KonusPro F-30 4-16 × 52 rifle range optical

Konus KonusPro rifle range F-30 4-16 × 52 telescopic view etched glass reticle located in the first focal plane. Top notch riflescope has the capability of gain change in a variety from 4x to 16x.

The sight is equipped with a really practical side system for otstrojki a parallax. Raised 52-mm diameter lens gathers much more light, which provides a much more bright and sharp images with boosted information. Excellent quality completely multicoated optical system substantially enhances the coefficient of light transmission of view, to make sure that even in low-light problems, You obtain intense, high-contrast photo.

This view is perfect for mounting as an effective weapon, and also a spring-piston air rifle. The gadget can be utilized in all weather conditions as it is water-proof, sotoserena, 30 mm impact-resistant steel real estate. The view is equipped with easy-to-grip hand drums going into modifications height and also horizontal.

The area of the reticle in the initial focal airplane First Focal Plain you can scale the reticle along with the increase, respectively the Mil-Dot is appropriate throughout the range of magnifyings that will allow skilled shooters to make amendments in Milam, no matter magnifying. Personalized reticle is really slim and also does not cover the target.

The brightened reticle has 5 intensity levels of blue or red. The sight has a built-in bubble degree.

Completely multi-coated optics gives an extremely intense as well as contrast image even in reduced light problems.


  • Built-in indicator to the proper straight setting of the view
  • Reticle inscribed on the lens in initial focal aircraft
  • Can be made use of on rifled guns of big as well as Magnum calibers
  • Drums of the changes can be established by hand without tools
  • Reticle illumination with 5 brightness levels
  • Complete fast-fold-up protective caps
  • ALL lenses in the extent are multicoated
  • Consisted of lens hood for defense from the sunlight’s glow
  • Tactical dealt with drums entering changes
  • Can be made use of on an effective PP-Pneumatics
  • The sight tube is made from a single billet
  • Is the modification of the detuning from parallax
  • The reticle 550 Ballistic with brightened circle
  • Secured from wetness
  • Nitrogen-filled
  • Magnifying: 4-16
  • The method of mounting ring 30 mm
  • Battery 3V, CR 2032
  • The lit up reticle is
  • The size of the unbiased lens, 52 mm
  • Field of view at 100m, m 7.8-2.1
  • Departure pupil, mm 12.5-3.1
  • The distance from the eyepiece to an eye, mm 88.9
  • The detuning from the SF side parallax
  • Place of reticles in the first focal airplane
  • The rate of the 1st click of the device of input of amendments (MOA) 1/4
  • The rate of the 1st click of the mechanism of input of modifications, mm/100m 7
  • The diameter of the middle tube of the sight, mm 30
  • Weight, g 780
  • Length, mm 365
  • Wetness is
  • Loaded with nitrogen/argon is

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