Remington 700 VLS, rifled gun

Rifle Remington 700 VLS was produced as a compromise in between the wish to get practical sniper rifle as well as visual preferences of some part of the neighborhood of Amateurs shooting sports, that prefer a box constructed from wood.

Description of the rifle the Remington 700 VLS

A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gateway based on the design of the Remington 700.

Version acronym VLS means «« varmint rifle laminate supply ». It is a

tool with a long match (thick-walled) barrel and a supply made from laminated timber (you can take that out of very thick plywood).

The barrel, receiver and screw service provider team are made of stainless steel. All metal parts except bolt body, covered with blueing. On the muzzle chamfer is made in the type of a shallow channel (crown), which improves the ballistic top qualities of the tool.

The store is incorporated with the pivoted lid of the receptacle. All tool controls except the check box of the fuse, centered under the trigger guard. Here you will certainly discover the bar to open up the hopper trigger as well as the switch to open the shutter.

Bed constructed from laminated wood, polupoltina, with the butt with the pillow type «« Monte»Carlo ».

Disadvantages as well as benefits

Typical items Remington arms firm great workmanship, simple and also trusted style, capable of operating in one of the most negative conditions. Quickly, we keep in mind that, in the point of view of most of purchasers of items from this business, the rifle comes unpeeled after the test capturing.

  • The barrel with a funnel at the muzzle has great ballistic qualities, also when not shooting top notch ammo, the size of the MOA does not expand beyond the unit.
  • The incorporated store allows you to charge the cartridges only from the top, with the home window of ejector sleeves. This is bothersome for several reasons. If you do not want to drive the cartridge in the chamber, it will certainly have to be embedded it with your finger as well as hold cyndrical tube stopper top. How to do it in the winter season, in gloves or mittens, hard to visualize. If you affix to the receiver bar under the optical view and also not the braces, the procedure is in addition made complex.
  • The fuse of the rifle does not lock the shooting bolt, it only limits the movement of the sear, which in the trigger device just one. Shooter calls for attentiveness and accuracy in the procedure box. If not bring it back until it stops, leaving in the center placement, press the trigger takes place shot.
  • To ensure the safety and security of tools, this is a totally American invention, the back plate of the drummer made a secret button or a through hole. With their assistance, you can lock the shutter in the open placement.
  • Rifle stock not made fruitless laminated. This modern technology makes certain that it does not warp under conditions of excessive wetness or drying. It is exceptionally vital for sniper rifles. The laminate is always much heavier than natural strong wood. The weight Remington 700 VLS just monstrous– 4.3 kg.

As a result of the huge weight of this rifle benefits sniping in a state of anxiety– vulnerable or utilizing a bipod. For suspension of hunting and shooting offhand, it is very unpleasant.

Remington 700 VLS 308(photo)

Purpose Sniper rifle for varminting– searching little animals and target shooting at exceptionally long as well as lengthy distances(benchrest). Selections Rifle

comparable to the version SPS Varmint, which varies only in the plastic box with air vent openings on the handguard.

204 Ruger 223 Rem 22-250 Rem 243 Win 308 win
Kind A duplicating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gateway
Trunk Console, match, stainless-steel
The finishing of the barrel Blueing
Barrel size (mm) 660
The pitch of thread (inches) 12 12 14 9 1/8 12 Shop Integrated Ability 5 5 4 4 4 Bed Polupoltina, laminated, Monte Carlo Complete size(mm )1160 Weight(kg)
4,3 Style A repeating rifle with a longitudinally moving gateway. Trunk thick-walled, stainless-steel. The rifling made by
the technique of durnovaria. Ornamental covering– burnishing. Receiver is a round shape, is crushed from a solid billet. Link with the barrel threaded. The
screw with 2 lugs, the larva entirely covers the bottom of the
sleeve. Drummer, fight springtime, and also shooting pin are inside
of the stem. To ensure
  • protection on the back plate of the drummer develops a secret trick with J-shaped opening for the key by which the shutter is secured the employment opportunity. The trigger system is flexible
  • 3 screws with the factory settings scontrini, fourth, changing the force on the trigger available
  • to customers. Integrate 2 placement, obstructing the sear. Its check box lags the handle of the shutter. The store is incorporated with hinged cover. To discharge the ammunition, make use of the bar on the front branch of the trigger guard. Bed polupoltina, laminated, butt type « Monte Carlo », shock absorbing recoil pad
  • , dealt with. The shank of rectangle-shaped sample( beaver’s tail). To install the braces and straps under the optical view on the receiver has four openings. Packing as well as picking The rifle is packaged in a cardboard box with foam shock absorber on the inside.
  • The shutter is gotten rid of, positioned individually. Supplied screwdriver to adjust the initiative on the trigger as well as 2
  • designed secret to operate security button. Guideline guidebook, certificate as well as service warranty. The principle of operation Longitudinal-a moving shutter shuts the born upon the two lugs when you rotate the handle down. Squadron projectile happens on the last 4 millimeters of stroke. When the screw is

opened it is automatically shut down. For packing rifle is required to examine package of the fuse in the « Stop » position until it

stops in the instructions of the butt plate, increase the bolt manage and to take him back. The cartridges suit the receptacle via the home window of ejector sleeves. To the conventional amount of ammunition you can include one more, driving it into the chamber. If this is not called for, it is required to press initially on top of the cartridge as well as drown him deeper into the shelter, while simultaneously performing cyndrical tube stopper over it. If you want to stay clear of cocking of the drummer at the «empty chamber prior to shutting the handle the shutter, press and hold the shank of a demonstrator. Guard only obstructs the sear of the trigger, the firing pin remains free. It is not essential to draw the trigger, examining its integrity.

Can occur shot. Before the shot, close the shutter, slide the fuse box ahead up until it quits. To activate the security system, open the shutter, take him back. On the security switch( to the left of the recoil pad drummer)situate the J-shaped groove as well as put the shaped crucial supplied. Turn the vital counterclockwise until you see the marker– a white dot

In this position, the shutter can not be shut entirely, pulling the hammer and also the shot. The tool is deactivated as well as safe and secure. The attempt by force to close the shutter will create damage of

  • the shock system. Disassembly Put tools on the fuse box all the way ahead. Press the bar of the discharge hopper of the shop, open the cover. Open the breech. Press the button under the trigger guard on top, unlock the gate as well as raise it out. Remove the screws on either side of the trigger guard as well as one on the shank. Detach the leading handle and the container shop with cover. Different package from the receiver with the

trigger device. Press the back pin of the trigger mechanism, remove the springtime as well as sear.

Press the front pin
  1. of the trigger, drop it in the collection box
  2. of the fuse. Hold down the secret switch on the back plate of the drummer in a vise, slide the tooth of
  3. a squadron drummer to his shank appeared to slot. Put a coin or flat idea screwdriver.
  4. Draw the screw itself, divide it from the drummer with the mainspring and also demonstrator. Remove the demonstrator and mainspring,
  5. rotating the back plate of the drummer in a counterclockwise instructions. Tuning You can change the trigger as well as the box. Now let’s discuss rates as well as reviews
  6. on carbine Remington 700 VLS. Prices The beginning rate on the website of the maker 1056 $. In on-line shops the expense of a Remington 700 VLS starts from 60(.223 Rem)to 125 (.308 Win)thousand rubles. Testimonials The rifle is made with a good tool average segment quality. Unpretentious and also dependable in procedure. After examination capturing at the business is not clean. When using top quality ammunition can producing a grouping of shots no greater than 0.5 MOA.
Awkward and hefty for

the suspension of hunting as well as shooting offhand.

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