small rodents, who are in her field of vision.

Weight is 3.4-5 kg, height up to 17 cm, the Representatives of this breed is happy to spend time with children of all ages, they are agile and energetic. The dog is very much tied to the owner, who remains loyal to the end of life. Individuals of this breed are somewhat skittish, and need special approach in education.

Italian Bolognese

Breed, which originated in Italy, is marked by restraint, loyalty, patience. Dogs are very trainable and willing to continuously learn new things.

Puppy weight does not exceed 4 kg, height can reach 30 cm the Dog has a good coat that requires periodic care.

Beaver York

One of the most resilient breeds of dogs, but unlike most miniature dogs its interaction unobtrusive. One of the smallest breeds of dogs, a calm disposition and balance. This dog is very active.

The growth of individuals can reach 3.5 kg, the maximum increase to 27 see the Owner of the pet of this breed will have to periodically carry out hygienic procedures in the form of shearing and wool processing, which is not a big problem due to the peculiar nature of the dog.

Japanese chin

Very friendly breed of dog that is able to find a common language with all members of the family. With favor applies to other types of Pets.

Weight individuals can reach up to 4 kg, and height not exceeding 25 cm this species attracted the attention of a cute face, thick coat in a fur coat and high set tail.


Representatives of this species are decorative miniature dogs. The name of the breed is of French origin and literally translated means “butterfly”. Fluffy, high standing ears shaggy dogs do resemble a butterfly.

The dog’s weight of 4.5 kg and height – 28 cm These small miniature animals whom can leave indifferent. Some of the most artistically dogs who love chasing a ball.

Yorkshirskiy Terrier

One of the most popular miniature dogs, characterized by positivity, willingness to manifestation of tender feelings. This breed is ideal for keeping in a small apartment and a country house.

The dog’s weight reaches 3.2 kg, height 23 cm. specimen of this species differ in intelligence and easy to train.


It is considered a very playful breed of dog that will be able to find the owner. The dog has a funny face, thick fur in a fur coat, ears on the head from a distance resemble the ears of a Fox.

The dog’s weight 3 kg, height can reach 22 cm the Breed is only suitable for people who are willing to lead an active lifestyle.

The Russian toy Terrier

The breed became known in the nineteenth century, when fashionable women of the past believed the obligation to be the owner of such a small dog. After a century of modern socialite’t miss the opportunity to show off with such a dog in her arms.

The dog’s weight can reach 3 kg and the height at the level of the withers does not exceed 25 cm Lovers dogs love this breed for a calm and loyal character. Dogs are very good at finding contact with children and is very solidly surrounded by the big dogs.


One of the most rare and expensive types. Affenpinscher amazes people with its vivacity and original appearance. The growth of this breed can vary from 20 to 28 cm can weigh up to 4.5 kg.


First in the world among the smallest dog is the Chihuahua. The earliest specimens were produced in Mexico. Today in the world the Chihuahua recognizes the most popular miniature breed. Pets can be short and long hair.

The growth of Pets starts from 15 cm but not exceeding 23 cm. Pet can weigh from 500 grams up to 5.5 kg. Puppies love when the owners are on hand, explicitly and clearly Express the sense of dissatisfaction with the punishment. Despite its small size, the representatives of the Chihuahua is quite aggressive towards strangers.

What is worth considering before purchase

Breed miniature dogs are often attracted by its cute appearance and cheerful character. Small breed can be a Shorthair and longhair. You should note that short-haired breeds are much easier to care for and can be suitable for people with allergic reactions to wool.

Purchase little dog is quite expensive.

The price of a puppy depends on its belonging to a particular class:

  • the price of a regular puppy, as a rule, is 25 000 rubles;
  • when purchasing a puppy for participation in exhibitions of the price increases and is not less than 1 000 euros;
  • the representatives of luxury breeds may be several thousands of dollars.

Purchase a miniature pet in most cases will require a number of additional costs associated with the necessity of cutting and proper care, need to purchase warm clothes to wear in the cold period.

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