Orsis SE M Hunter, rifles

Due to its attributes modern rifles, meant for hunting of numerous types, ended up being preferred not only amongst specialists however also Amateurs of shooting weapons.

Having outstanding objective and also accuracy, these rifles are also used for obtaining preliminary abilities of capturing at a moving target, as well as their high degree of functional designs as well as well thought-out forms supply optimal convenience for both males and females are delicate constructions.

Amongst the most popular designs, you should stay on the rifle version orsis se hunter, which has several positive testimonials from proprietors and also is a permanent interest of the purchasers. The optimum mix of size of the butt as well as barrel guarantees comfortable procedure of the rifle, reasonably reduced recoil when firing does not cause recoil.

Overview of the rifle Orsis SE Hunter M

Having excellent technical attributes, the model orsis se hunter functioned well additionally on exterior data. The high degree of need as a result of the attractive «« appearance » including decorated laminated timber stock, barrel made from stainless-steel, which underwent unique therapy to make certain lack of corrosion on it even when obtaining tools in the water. At the exact same time the worth indication of the rifle orsis se seeker can be taken into consideration one of the most budget friendly, if you contrast this model with analogues of various other producers.

To get the full photo about the opportunities and advantages of the carbine, to select its owners and customers, as well as likewise to compare the benefits as well as downsides of orsis se hunter. The checklist of technological criteria will enable to comprehend the objectives for which it may be applied to the carabiner, what are its weaknesses and strengths.

The compact size, which makes it lightweight, which allows quick and simple to transport the rifle, which is particularly important when the regular and also active use. The resistance of the materials used to create the barrel and also the butt preserves their appealing look also under adverse ambient problems: moisture, temperature level variations, sunlight exposure.

Disadvantages and benefits

One of the most important benefits are the density of the version. Several contemporary carbines are created for various types of searching, have impressive measurements, which make complex the procedure of their exploitation. The design orsis se hunter, well «« going» » in hand, revealing the exact same great results of fire, like the bigger equivalents, not inferior to them neither in accuracy nor in discovery, as well as utilizing extra devices firing prices consistently boost.

Likewise consider the merits of the rifle must be associated such top qualities:

  • the possibility of fast disassembly, which may be required for repair work of the rifle and also its improvements;
  • fixing of this version is easy and needs no special tools, allowing you to hold it also in area problems;
  • the existence of the band to the carabiner helps with the process of transport;
  • price makes sure a stable need for the version;
  • exceptional top quality, all the tick marks on the devices and also attachments provided with optimum precision;
  • front sight and also rib are not constructed right into the trunk, and also glued into the resin, which substantially boosts the rate of ballistics when firing — — the absence of also a micron of narrowing of the barrel ensures a perfect hit in a picked target;
  • modern-day layout and top quality materials of natural beginning (timber walnut or lime) and also polymer, makes certain the appearance of the look of the rifle.

The combination of these benefits under consideration, has made the rifle among the most preferred for hunting, and also for fun: it can be fine to train in precision, and additionally to take part in sports.

The negative aspects, according to many testimonials of the owners, can be attributed to the presence of typos in the overview to use a carabiner that is affixed in the plan when offering. The adjustment might be made in PI assessment with the seller. A little flaw can be called a little void shop in the mine. However, this just impacts the comfort of the store space as well as laying him rounds, without losing any one of the quality shooting.

Pictures of the rifle Orsis SE Hunter M

Purpose Using the carabiner can be various from a professional hunting, training precision and training shooting firearms. Reduce of procedure is reasonableness of the kind and all components, which makes certain a high price ergonomics of the rifle. Varieties Today for sale there are 2 selections of this model: making use of different kinds of timber without significant modifications in style led to the selection for a specific purpose and with defined needs. The quality of this version ——.308 win, which is common for this type. Can also be a version with the following qualities:

  • .223 Remington (5,56 х45)
  • .243 Winchester (6,2 х52)
  • .308 Winchester (7,62 × 51)
  • .30 -06 (7,62 х63)
  • 9,3 х62 Mauser
  • .375 Holland & & Holland Magnum (9,5 х72)

One of the most essential technological specifications of any modern-day rifle consist of such indications as range, projectile, determine its speed, type of carbine, by therapy of the trunk, the service warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Specifications The rifle orsis se of seeker
Producer seeker
Appointment Hunting, shooting, enjoyable, target practice
Sight Hunting gunned carbine
Capability cartridges 3
The overall size of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the version 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
Sight of the trunk Cold creating, has an oxide covering

Having a high level of discovery, this model is striking a moving target also at a substantial distance, which makes it feasible to use it in the expert hunting.


Simplicity of design makes sure ease of procedure. The barrel as well as the butt are the primary structural parts of the design. The hassle-free location of the butt on the shoulder to make sure minimal recoil when firing, and the butt made of all-natural timber, enjoyable to the touch as well as preserves its attractive look as a result of unique processing for a long time despite having the active use weapons.

To the carabiner attached store, the capability of which is 3 rounds. Relieve of insertion in the store, hassle-free store layout and also the opportunity of replacing it with a bigger — — an extra benefit of the design.

Packing and also picking

When selling carabiner is packaged in plastic containers, which stops the possibility of mechanical damages on its body, makes sure the integrity of the parts and devices. Additionally the seller will certainly be provided a personal key to the carabiner, just how to utilize them. Comes as well as high quality certification.

The fundamental package comes with a shop ability of 3 rounds, strap for very easy transportation, the telescopic view with great technological ability.

The principle of operation

The main feature is making use of the rifle model orsis se hunter is the simpleness of its style and use. A range permits you to zoom objective to provide aimed fire. To make the shot, just click on the trigger. Numerous kept in mind the level of smoothness of the trigger, it has a positive impact on the efficiency shots. The initial trigger device, particularly made for this design is similar to that of a special degree of simplicity of use in applying the latest growths.

Adjustment of the shot is performed using the front sight as well as forend, which additionally go into the fundamental setup of this model.


Conduct disassembly of this rifle need to be thought about easy, it can be done even without special tools, which is an essential benefit orsis se hunter when utilizing it in the field.

The shutter is stemmed from the bed of the diversion diverting it back, after that the shutter is quickly removed. Disassembly may be needed to enhance the design.


As adjusting several proprietors made use of the optical view with the best efficiency, fly, which is also offered independently as well as can be third party. Installment on the resin on the surface of the barrel enhances shooting rates due to the lack of curvature of the barrel as well as offers the opportunity for its withdrawal.

Can also establish store a larger capability, basic shop holds just 3 bullets.

Price and evaluates from hunters and also owners of the rifle Orsis SE Hunter M are given below.

The product cost

The price version orsis se hunter complete base collection has to do with 12 700-14 550 rubles, which, provided its capabilities as well as characteristics can be considered sufficiently autonomous cost.

Proprietor examines

According to a lot of owners, the rifle model orsis se hunter is one of the most effective of this maker. Perfect technological features provide outstanding performance in shooting accuracy, the sighting and array. Purchasers noted the appealing look of the version.

The almost total absence of problems and also a lot of advantages made the weapon fascinating for newbies and also specialists.

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